Mattress? Online? Yeah, you heard that right.

Many buyers are usually skeptical of purchasing home décor and furniture online. They are unsure about the quality, size, warranty, shipping charges and exchange/return policy, refund, etc.

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They prefer buying the product from a brick & mortar store even though it might cost more rather than purchasing it online due to the aforementioned reasons.

And when it comes to mattresses, this behaviorism is further intensified. For many, buying a mattress is an elaborate retail ritual comprising of thorough brand research, trips to multiple stores and circular chats with the sales attendant about durability, delivery, and discount.

But this trend seems to be changing now, with startups offering tailor-made sleep solutions to the consumers. Owing to the changing lifestyle and working patterns, people move homes and cities more often than before and this has helped create a new market for the startups.

While Amazon and Flipkart may seem like the go-to websites for online shopping, it may not be so for mattresses. They offer great discounts but when it comes to mattresses, pricing is not the only consideration in a consumer’s mind. Other factors such as exchange/return policy, trial period, money-back guarantee and delivery timeline play an influential role in the buying decision.  

Local Mattress shops

Flo and other new players in the market sell their own flagship products designed to meet the specific needs of the users. Most of them operate online, through their omnichannel brands.

Their target audience is millennials, mostly aged below 35, in metropolitan cities who don’t want to spend hours together on deciding which mattress to buy.

Buying Online

Wakefit is another such brand that sells its own products. The multitude of options that are available in the offline market confuses buyers and they end up buying not only an expensive mattress but also a redundant one. To overcome this Wakefit offers only 2 variants in mattresses – orthopedic memory foam and dual comfort foam mattresses online in India.

Luxury Apartments

The orthopedic memory foam mattress is designed for people suffering from back pain it aligns your spine, in a straight line, to the best extent possible.

Wakefit uses three machines for temperature and pressure mapping and for stress testing to understand how foam reacts to different body postures. They even go out of their way to offer “sleep internships” and educate potential customers about the technology used in the manufacturing process.

Wink and Nod, Sleepyhead, Sleepycat & Bengaluru-based Sunday Mattresses also sell their mattresses online. Shorter delivery timelines of mattresses and simple box packaging help draw customers. Technology-driven startups are continuously evolving and are offering customized sleep solutions catering to a wide population. They recommend selected products and provide tech-based insights after analyzing customer data.

These brands due to their low investment in setting up an online store accompanied by the low cost of inventory are able to price their offerings at 60% lower than those of offline stores. Prices start from Rs 5,000 and go up to Rs 12,000 depending on the size of the mattress.

Industry leaders such as Kurl-on & Duroflex have also entered the online market space to capture the millennial.

Kurl-on sells around 20 lakh mattresses a month and has a turnover of 1,000 crores. It is available on e-commerce portals and has its own website as well.

To sum it up, e-commerce has revolutionized our world and daily lives. It has created some amazing tools and resources, putting meaningful information at our fingertips.

It has not only made life faster but also simpler and easier. Now, it is in our hands to make use of such insightful data and buy wisely.

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