Akaar Exclusive Edition : April – May, 2018

Must be wondering what this “exclusive” edition is all about?

While we met soo many creative people & delivered numerous projects through the month of April & May, we decided to share 5 best projects with you all. As the saying goes “there’s no joy in life like the joy of sharing!”

Be it a small cut out, to a big jali installation, we have accounted for all of them.

Each project that has been chosen has its uniqueness which we thought no other project could borrow or replicate, be it the design, the material choice, the story behind, the installation or the entire process.

Here’s a list of 5 best projects done in April-May at Akaar:

1. The best material choice

Design inspiration: Tree of life

Material: Rose gold Stainless steel

Process: Laser cutting

Well, all design credits for this piece goes to the on board architect.

What a right choice of material to add some richness in your decor. The architect brings out the emphasis in the negative cut out so efficiently by backing it with acrylic. Such a balanced piece of art!!

But, why can’t I see any fixing studs here?

Thanks to our solutions & manufacturing experts for that 😀

2. The most creative idea

Design inspiration: Bee Hive

Material: Powder coated Mildsteel

Process: Laser cutting

We talk about support system for everything! Be it business support, client support, or family support, we need it everywhere!

But, hey somebody thought of a creative support system for the Climber plants too <3

Going beyond two bamboo poles, the client went ahead to spend in some extra pennies for those tiny living things that balance our world.

We talk about luxurious homes for humans, comfortable kennels for dogs, but never of such beautiful support systems for plants.

3. The most economical concept

Design inspiration: Tractor

Material: Painted MDF board (medium density fiber board)

Process: CNC Routing

MDF is ofcourse amongst the most economical materials to choose from for  decor and furniture. Although various finishes add on to its overall cost.

A beautiful example is portrayed by a construction enterprise, where they use MDF tractor for wall decor, with simple paints. Hence saving up on the overhead finishing costs, yet making it appealing.

4. The most simple design

Design inspiration: Alphabets

Material: Acrylic

Process: Laser cutting

We have a gallery of endless nameplates done everyday at Akaar. But, this to me is the simplest of all & the most appealing.

And why shouldn’t it be, when just the right font, colour combination & material could bring in all the elegance required into a nameplate.

While the glossy acrylic letters fight for attention, the subtle matt yellow balances them all. One of the simplest wonders with acrylic & its finishes.

5. The best story

Design inspiration: Atoms

Material: Powder coated Mildsteel

Process: Laser cutting

Atoms: the smallest particle of a chemical element that can exist combined together to form a large Jali facade.

This project did go through a rigorous process, right from its start till the end.

There were constant discussions & meets with client on fixing up of design & then finalizing on the colour. But once that’s done, what else is left? Why did it get the best story award? Isn’t this process a usual one for every project?

Yes, the process is usual, Concept stage followed by Design stage followed by Execution stage. But what was heart touching in this project was the execution where our manufacturing unit, those unsung heros – the labourers worked through the mid-night to make sure that the project was all ready for its warming ceremony the next day.

We often forget to give enough credit to these hardworking men who bring life to all our ideas. Nothing would ever be possible without them!

We would love to know which of these 5 is your favorite?