We usually see Contractors, Interior Designers, Architects say the Best alternative flooring to Marble or Granite flooring is Vitrified tiles. Have you wondered why? Flooring is done considering factors such as price, durability, number of designs, custom designs, etc. Here is a list of Pros and Cons for Vitrified tiles so you can consider while buying it.


  • Vitrified Tiles are durable and scratch resistant 5-6 Mohs scale for scratch) whereas Marble has a Mohs scale of 3-4.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean, in kitchen, corridor, bathroom or living room.
  • Artificially manufactured Vitrified tiles have consistent shades, sizes, and thickness.
  • Custom Digital Designs, Textures, patterns can be manufactured. (Depending on MOQ)
  • Easy to Install, 48 hours after fixing it to the wall or flooring based on the adhesive you can start using the space. (Comes in ready to install Condition)
  • No post-processes required i.e cutting, polishing, buffing, Fabrication or any carpentry work as required in any marble, granite, wooden flooring.
  • Economical compared to any other naturally occurring stones or wooden types of flooring, as it has a fixed cost or as MRP. If not from one shop you can always buy it from some other retailers at the same price. Vitrified tiles have a price range of 35-350₹ per sq.ft whereas Marbles & granite ₹150-₹2500  per sq.ft (only raw material).
  • Fire Resistant


  •  It needs to be installed by an expert. In order to ensure stability, high-quality adhesives should be used.
  • Vitrified tiles are not environment-friendly as the process of making them cause a significant cost of energy and carbon dioxide.
  • Vitrified tiles are slippery when wet. Anti Slip tiles are also available but with very fewer design options.
  • Tiles can go out of style (depending on choice) what is in today’s trend may not be 10 years from now.
  • A tile might break/crack if any heavy object is dropped. As its less durable compared to granite marble.
  • Tiles are packed in corrugated boxes. During transportation there is a chance of chip of edges or crack as it is thin and brittle.
Vitrified Tiles Flooring Review | Pros and Cons | HomeBanao

Conclusion is to opted a flooring after considering all Pros of Vitrified tiles such as Low Price, Lesser Installation time, Easy Installation, Unlimited designs, Custom Designs, Low maintenance, Durability, Resistant to Scratch, Stain Resistant, Fire Resistant.   

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