Architecture Firms who invest in branding themselves have long been using the Internet as their Portfolio. Both Commercial and Residential Architectural Firms publish their work with high quality graphics sharing their Expertise, Achievements and Latest work.  For most of the companies, it will take a fare to Brand themselves and establish a strong presence online.

Top 5 Website List That Every Architect Should Keep Handy

In today’s Digital World  Websites can also be used as an Architect’s Problem Solving Tool. Spatial Challenges and Structural Complexities can be illustrated by the use of Drawings. A Simple version of drawing can be very helpful for the users helping them in their Decision Making. At times when we are stuck in tough situations and are really on toes to complete a project, Online Tools go a long way in helping us instantly thus reducing our efforts and helping us to deliver the best.

So next time when you are looking for a quick fix in your project and really struggling with the time you have, check out these Websites.

We are sharing here a list of Top 5 websites which we may have used at some point or the other but might have forgotten to bookmark them in our Treasure of Resources.

Top 5 Architect’s Tool List
This is one of the best site which provide free and best high quality vector model of your drawings. This site contains vector models with a two layer technique. It permits you to move your scale model around the drawings without having to cut any lines. From this website you can also get detailed blue prints of your particular design. is used for the designing purpose in many businesses such as Architecture and Industrial design, For Design Reviews, Exploring the Designs, & preparing Engaging Presentations. It is also used in Engineering and Construction Industry, to access all the project files and visualize models in 3D during construction.
Top 5 Website List That Every Architect Should Keep Handy website is specially made for 3D artists. With the help of tools, you can easily figure out your project drawings. By using this website’s tools, you can change the particular image heights and widths. It also has the design preview options. So you can design and easily preview your samples at the time of work.
Top 5 Website List That Every Architect Should Keep Handy
One of the pioneers in VR, Sketch fab is a Program Based Stage for sharing and review 3D models that try to make this innovation as general to engineers without bounds as Computerized Illustrations and Renderings are today. This sketch fab website is one of the important tools to create 3D models for your projects.
Top 5 Website List That Every Architect Should Keep Handy

We hope that next time when you are looking for online help you can easily use one of these and solve your problem.

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