Maintenance and protection of our house comes invariably after owning it. Talking of protection, we should consider ourselves lucky as technology is the buzz word now, leading to Smart home Security techniques and Home Automation Ideas. Syncing safety with technology works wonders, leading to the installation of motion sensors, Wired or wireless security cameras, and the very latest home security drone.

Using drones would create a step further in the enhancement of smart home security.         

Similar thoughts have been perceived and nurtured by Sunflower Labs. A group of enthusiasts conglomerating Swiss craftsmanship and engineering along with Silicon Valley startup culture. They have already created a prominence on the virtue of their years of fruitful experience, leading to the building consumer products, meant to design a fruitful smart home security solution.

Install Sunflower Home Awareness systems and enhance the betterment of chance of home security as they ensure 24/7 constant surveillance over large areas. Also, these are the best ones in the industry as they can sensor and detect unwelcome visitors even before arriving at the doorstep.

Sunflower Labs – Alpha System Preview

The unadulterated fact remains that Drones work more efficiently than the normal security cameras regarding smart home security. Adhering to that fact, the Sunflower systems have been divided into three main segments.

1. Sunflower

The first one being Sunflower, that has been equipped in a way that would minimize false alarms, detect and distinguish humans, animals, and cars, and sense the speed and direction of the approach.

How are they different from normal motionactivated lights?

A regular motion activated light contains a maximum of 1-2 sensors that surrounds a wide stretch. These are activated whenever something moves. They have a tendency of going off even if it’s a twig in wind.

Yet Sunflowers lab claims, “It contains over a dozen sensors that can detect motion and vibration. They share information with one another, essentially comparing notes to reduce false alarms. They learn your property’s daily activities and use information from other smart home devices to make the best alert decisions possible”

If you are considering about privacy, sunflower does not have any cameras. It uses motion and vibration sensors to recognize activities. AI to distinguish between normal day-to-day and suspicious usual activities which send a notification to your smartphone.

Unfortunately, as much you like sunflower and it’s vivid application each of these will cost you $495 (not including shipping and installation costs).

Sunflower – The Garden lights

2. Bee

The second one is the Bee and interestingly, these states of the camera, which precisely captures all the occurring.
It has its own set of advantages which include, flying entirely by itself after being guided by the sunflowers’ sensors, navigation and surveillance of the entire property with accuracy, live streaming of the video or saving the recorded one for later view.
Upon deploy, this drone can move to 300ft away from Hive.

Bee – The Drone

Operational time – 15 minutes + 2-3minutes (extra juice for safe return to the hive)
Full Charge – 25 minutes.
Coverage – 4 acres in 30 seconds.

3. Hive

The third and last one is the Hive. This is the Bee’s safe abode and the place it returns to after completion of the work. However, even if the Hive is stagnant, it performs like a pro. The set of tasks include charging of the bee effortlessly, protecting it from the weather, and shielding the system’s computation work.

Hive – Weatherproof Charging Station for Bee with AI Computing

With almost a size of a dog house. This unit can be placed anywhere on your patio, backyard or garden. In addition, they are planning to fix roof mounts for these hives which would be a great idea.

Cost of a Sunflower Home Security System?

Price is dependant on the senors and configuration for your property. They have an online tool to visualize your property to place the sensors that best suited your needs. The base system price starts from $9,950. Shipping for $999 pre-ordered customers will start from mid-2020. Delivery and installation will based on location, configuration, and availability of installers. You can now pre-order this through their website at Sunflower Labs

Is this for you to buy?

Sunflower home security drones also have their own set of cons. The primary one being having a limited battery life, and the time it would require for charging. The second one would be accuracy. Automation of the drone to surveil something depends on motion detection.  So, you would have to depend on a system that would properly detect the motion and in addition, set the proper time to kick start the drone and most importantly would you spend $10,000 (*7lacs INR) to patrol your home?


However, Technology is on a high rise and we can expect that in the days to come, the Sunflower drones would overcome all its shortcomings, and emerge to be an integral part of the smart home security systems. Owing to their flexibility, usability, and maneuverability, they might as well promise a whole new set of options for the homeowners, especially the younger millennials, to monitor their home through the reliable home security system.