H.K. Electric Company

Ratings: 4.7

Contact: +91 9831846000

Location: https://g.page/h-k-electric-company?share

Located at Barabazar Market, H.K. Electric Company offers a wide range of electrical brands. We are committed to giving you the best products at an affordable price. You can be sure that you will get your order delivered on time and in perfect condition

Customer Review by “Maa Tara Enterprise - Product given by them genuine quality & price given by them reasonable. Good behavior by staff & company owner too.”

Oriental Electric Corporation

Ratings: 5.0

Contact: +91 9831639185

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/ZUgNvUVmmHb6jNev7

Located at Ezra St, Oriental Electric Corporation is a one-stop-shop for all your electrical needs whether it is for home or business needs. They have an amazing range of brands, and you can be sure that the products are of great quality. The staff are courteous and would help you meet your requirements based on your budget

Customer Review by “Sushma Jaiswal - I went to this shop when no hope was left, they understand my requirements and manufacturer the same goods as required. They are co-operative. Copper Aluminum, glass, Teflon, Internet all products are here available. Love this shop. 5 stars from my side.”

Industrial Switchgear & Cables Company Pvt. Ltd.

Ratings: 4.9

Contact: +91 9830065681

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/DBh69QhgBCnPo8Zs5

Located at Ezra St, Industrial Switchgear & Cables Company Pvt. Ltd. is the best place to buy all your electrical needs. They offer a wide range of electric brands and you can be sure that the products are of great quality.

Customer Review by “Osum Kolkata - Electrical Switchgear,lighting, moduler Switches and home automation of renowned brands are available here and the shop is known for genuine Products backed by manufacturer warranty”

Honesty Electrical Stores

Ratings: 4.6

Contact: +91 9831087286

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/CnuTbNF8ZbiD6AbQA

Located at Tirhatti Bazar, Honesty Electrical Stores has an amazing inventory in-house. You can get all of your Located at Tirhatti Bazar electrical supplies here and the staff is well trained to guide you with the most feasible options as per your requirements.

Customer Review by “Shubhajit Poddar - Got products at a good discounted price.. staffs were helpful...”

Saha Electrical Agency

Ratings: 4.8

Contact: +91 9836059615

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/wRwhwNjTEchPzDAX9

Located in New Town, Saha Electrical Agency is a leading electrical store that offers the widest range of products. They provide customers with quality service, value, and convenience to meet their needs.

Customer Review by “Atanu Banik - Good electrical store”

Uniq Electricals

Ratings: 5.0

Contact: +91 8878886266

Location: https://g.page/UNIQelectricals?share

Located at Tirhatti Bazar, Uniq Electricals is a trusted place to buy electrical products. They have everything you need, from plugs and switches to light fixtures. On-time delivery guaranteed. Overall, the products purchased from this store will give you great value for your money

Customer Review by “Santosh Kumar - Love it .....”

Heera Electric

Ratings: 4.8

Contact: +91 9903908568

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/DY2i2NS4RTUWqmwM9

Located at Garia, Heera Electric is known for providing customers with premium quality electrical wiring. Guaranty and warranty are offered by the store over certain electrical products. Easy replacement guaranteed

Customer Review by “Sourav Sengupta - You can get good quality electrical wiring and appliances at an affordable price point. Recommended from my side if you live in Garia”

Khanna Electricals

Ratings: 4.3

Contact: +91 9330935514

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/NZyhgByR8x6gis1k9

Located at Taltala, Khanna Electricals provides products like electric motors, electrical switches, and many more. They have good quality of all the products within your budget.

Customer Review by “Rhea Chakraborty - A normal electrical shop”

Havells Galaxy Store – Pooja Electricals

Ratings: 4.4

Contact: +91 3322817815

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/NFWjFKpCjJWpG3xV6

Located at Circular Centre, Pooja Electricals specializes in top-quality electric supplies specifically Havels. The products are competitively priced, and a knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process of selecting the right product for your needs.

Customer Review by “Soumyajit Chakraborty - excellent collection. Owner is quite soft spoken and helpful as well. Great collection of Havells Product and fancy ceiling hanging lights”

Samrat Electricals

Ratings: 4.7

Contact: +91 3323512225

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/Pv7obnQqt8G4NJeDA

Located at Sealdah. Samrat Electricals staff are well trained and the products they sell are of high quality. You will have a great experience here as they offer personalized service to customers and know what would be best for them based on their needs.

Customer Review by “Ajay Tanna - Very friendly people, very helpful. Good stuff.”