Home without a washing machine is rare to come across these days as it has become one of the most essential home appliances to own today.

Who doesn’t like spotless laundry from their washing machine? Like every other home appliance, washing machines make life easy.  It is important to understand that routine care and maintenance is essential for the high productivity and long life of the washing machine. And so, here I’m presenting to you a list of some of the most effective washing machine maintenance tips-

Keep checking the hoses

Being located at the backside of the washing machine, for this you will have to trouble your back, but I guess it’s ok to do so because hoses need to be checked just once or twice a month which is bare-able.

 How do you check it? Well, you just need to confirm that the hoses aren’t bent and there is no cracking, bulking, and leaking around the ends. What to do if you find any issues? Replace it ASAP!! And, if you do not find any issues then I would suggest you to anyway replace the hoses in every 3-5 years for effective machine running

Leave the door open

If you notice a weird smell every time you open the machine lid, just leave the door open for a few minutes. Constant loading and unloading of clothes tend to leave a foul smell and the best way to avoid that stinky smell onto your clothes is to leave the door open to breathe and letting out the humidity causing odors.

 If you’re running short on time then the alternative to this would be wiping down the rubber seal in the washings, by doing this there will be no room for mildews or mold causing foul smell to grow

Washing of the washer

Washing is responsible for cleaning the clothes but who is responsible for cleaning the washer? I guess you already know the answer. Yes, it’s you. Surprisingly, a washer can clean the clothes but not itself. 

The moment you witness that your clothes do not smell fresh, take it as a signal for you to clean the washer immediately. How to do it? You can either buy products available in the market to clean the inside area of the washer or mix approx. ¾ cup of bleach with 1 tablespoon of detergent and put the solution in your washer and run the machine. Do this once a month

Choice of good detergent

Detergents are detergents, you might wonder how to differentiate between a good and bad detergent, correct?? To tell you the truth, there’s nothing like good or bad, it’s actually all about choosing the right detergent based on the specific washing machine needs.

 Whether cheap or expensive, the price of the detergent doesn’t really matter, the only thing that matters is that the detergent you use must not be too harsh or heavily alkaline because it can damage both, machine parts and your clothes and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that, nobody would!! So, pay extra attention to the detergent powder you use

Clean it well

This one is pretty simple to do- Clean inside and outside of the machine using a dry cloth to prevent damage due to moisture, just wipe out the spills if any, remove the dirt from the edges of the lid too. Also, if your machine has a removable lint filter, detach it and remove the accumulated lint from your clothes and attach it back.

Pro tip: Run the machine with water (without clothes), add 2 cups of lime juice or white vinegar to remove the detergent build-up, grease, and dirt from the tub, water pipes, and dispenser.

Final Thoughts,

Washing machines themselves are quite expensive, and by taking no good care, you will end up adding expenses. To save your time, money, and energy, all that you have to do is to follow the above-listed washing machine maintenance tips.