Upset? Angry? Happy? Annoyed? Frustrated? Hungry? 

Heading straight to the kitchen is what most of us do, the Nutella jar placed in the cabinet and the ice-cream stored in the refrigerator would always stay true to you, cheering up your mood.

It’s not wrong to say that the kitchen is the heart and soul of our house, and so, having an elegant kitchen is a must to always remain your love for food constant.

The kitchen should be a place you enjoy being in, whether you’re cooking, cleaning, dining, or entertaining, and thoughtful kitchen design will help make that possible. These tips will help you build a room you’ll love whether you’re planning a kitchen renovation or designing a new kitchen.

Things to consider when designing a kitchen


A wrong layout would kill your mood to even step in the kitchen as it does nothing great but only make your kitchen look a chaotic one. And so, it is important for you to calmly think of the most suited layout based on your requirements, taking a hasty decision when finalizing a layout would indeed be a wrong investment. Figure out where you want to position the kitchen’s main parts and components- the kitchen sink, table, chairs, countertops, and the refrigerator. Remember, the entire layout has to look structured and streamlined.

Popular Types of Kitchen Layout

  • One wall kitchen

For smaller apartments, where you or anyone does all the cooking, this layout is the most ideal one to opt for. All in the kitchen will be super easy for you to reach; the smart use of a storage room with sliding or pocket doors keeps things clean and organized. And the chosen equipment makes good use of space.

  • Gallery Kitchen

The kitchen will be divided into two, one side would be used for appliances and the other side for the counter space with a corridor in the center for you to walk, it provides lots of counter space, storage and allows plenty of room for movement as well.

  • U-shaped kitchens

If you cook regularly and also need plenty of room, you can consider a U-shaped kitchen. A few other home cooks can work at the same time as this layout is pretty wide which consists of a cabinet and 3 adjacent walls.

  • Island Kitchen

The island kitchen will provide you a large work surface or storage area in the middle of the kitchen. The island kitchen can be utilized as both a work- and social area where family and friends can interact while meals are being prepared.

  • G- shaped kitchen

The G-shaped kitchen layout can add extra seating space for your guests or space for a second cook to get working. It has a free-standing workspace that provides a secondary counter, work, or entertainment area. It will provide you with all the advantages of an island worktop while utilizing less floor space.


Think of all your favorite food, vegetables, fruits, fancy kitchen gadgets, and appliances that you would love to have in your kitchen? The list must definitely be a lengthy one, and, so, you need to consider the storage facilities the moment you are done finalizing the layout of your kitchen. There’s nothing like having too many of it when it comes to overhead cabinets, drawers, and shelves, the higher the number of storage spaces you have, the better you can protect your kitchen when the daily clutters.   

When deciding upon the number of cabinets, drawers, and shelves, do not ignore utilizing the corners of your kitchen well. Also, have in mind using the shelf inserts to add storage space, cookware organizers for easy to grab utensils, and a tiered organizer for making things look organized.


Spending hours together for cooking a three-course meal and the slightest mistake of adding sugar instead of salt would ruin it all for you, well, you might think that this can happen only in movies, but no, it can happen with you or anybody as I have experienced the same and the reason behind this fuss was wrong lighting. It’s so important to get your lighting right in the kitchen- not only to see clearly while you’re cooking but also to create a welcoming atmosphere. Decide whether you need direct lighting over the work surfaces and general spotlights from the ceiling. Consider also the possibility of feature lighting in the toe kick or siding, on the walls, or from glamorous ceiling pendants. If you like the lighting on the stove, in and under the cabinet? And, so on

How to choose kitchen lighting

  • The kitchen should not be bright or dull. It is essential to review the size and function of our kitchen before deciding to ensure that your kitchen is perfected.
  • Decide what is your kitchen lighting’s most valuable function.
  • If efficiency and a need to spend longer times without replacing bulbs is the most important then opt for fluorescent lighting.
  • For a colder, cozier atmosphere in your kitchen, go for incandescent lights
  • Consider halogen lights for large kitchens where you want to decorate with accent lighting or specific task lighting.
  • Go for accent lighting to emphasize the kitchen’s aesthetics.

Ideally, your kitchen should include the following types of lightbulbs:

  1. Ambient lighting is a warm, overhead light that lets you comfortably reach the kitchen, leave, and navigate the floor and walls.
  2. Task lighting is brighter to illuminate countertops, islands, sinks, and other work areas for increased precision during food prep, cooking, and cleaning.
  3.  Accent lighting, in between ambient and task lighting in brightness, highlights architectural features or décor in the kitchen, such as a coffered ceiling


Spilling out liquids on the floor while you cook is pretty much normal but you do want to spend a lot of time while clearing out those marks from the flooring of your kitchen? No, right? So, be careful while making your flooring choice for the kitchen. When choosing your flooring material, remember cleaning, durability, aesthetics, and comfort. Ceramic tiles, for instance, are sturdy, quick to clean, and available in many colors and sizes. But if you intend to stay at your gas stove and countertop for a lot of time, ceramic tiles are not very handy. Linoleum and vinyl floors are the best choices and can be purchased in a wide variety of colors, but such materials do not last long, and that’s how it goes, there are certain pros and cons attached to each of the kitchen flooring so make a wise choice for yourself to enjoy cooking

Kitchen Flooring Options

  • Sheet Vinyl

Pros: Scrub able, comfortable underfoot, and reasonably priced

Cons: Heavy appliances can leave depressions

  •  Porcelain Tile

Pros: Extremely durable, waterproof, stain-resistant, and good for high-traffic areas

Cons: Grout requires periodic sealing to prevent stains

  • Engineered Vinyl Plank (EVP)

Pros: Waterproof, DIY-friendly, closely resembles real hardwood flooring

Cons: Heavy appliances may leave depressions

  • Stone Tile

Pros: Natural, one-of-a-kind ambiance, non-slippery surface

Cons: Expensive and can stain

  • Cork

Pros: Affordable, warm, and cushioned feel underfoot

Cons: Can be scratched by heavy objects


You can benefit in your design process, by deciding on the kitchen style early. From the cabinet to the furniture, a particular style simplifies the decision-making process and improves the overall aesthetics.

Here’s a list of some styles you might want to consider. 

Contemporary Open, Gourmet, Comfort, Hi-Tech
ClassicMinimal, Clean, Black Canvas, Accents
FarmhouseRustic, Robust, Natural, Warm
Coastal Harbor, Seaside, Beach House
Retro60s, 70s, Pastels, Modern Twist, Elegant
Cottage Quaint, Accents, Soft Tone, Cozy
French CountryChic, Intricate, Stylish, Vintage
CraftsmanRich Woods, Natural Materials, Fine Craftsmanship
EclecticBold, Bright, Contrast, Mixed Styles
IndustrialTextually Raw, Brick, Metal, Steampunk 

Color Palette

Remember that in the longer term you’ll have to retain the kitchen. An all-white kitchen could better be avoided only because Indian cuisine contributes to a lot of difficult stains and I’m sure you will agree to it. White kitchens require consistent cleaning and are maintenance-intensive. But that does not mean you blindly opt for bright hues. After all, darker shades attract more heat, especially in summers. You can always choose a combination of the two to maintain the overall harmony.

Best Timeless Kitchen Colour schemes- Classic Blues and Greys, Warm Orange on Brown, Red and White, Black and Brass, Whites on Wood, Black and White, Orange and Navy Blue


Nobody would want that strong smell of your curry to continue to circulate in the kitchen for a long time, and so, to avoid this from happening, consider proper ventilation ensuring the right circulation of air in the kitchen. I highly recommend you to opt for a quality range hood with a powerful extractor for your kitchen’s ventilation.

  • Consider having a sufficient number of windows to let the cooking odor pass naturally
  • A chimney is also a must for good and ventilation, so design the space accordingly

Power-points and appliances

Never underestimate the need for power. These days there is more need than ever for extra power-points, with appliances such as Coffee machines, rice cookers, coffee grinders — you name it! Be realistic with how many sockets your kitchen will require and always consider the best location for each of your layouts.

Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

Stand Mixer

Check out:

Love eating cakes? Then you’re going to love having a new stand mixer! Whether you’re mixing the batter, whipping the cream, or doing something else, this is a kitchen equipment that every home cook needs.


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This is a must-have in every household. At times, that unforgiving heatwave might come rolling through your windows and doors. Believe me, having a cold drink in the fridge is all you need to keep your cool. Then, of course, cooking every day should be the least of your problems when you can do all the cooking in one day and stuff it all in the freezer. Life is easy.

Sandwich/ Toast Maker

It’s easier to eat crunchy bread sometimes, and these are achieved by a toaster. The Sandwich Maker, on the other hand, helps make the best sandwich, eggs, and even waffles for you as a delicious, evening snack 

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Does asthma bother you or anyone in your family? With chimneys placed in the kitchen, you will no more have to distance yourself from cooking.  Chimney will take care of fumes that could trigger an attack while cooking.

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I don’t know if I’m the only one who would rather have some things that have been refrigerated/frozen be microwaved rather than warmed. In my opinion, some things just should never be warmed over a fire. Some other amazing things microwaves can be used for are- grilling, popping corn etc.

Check out:

Space Saving Ideas for Kitchens

Add baskets on top of cabinets

When it comes to storage, don’t forget the space above your cabinet. However, it’s ok even if items are not available anymore, the space remains usable. It’s worth the investment in plastic boxes or beautiful crates to store spare kitchen rolls, cook-books

Washing up station

An over-sink drying up rack is an instant space-saver which is also practical since the water flows from the dishes into the sink instead of the workstation. Choose a variant of stainless steel with a lot of compartments of dish, tub, cutting boards, and the all-important detergent.

Use a tiered trolley

Switch to a trolley if the cabinet space is limited. If they’re bowls, cups, or jugs, you can fit just as many on them as a usual shelf, but they’re much more varied. If needed, switch to various areas of the kitchen and it can also be doubled as a drink trolley.

Mount a rail on the wall

You can easily mount a rail on the wall of your kitchen and hang absolutely anything for an interesting look be it utensils, pots, pans, or tea towels.

Inner Door Storage

If running out of space then using cupboard doors for adding extra storage racks would be a good option. You can keep saucepan lids, chopping boards, or other items neatly stored and out of sight without sacrificing shelf space.

Vertical Shelves

There don’t have to be horizontal shelves necessarily. You can use space more easily if you mount a couple vertically. Cupboards, chopping plates, and cookware can be stored next to each other, each time you open the cupboard lid, without fear of crashing.

Chopping Board

You don’t have space on your workstation to chop fruit and vegetables? Invest in a cutting board over-the-sink. The rest of your kitchen is freed from using your sink and the next time you finish, quickly pop up the chopping board behind the tap for quick access.

Do’s and Don’ts of a Kitchen

Always wash your handsUse the same chopping board for fruits, vegetables
Stack up your food carefully in the fridgeWash poultry and raw meat
Use expiration dates as guidelinesAllow leftovers to cool down before placing them in the fridge
Wipe off spills immediatelyLeave leftovers within the reach of pets
Place knife and other sharp objects carefullyDefrost foods on the counter

Tips on having a clean kitchen

  • Start clean

I always used to think that no matter what, cooking 3 times a day is a must so why clean it after cooking each meal, instead save time and clean it all together once in the night, this way I thought I could save much time and soon I realized that my way of managing the kitchen was wrong and I’m sure many other people are committing the mistake, including you. So let me tell you, every time you step into the kitchen to cook something, make sure your kitchen is clean enough for you to start cooking, or else you will end up scrubbing the spills and stains the entire night

  • Choose the right spot

Cooking can be a marathon to you if you do not keep yourself organized along with the kitchen. Don’t prep half of the meal on one side of the kitchen just to have to run it across the room to the stovetop. Prepping next to your workspace will also cut down on spills.

  • Do the preparations

You can cook the entire day’s meal altogether, wondering how?? This one is my secret strategy to spend less time cooking and cleaning the kitchen, you can break the bread in the morning while you pack lunch boxes. Place the rice in the cooker while you make omelets, dice vegetables when you have placed something on the stove.

  • Collect the trash as you go

Dust bin is your savior in the kitchen, every time you open a packaging or cut the vegetables, throw the plastics and leftovers in the bin immediately, trust me, stacking it up and throwing it all together is a big no-no strategy to follow

  • Clean spills immediately

Let the spills not sit! They’re going to get messy and stinky and you’ve put a clean bowl right on top of a mess before you know it. As soon as you see it happening, clean up a spill so that you won’t have to deal with a much bigger mess later.

So, you’ve got it there: my favorite idea to keep your kitchen tidy. I hope you have been encouraged to make an effort to keep your things tidy and clean in your kitchen

Last Words

From helping you design a comfortable kitchen, to guiding you to keep your kitchen tidy, I hope, I have it all for you to help you build a beautiful kitchen that can help you enjoy your cooking experience.