Human foot is a biological marvel, you can walk on a variety of surfaces, on lawn, grass, sand, rocks, wood even watery, slippery surfaces.

Here’s the thing, what it is not designed to do is to walk on a flat, perfectly polished, almost frictionless piece of surface.

Marble, tiles, granite all commonly used in flooring these days, may be slowly, but surely damaging your feet without you even realising it. This is how it works:

  • It hurts your leg because the perfectly polished flooring doesn’t allow your feet to grip the floor properly, necessary to generate friction and force to move forward
  • Because it is so hard, your muscles are under a very slight, almost unnoticeable amount of strain.

If you don’t think this is true, try this, barefoot walk on a surface for a few minutes, and go and stand on top of a carpet or welcome mat. Just in a few moments you’ll feel your legs relaxing. Your legs are not “relaxing” the way the feel when you stand on a soft surface are how they’re supposed to feel in general.

The medical phrase for what starts happening is called osteo arthritis.

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So what’s the solution? Well don’t worry we won’t ask you to remove your flooring, all you have to do is wear soft footwear/ slippers or anything similar in your home. That’s it, this one simple habit can save you from a lot of future pain.

Of course, we Indian’s don’t have a habit of wearing footwear at home, so my suggestion is to wear a separate pair of slippers at home, and keep separate pair outdoors.

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I am not saying that all your knee pain issues will be solved by just wearing footwear at home, there are various contributing factors which affect your legs health. This is a significant one which we tend to ignore. For more details, please contact your Doctor.

Please share this article with your friends and relatives who’re suffering from knee pain, I am sure they’ll thank you for it.