Life can go miserable without electricity and the residents of Bengaluru are quite familiar with such scenarios. During my work stay in the city, I was terrified due to frequent power cut conditions. Situations regarding power cuts can go worse that you might end up staying without electricity for several hours and at times the entire day.

Delay in work is still manageable but what’s worse is the damages that could take place especially with the household appliances like refrigerators, ACs and Tv’s because of frequent power cuts.

Constant power cuts made me curious to learn about the causes behind power cuts in the city. 

A senior managerial staff at BESCOM confirmed, “Supply-side there is no problem during this time. But we are facing unscheduled power outages due to technical problems.”

BESCOM (Bangalore Electricity Supply Company), is responsible for monitoring the electricity in the city have often been the target on various social media profiles by professionals and students due to unscheduled power cuts across the city eventually disrupting work from home routines and online classes to which the BESCOM officials decided to bring the situation under control by stating out the following reasons for frequent power cuts-

Besides the increase in load, the rain and win have been causing issues with the snapped cables and to solve the same, BESCOM has started taking some of the power lines below the ground to negate the effect of rain and wind over the cables

For a fact, Bengaluru doesn’t really have any power shortage as Karnataka is able to procure enough power supply to meet the rising demand in each of its cities. But it is due to lack of proper infrastructure and inadequate operation and maintenance of the network are the major reasons causing frequent power cuts in Bengaluru

Lack of periodic inspection to record the status of transformers, basically damaged/faulty power cuts has been another solid cause for frequent power cuts in the city. The power lines and transformers are handled only through complaint-based maintenance only when a fault occurs. BESCOM official states that Rs.145 crores have been spent in the 2018-2019 financial year for the replacement of faulty transformers with the new ones. This expenditure could have been avoided if effective monitoring and maintenance of transformers was in place.  

However, these issues are handled by local officials, and to avoid causing trouble to the Bengalureans, officials confirmed releasing a statement stating “When the power supply is disrupted, we make sure to notify it on media to help the people plan an alternative as they are working from home”