Ever wondered why you feel so pleasant around nature? Why mountains & hill stations dragged you so often? Why those endless highway roads with dense vegetation on both sides excited you more than anything else? Why kids loved planting more than any other activity?

Yes, we are talking about those smallest elements in nature that attracted us the most as kids, adults & aged. Those chirping birds, the moving trees, the music in leaves, all of it. Such a peaceful feeling it is!

Just as beautiful & peaceful nature feels, so does Ritika Zharotia’s artwork feel! She is a self taught artist who got inspired by the beautiful elements in nature, explored them in her artworks and gave them a new life.

Her work became synonymous to a tree- a symbol of life, growth, strength, stability, protector & family which she very well relates to her personal life. Her constant effort has been towards bringing in nature in our technologically dependent lives.

Every concept she works on revolves around the tree symbol, yet having its own uniqueness. She converts her pen & ink artworks into beautiful looking decor & usable products. Her passion to create drives her with enthusiasm each time she comes across a new requirement.

Here are few beautiful creations by Ritika, where she gives a new dimension to those natural elements with utmost detailing- a self narrative story!

1. Mirrors

2. Serving trays

3. Key holder

4. Wall art

5. Tissue Holders & rings

6. Coasters

6. Alphabets

7. Light Box

8. Wardrobe shutters

9. Desk name plate

10. Endless Nameplates <3

Could’nt get your eyes of these beautiful pieces of art, right!

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