Bonner & Co

Rating: 5.0 

Contact: +913324751220


The best contractor in town is Bonner & Co. They're a growing firm that will help you find the perfect home. They are there to help you achieve your project goals.

Customer Review by “J M - Excellent contractor. Bonner & Co have been associated with our organisation for more than 25 years.”

Decor Enterprise 

Rating: 4.3

Contact: +919830442494


(Project By: Decor Enterprise)

Decor Enterprise has been one of the leading names in the industry of false ceiling that has been founded to satisfy all of your needs. They'll find ways to make the best decisions possible when staying within the budget.

Customer Review by “Rajesh Das - DECOR ENTERPRISE is the solution of every problem, be it home decorating & innovative interior design ideas. Mritunjay Sharma have efficient management skills. Clients needs and satisfaction are taken care of by providing excellent service. They deliver excellent work and have great team. Thank You Decor Enterprise”

G D Construction & Co

Rating: 4.1

Contact: +913346033505


G D Construction & Co is another firm specialized in developing the best models for your new space. They focus on delivering a space that is designed as per your thought. If you'd like to discover the perfect choices at the least cost, this must be the place to go.

Customer Review by “Tulika Moni - G.D Construction &Co is one of the leading construction company based in Kolkata. This firm has strengthen his position providing quality services towards the clients. The main motto of this firm is to enhance the quality of work as well as client satisfaction.”

Mirza Civil Contractor

Rating: 4.5

Contact: +917407761699


Mirza Civil Contractor has been one of the best companies to include in our top 10. This firm is committed to providing the ideal solution for constructing a new home at a fair price. They are using quality services to build your house.

Customer Review by “Sk Kayes Ali - All types of building works done here Good work experience and best work by lowest cost”

F N C Construction & Co

Rating: 4.3

Contact: +913323584034


F N C Construction & Co is a leading construction company that specializes in building homes and other buildings. We focus on quality, safety, and the environment when we construct our projects.

Customer Review by “Naruto Playzz - Best maintained company. Their works are extra ordinary ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥”

Mayfair Group

Rating: 4.8

Contact: +913322831270


Since you're searching for a secure and reliable firm, Mayfair Group is the one. As of now, they have managed to be the best in the industry, providing the best opportunities for your dream house. They are well-known for their diligent work as well as their ability to reach deadlines on schedule and with full customer loyalty.

Customer Review by “Rahul Gupta - Always comes out to be the best in the budget category giving people their money's worth”

JMC Projects (India) Limited

Rating: 4.2

Contact: +913366247000


JMC Projects is the building enterprise that can provide you with the most innovative designs for your home. Our team of professionals will work to make sure that all of your needs are met and all of your expectations exceeded.

Customer Review by “Rajat Dutta - One of the best construction company. Maintain best safety & quality.”

Srijan Realty Private Limited

Rating: 4.3

Contact: +913340402020


Srijan Realty Private Limited is a well-known residential developer known for developing high-end luxury projects at an economical cost. They are by far the most successful firms when it comes to designing a dream space that is designed for individual requirements.

Customer Review by “Gouri Chakraborty - One of the best developer house. Employee friendly company. Very good seniors and cooperative team members. Perfect place to start & grow in career.”

Royal Infraconstru Limited

Rating: 4.3

Contact: +913340188200


Royal Infraconstru Limited is a company that builds your personal space and pays close attention to every detail. We construct all types of buildings, including private housing and townships, along with all kinds of infrastructure.

Customer Review by “Sanjay Soni - Mid range infrastructure development company”

Ambrus Construction

Rating: 4.6

Contact: +913323354192


Ambrus Construction develops customized and affordable residential homes. They are aware of their responsibilities and will exceed your expectations with our top-of-the-line materials.

Customer Review by “Sanjay Samanta - Very good startup civil engineering company, located at Sukanta Nagar.”