You will definitely enjoy residing in Hyderabad!!

Mark my words, constructing a house in Hyderabad would be one of your finest decisions until now. Being a favorite south Indian city to people out there, you will definitely have a life-time experience in Hyderabad. From top-notch schools and colleges to fun and entertainment places, shopping malls, metro and other easy transportation facilities, reliable health care sector, Hyderabad has it all.

I’m sure you are already convinced to have a dream house built in the heart of the city, so allow me to help you overview the entire process of constructing your house.

Things that you need to consider before starting the home construction


Before you start building a house, a detailed house budget must be drawn up that takes not only your finances but also your priorities, needs, and future goals into consideration. It is

important that you know how much your new home will cost, and how much it will cost after it has been completed. 

Average Residential Construction Cost Based on Quality

Hyderabad Construction Cost using Builder (Material + Labour Outsourced)

TYPEAvg. QualityGood QualityBest Quality
Area of Construction940 Sq. Ft940 Sq. Ft940 Sq. Ft
Construction Estimate₹ 10.81 lacs₹ 13.16 lacs₹ 17.86 lacs
Cost/Sq. Ft₹ 1150₹ 1400₹ 1900

Time and participation

Since it’s your dream house and you will be investing your years of hard-earned money, keeping a close watch on the construction process is essential and so, are you ready to participate in the construction process? Time and energy and learning are required. Will that take away any responsibility for your work or family?

Level of Design Control

The builder can decide how many bedrooms and bathrooms, and the exterior style, if you choose a tract or speculative home. However, you can control the type of house design and features in your new home more easily while building from scratch. Consider what’s suitable for you now and in the future as well as the resale value.      

  1. Will your family expand or decrease? 
  2. Are your older parents going to need a law-suite?·        
  3. Do you need a one-story house at some point because of genuine problems?        
  4. Does the inclusion of those utilities (e.g., a pool) set the resale price of your house well above the average neighborhood?
  5. How many numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms are required?
  6. Would you like an open floor plan?
  7. Would you want flexible/bonus rooms?
  8. Do you need a massive gourmet kitchen?

Once you’re done finalizing all the above-mentioned aspects, the very next step that you need to take is to choose the area where you wish to reside comfortably. I will now be suggesting to you some of the most preferred residential locations for you to consider. Take a look below-

Best Residential Areas to Live in Hyderabad


Madhapur is home to many foreign IT firms like Google, Amazon, TCS, Accenture, etc. This area is not only surrounded by necessary facilities including schools, colleges, banks, hospitals, etc. but also has some of the finest hotels, shopping malls, and restaurants. Strong

infrastructure, public transportation, and other facilities are available to make Madhapur an ideal decent place to live.


Kondapur has become the epicenter for IT businesses, co-workers, top brand flagship stores, best hotels, and many more. Because of this, Kondapur is the most demanded commercial venue. The Botanical Garden here gives Kondapur’s residents a refreshing breath of life.


The major benefit of Kukatpally is that this area is close to the city’s IT center and other major educational facilities. There is better water and electricity, decent public transport access, and other services. It also has a large shopping center with nearly all big clothing and jewelry stores here.


As a residential hub, this suburban town keeps growing. As it is cheaper than in other neighboring tech regions, Chandanagar is one of the best residential areas in Hyderabad. It is near to IT hubs in the town of HITEC and Gachibowli making it perfect for a residential hub.


Manikonda is a perfect blend of residential and commercial facilities. Being a posh location, it is the best place to make your IT job and other high technology luxuries come true in your city. In Manikonda there are many business hubs, co-working offices, multiplexes, and shopping centers that make this area the most feasible place for residents.

Based on your budget and your requirements, you can blindly pick any of the above-mentioned locations for you to maintain an easy personal and professional lifestyle.

For best pricing and locations, do seek help from a licensed real estate agent, there will surely be a great help to you in finalizing the location of your home.

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Guidelines to follow while constructing a house in Hyderabad

To simplify things for you, I have listed the key points before construction and to ensure construction is undertaken without any disturbance. The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) notes that the following list is as follows:

  • Some of the documents to be submitted before the construction starts are the application for construction, duly signed by the owner, the building contractor, the architect, and the engineer, declaration forms duly signed by the owner and certified by the officer in charge, copy of the license for the architect or the engineer, the city inspection record or approved layout, the previous sanctioned plan, urban land ceiling (ULC) clearance for above 1,000 square meters land plot, ULC affidavit (below 1000 square meters), ownership documents (two sets attested by a gazetted officer), up-to-date property tax receipt, non-judicial stamp paper, building plans duly signed by the owner, architect and structural engineer.
  • During construction, the contractor must comply with fire safety requirements. Therefore, for buildings higher than 15 meters no Objection Certificate (NOC) is required from the fire department.
  •  Building companies must have their plans approved and pay their GHMC final fees. After acceptance of the application, the GHMC informs the construction company of the other charges, which include the remaining balance of the building permit fee (98%) as well as the following charges, i.e., the improving costs for internal and external facilities for Rs 175 per square meter of plot and rain-water harvesting charges of Rs 8 per square meter of built-up area for all categories of buildings.
  • GHMC is to be informed about the foundation, basement and roof works by the construction firm. On several occasions, GHMC engineers have been informed and inspected the site. For a low-level structure below 15 min-height, a building inspection is normally carried out.
  •  The Andhra Pradesh (AP) Central Power Distribution Company must also apply for a permanent electrical link. The Construction Company submits to AP Central Power
  • Distribution Company executive engineer, along with documents such as the site
  • plan, certificate of incorporation, MOA and AOA, a form for requesting
  • electricity connectivity. The construction company must also pay a refundable
  • Rs 1000 per kW security deposit. When the application is made, 50% of these charges are due.
  • The building company must apply from the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board for water and sewerage connections (HMWSSB). They can use the ‘Single Window Cell’ on the HMWSSB as water and sewer connections. Submit the application form with Rs. 500 fee and ownership documents, property details, copy of real estate tax, and building plan approval.
  • The construction company should also apply at the local Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) office for telephone connection. The Company must apply the application to gain a commercial connection, along with proof of ownership and a copy of the PAN card. 
  • The developer should also be given clearance from the Government of Andhra Pradesh Electric Inspector in Hyderabad for approximately 14 days. The construction company submits to receive the final connection, a copy of the permission along with structural and service charges.
  • The Construction Company shall present to the authority to apply for the occupancy certificate which is required for all types of buildings, a notice of completion employing a registered architect and a licensed builder’s developer, alongside the prescribed documents and plans.
  • Finally, it should be considered if the building should be as accepted, e.g., in the floor numbers, exterior setbacks, arrangements for parking spaces etc. The GHMC must also be approved for occupancy for the acceptance or revocation of the certificate of occupancy within 15 days.

The list may be long, but it’s important. The best thing is to follow all the instructions with frequent news about illegal properties, delayed delivery, unapproved properties. This method

takes time and takes little consciousness, but the comfort and benefits of owning a house is worth all the trouble.

Requirements for building a house

Explaining the entire process is a lot thrilling, from picking up the perfect piece of land and observing your vision, to placing your key in the lock and starting to live in a home that reflects your taste, style, and needs. 

The new construction process can be enjoyable and challenging. When you decide whether you want to build a home, there’s a lot for you to learn to ensure that you are making the right investments that are indeed worth it 

It’s time for you to know about those experts that will be involved in delivering your home.

General Contractor

Since you can’t be at your site location 24/7 for monitoring the entire site location and so you need to hire a General Contractor for managing the entire process of

building your home based on your briefing. The responsibilities of a general contractor that you hire includes-

  1. Estimating the cost of labors and materials
  2. Hiring and managing the sub-contractors
  3. Coordinating with the subcontractor’s work
  4. Ensuring there’s no delay of work taking place

Note: As a general contractor will be your eyes at the site location in your absence, you must hire a general contractor that is trustworthy, flexible to work, and easy to reach out on calls and texts

Sub- Contractors

The subcontractors are the professionals who will be doing the majority of the work involved in building your house whereas a general contractor will be overseeing the overall project from start to finish

Types of Subcontractors

Foundation Inspector

The type of foundation you need does not only depend on the design of your house but also on the type of soil, water depth, and backfill quality. The subcontractors know the necessary

methods and materials for building a solid support system for your house, whether it includes a basement or slabs, and would help you settle with the most suitable ones. 


Architects will be creating designs for your building that would be functional, safe, sustainable, appealing, and pleasing making your house look beautiful inside out.


Drywallers will be installing wallboard onto framing and then finish the wall surface so that it is ready for painting, wallpapering, etc. A professional needs to ensure that drywall screws are invisible in piping and creases.

Concrete Installers

These experts ensure the proper quality, the right chemicals, and the right finishing for the cement is being used in the construction of your house for a strong. They will know how to seal it correctly to maintain it long-lasting.

Interior Designer

Interior designers will help you match the personality of you with your house. They will ensure using the space efficiently with the correct choice of light, color, texture, and patterns of each of your living spaces

Electrical Engineer

Upon studying the blueprints submitted by the architects, the licensed electricians by taking complete precautions for safety starts assembling, installing, and wiring the electrical systems for your house


Layering the bricks and rockwork to installing it in the right pattern is what a mason is specialized in, they are experts in making the complicated cuts in the interior and exterior stonework for your house

Roof Installers

Every kind of roofing has its own special installation needs, from flat aggregate to concrete, tile, steel, solar panels, and rubberized steel. Specialists in roofing help avoid issues leading to water damage.

Countertops Installers

Installing granite slabs without them cracking and installing paneling with a perfectly smooth finish are two very different skills. Choosing a subcontractor who works regularly with the

the type of countertop you choose ensures a polished appearance, regardless of the surface.

Ceramic Tiling Installers

Professional tiling has a variety of specialty product tools such as edges and tiles. They know about the rod, glues that are ideally suited to specific applications and in certain areas of your house.

Flooring Installers

Professional floor installers are familiar with the techniques for installing a range of flooring choices, including pure, plasterboard wood and products. These skills can reduce your construction time and ensure a beautiful and durable floor.


The specialists in painting and wall finishing have the experience and tools to paint surfaces effortlessly as per your color and texture preferences. They could also use textured treatments on walls.


Landscaper will be working with planting, transplanting, and maintaining of flowers, plants, greenhouse and nursery rock, installation of rock gardens, ponds, drainage systems, planters, fences, and other essential equipment

Carpet Installers

Installing flawless, non-scratch-based carpets and bordering tiles, wood and other surfaces using the right tools is a specialist carpet installer’s responsibility


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning specialists not only install these systems but can also match components and advise on duct placement and design – like the location of walls to ensure the home is properly, vented, heated, and cooled.


A plumber will be doing all the piping in the home, whether it’s for water, sewage, or drainage. Plumbers also know newer types of plumbing products that can increase utility efficiency in your new home.

Security System Installers

Security experts know not only where to install cameras, but also how to connect them to a wired home so that your home is secured

And the list ends, to deliver your dream house, there will indeed be hundreds of hands involved behind the completion of the same. As a homeowner, ensure that each of these professionals are licensed before you entrust your house to them 

Smart Home for a Smart You

Want to make your life easier and better than ever before? Smart homes are the new normal now for you to rely upon. Building a new house but not involving hi-tech gadgets would be one of the biggest mistakes that you would make as you would fail to experience an

easy-going lifestyle and so, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t wish to commit such a

mistake. Unless smart gadget options are available, it’s not possible for any of us to own each of them and so, for you to get the best experiences, I have compiled a list of must-have ones.

Eve Aqua (for automatic watering)

Having a garden or lawn that needs water every morning can make your life difficult as waking up at 7 a.m. is not something that somebody would enjoy. The Eve Aqua smart sprinkler controller is an easy solution for going out and turning on the sprinkler. You hook it between the water tap and the hose, put the app on a schedule, and it is done! A default timer will now water your sprinkler. 

Bond (Smartening remote-controlled fans)

You’ve got a remote-controlled ceiling fan, but you always lose the remote and still just use the wall switch? Bond’s got the solution. The ceiling fan is connected to an app, Google Assistant, or Alexa.  You will then store the remote and tell your voice assistant to turn the fan on or off.

Nano leaf Remote (Smart Home Remote)

This lit device can control any smart light switch, smart light bulb, and other home accessories when you rotate it to different sides.

Ring Video Doorbell 2 (Smart Doorbell)

The Ring Doorbell is an essential gadget for your smart house, whether it’s seeing whether a delivery arrives when you’re at work, surveillance, or just seeing who is at your front door. Plus, you’ll be able to see who’s at the door of your Echo Show if you have an Amazon Echo Show.

Wyze Lock (Smart Home Lock)

You can quickly be able to open and lock your home from anywhere in the world with the Wyze smart lock. Forget key swapping with your neighbors. The Wyze Lock is here to save the day, whether a friend is trying to break into your home or you just forgot to lock your door.

Home Insurance Policy

Undoubtedly, you must have invested a huge sum to build your beautiful house but what if one day everything is gone? Neither of us have control over natural calamities like earthquake and floods, and so to ensure that the invested money of your in building the house does not go in vain, having a home insurance policy is a must

Let me help you understand the features offered by the home insurance policy before you opt for any

  • Depending on the insurance coverage requirements by a home-owner, there are different insurance policy to pick from
  • The premium insurance policy is quite budget-friendly
  • The policy would be issued for a year, you can then continue to renew the same each year if you are satisfied with the same
  • The insurance coverage amount for the house depends upon the asset you have insured for and its value

Most Suitable Types of Home Insurance Plans for You to Choose

Structure insurance

This policy protects the house construction, i.e. roofs, walls, and floors, from damage caused by natural or man-made disasters.

Content Insurance

This policy includes house contents against damage or loss. House content includes appliances, jewelry, furnishings, and accessories as well as other house contents.

Comprehensive Insurance

Structure and contents, both are protected by this policy. The construction of the house and its contents are covered from damage or loss due to natural or man-made factors.

Public Liability Insurance

This policy covers any form of harm caused by people on your property or whether your property damages the property of another party. In such situations, you will be held financially accountable by the disruptive third party. The policy shall cover this responsibility.

What is covered under Home Insurance?

  • Fire
  • Riots, strikes, and other malicious acts
  • Earthquakes, floods, cyclones etc
  • Terrorist acts
  • Explosion or implosion
  • Aircraft damage
  • Missile testing operations
  • Burglary and theft of the content of the house
  • Landslides, road slides, or subsidence
  • Bush Fire
  • Leaking from automatic sprinkler system
  • Bursting of the water tanks or overflowing of pipes

What is not covered under Home Insurance?

  • Not disclosing of information in the proposal form
  • Pre-existing damages
  • Damages caused due to war, nuclear contamination etc
  • Losses incurred due to pollution and contamination
  • Loss of jewelry, cash, precious stones etc (if particularly covered under the plan you chose)
  • Deliberate damage to the property and or the content of the house
  • Cost of land
  • Consequential losses
  • Misconduct and wilful negligence
  • Depreciation and normal wear and tear
  • Losses suffered when the property is not occupied for more than a specified period
  • Properties under construction

How to choose the best home insurance policy?

  1. Choose the type of policy that you need, a comprehensive policy is best suited for you as a homeowner
  2. As many companies offer insurance policies, you need to compare the pricing and features involved and then choose the best one
  3. Insurance companies offer premium discounts, look for the policy offering maximum discounts to lower your premiums

How to claim home insurance?

  • Inform the insurance company at the earliest after the claim occurs. To get the claim registered, inform the company within 7-15 days of the destruction caused
  • File an FIR and keep it handy
  • The insurance would survey the loss, the claim amount would then be estimated
  • Submit the documents to the insurance company
  • The company would verify the documents and then settle the home insurance claims
  • Documents to be submitted
  • Claim form with details filled and signed
  • FIR copy
  • Investigation report issued by the police after the investigation of damage
  • Fire brigade’s report (in case of fire-related claims)
  • Original invoice of contents for replacements
  • Cost Summons
  • Estimates of repair costs
  • Other requested documents by the insurance company

Popular Home Insurance Plans Available in India

Company NamePlans OfferedFeatures
Bajaj Allianz Home Insurance PlanMy Home Insurance PolicyHouseholders Insurance PolicyEasy Householders Insurance PolicyYou can choose continuous coverage for up to 5 yearsA range of add-on covers are available for making the coverage comprehensive
ICICI Prudential Home Insurance PlanHome InsuranceUp to 50% premium discounts for buying a comprehensive policy for 5 yearsWater seepage related damages are covered
HDFC Ergo HomeInsurance PlanHome insurance for ownersHousing Society InsuranceDifferent types of premium discounts are available under the planThe company provides 24*7 support in case of claims
Reliance General HomeInsurance PlanHome insurance – Structure ProtectionHome Insurance – Contents ProtectionHouseholders Package PolicyMultiple types of policies are availableCoverage for jewelry and precious items against theftChain snatching is also covered
Oriental Insurance HomeInsurance PlanHouseholder Insurance Policy  You can buy different policies for the building and contentsThe premiums are very low and affordable

 Final Walkthrough

Your contractor will guide you around your new home and introduce you to the features and the functioning of different systems and components and explain your repair and maintenance duties, as well as warranty policy and procedures. This is often referred to as a walk-through for pre-settlement. It’s also a chance, so be vigilant and observant, to find things that need to be corrected or modified.

Check to see that all the closets, doors, and windows are properly opened and locked. Make sure that there are no noticeable flaws in the floors, such as fractures, cuts, and holes. If there are any bugs, make sure they are corrected by your builder before closing. The moving company will now line up to get ready to enjoy your new home!!