Pepperfry and Urbanladder are both incredible online furniture stores. Both have 1000s of designs, and sitting at home, you can click and order furniture delivered straight to your doorstep.

Here’s the thing though, are you sure you’re buying the right furniture? have you checked the warranty information? is the material you’ve picked the best one?

In this article we will try to answer all these questions, and help you in buying furniture online which gives you best value.

1. Check Material Details Thoroughly

Check for material details before purchasing, there is significant difference between teak wood, and teak wood finish.

Any site you go to you’ll find the detailed material information in the product specification.

Stay away from cheap materials for frame (such as particle board)

2. Ignore All Discounts

Yes, you heard me right. Discounts in furniture industry mean nothing. You heard me right. The reason you see deep discounts on certain products, and not on others is difference in material.

Two products which look the same, will have completely different internal materials. The one which uses cheaper material has deep discounts because of 2 main reasons – it’s cheaper to ship, and hence more margin for the seller.

3. Find the seller

A number of these furniture sites don’t actually design or manufacture their own products. You can find the seller, go to his site and probably get better warranty and rates.

4. Check Warranty Details Properly

The same site for different products can have different warranty specification.

The reason this happens is material used in furniture is a strong determinant to life. A teak wood solid teak wood furniture can last you years together, but particle board of MDF furniture won’t last you even a few years.

That’s it, take care of these 4 simple things and you’ll get great value out of your purchases when you are looking to buy furniture online.