Smoothies are they best way to get maximum nutrition into your body in a quick and healthy manner. I think a smoothie maker is a must in every home. What makes smoothie makers really useful is how quickly you can whip up a juice, and just get on with your day. It’s the ultimate modern appliance.

I have compared smoothie makers today based on the following parameters:

  • Value
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Brand value
  • Speed
  • Size

Here’s a list of all the best smoothie makers available in the market today.

10. Nutri Ninja Lite 700 Watts Personal Blender

Although slightly on the pricey side, the brand Ninja has been making blenders for a long time now, this model is perfect because of incredible speed and material with which the container is made.

It uses a special polymer – Tritan container which is the closest thing to unbreakable glass.

Its a beast when it comes to making smoothies though. The only draw back I feel is it takes up extra space and is price at almost Rs. 6000.

9. Magic Bullet MB4-1049 Sheet Metal 400W Compact Blender (Silver)

If you’ve watched TV infomercials, I am a 100% sure you’ve seen a magic bullet ad.

This smoothie maker is super compact, and comes with a lot of extensions. In fact, they’re one of the most famous smoothie manufacturers in the market.

So what are the main issues with this smoothie maker? well, I think its a bit under powered, and takes a bit longer to blend your juices.
Also, a lot of extensions don’t come in the box, they’ve to be purchased separately – which is annoying. Another issue is you can get better value than what you get here, so its not the best value for money product.

Nonetheless, this is a super compact smoothie maker which I think you should definitely check out.

8. Wonder Chef Nutri Blend 400 Watts Juicer and Mixer

From India’s famous chef – Sanjeev Kapoor, this is the wonder chef Nutri Blend is basically the Magic Bullet but better design and lower price.

This is literally the exact same product, Sanjeev Kapoor Probably found the supplier of magic bullet and decided to sell this on his own. The only difference being – it’s a bit cheaper.

7. Amazon Brand – Solimo Personal Blender with 2 Portable Jars, 600ml

This is a Solimo branded machine, which is basically another name for Amazon Basics.

One of the main reasons it beats out the others, is, well, the upper portion comes with a lid. Basically the convenience factor, you can blend a juice and take it along with you. Or keep the juice sealed and put it in a fridge.

6. HESTIA APPLIANCES IQ-BLEND 1000 Watts Powerful Nutritional Blender (Black and Silver)

Probably the fasted blender in this list, the only reason this is not higher is it comes from a fairly unknown brand. Hestia is a new brand, with very little presence offline.

Apart from this, it has incredible review on Amazon, has a super powerful motor – 1000 watts, and comes with a lifetime warranty!

5. DUVERRA Powerful Nutri Fresh Personal Blender and Smoothie Maker with High-Grade Rust Proof Stainless Steel Container

The only smoothie maker on this list which comes with a stainless steel container – this will ensure that you don’t have the fear of breaking the container.

What makes it even more worth your money is the powerful 500W motor.

It ranks lower on this list because of poor brand presence.

4. Balzano WBL-002-H 900-Watt Bullet Blender with 3 Jars (Silver)

When you place this on your kitchen counter top, trust me, in no way it will look like a blender.

What makes this an even better purchase is the power of the motor – 900Watt. How they managed to fit a 900W motor in such a small package.

It would have been No. 1 on this list, if it wasn’t for the price.

3. Nutri Ninja Slim 700 Watts Blender with Two Tritan Jars, Silver

With the same features as No. 10 on this list, Ninja makes a second entry. Their Slim Smoothie maker makes it look like a show piece instead of a smoothie blender.

It comes with a 700 Watt motor, takes very little space on the counter top, and the best part – Has an incredible brand name associated with it – Nutri Ninja.

2. Kent Nutri Blender (Red)

Kent is a well known brand, and this is a fairly new blender in the market, but checks all the right boxes. Has great value, looks elegant and comes in a bottle format – making it super convenient.

The only reason it lost to No. 1 is that the best blender according to me, has much more reviews.

1. Whipsip Personal Blender for Smoothie

This is not the best blender, does not have the best motor, nor looks the best.

But it checks all the boxes.

Great Value for money

Super convenient

Fast enough to get the job done

Good brand presence, and great customer reviews

Really small size

For a simple smoothie blender, you don’t have to ask for more. So, get back in shape, and start drinking a lot more smoothies after purchasing one of these. The WhipSip is our recommendation for the best personal Smoothie blender in the market today.