It’s been a long time now since we have started working from home, and just like I did, you might have also sooner or later realized that working from home isn’t as comfortable as we presumed it to be in the starting days of work from home due to pandemic.  Lately, I realized that this has been playing a major role in declining my work productivity, killing my work interest which I otherwise loved to do, I then decided not to let this continue with me nor anybody like me struggling to still adapt to the work from home concept and trying hard to adjust the environment.

And by this, I didn’t mean to guide you better in how to set up your home workstation because by now it’s pretty obvious that you have already been settled with the best work spot at home along with other essential things related to setting up your workstation.

I have compiled a list of tried and trusted home office organizing tips that will help you keep your workstation easy, organized, and positioned for high performance and productivity

So, let’s get started-

Purge Papers

With one sheet of paper floating around your desk space, having dozens of those by the end of the day would be pretty much normal. Don’t just let this go, as papers piling up can get a hold of much of your space, keeping you, all confused and annoyed the entire day.

So, before it’s too late, start with the system three rule- Shred/toss it, file it or take action from it. By following this rule, you will not only organize your desk but also can easily organize your entire work schedule of the day.

Color-code your filing system

Most of my energy and time was gone in searching the right files, as I had tons of files to pay attention to and didn’t make a wise decision of opting for the color concept. The day I implemented the color filing system, I realized work can be simpler if done right. And so, without any second thoughts should go for a color-coding concept for your files.

A well-organized file system provides a good indication of a functional office room. To organize the file structure, split it into folders of color and mark each folder to suit your needs. For example- Red for Finance, Orange- for Accounts, Black for Insurances, Yellow for Contracts

Store in containers

You never know what you would require the very next moment when working, it can be a glue, pen, stapler, marker, bulletin pins, tape, and whatnot, and you cannot rush to the stationary every time you lose something because of your clumsy attitude, that’s just unprofessional.

And so, it is best to have a container with numerous departments for you to place each of your stationaries which could easily fit within your drawer. Putting all these supplies out of sight will give your office a decluttered look.

Use a label marker

A good work experience can be achieved only when you know what exactly is kept where and for this you will have to invest in a good label maker for labeling your files, drawers, and other boxes for an easy way to declutter your home workstation.

Utilize your walls

Gone are the days when the walls of our homes were used to hang beautiful paintings and pictures, now, the best and wise way to make use of the walls of your home is by hanging calendars, shelves, and more.

At some point of the day when working, I used to get exhausted which had put me into thoughts of applying for a leave and just chill around, but then do you know what keeps me going? My favorite inspirational message is placed on the wall that continues to remind me of my goals and ambitions. Always, always have an inspirational message hung in your eyesight to keep yourself motivated and inspired at work while keeping your workstation a unique, organized, and focused twist.

Minimize personal decorations

Initially, I placed 5-6 of my favorite stuffs like my family photograph and a tiny teddy to make my desk space look attractive and boosting my energy level but then I realized that no matter how huge my desk space is, I would always fall short of space to place my important documents and it was then I realized that having a personal décor is a must, but only of a limited number to avoid making my office look like it’s filled with clutter. Always remember to keep your space open, clean, and neat, this will improve motivations and productivity

Have a dustbin under the desk space

With workload increasing day by day, unintentionally,I had started having my lunch and hi-tea without moving around, and then there was no end. The chips and chocolate wrappers continued to pile up at the workstation, inviting varieties of insects to distract my workflow and so, to not let this happen with you, have a trash bin nearby, it will ensure that you do not procrastinate. Also, to avoid hosting cockroaches and lizard, don’t forget to clear the bin at the end of the day

Declutter wires and cables

To avoid tripping and making your workstation look untidy and unprofessional, decluttering the wires and cables as soon as you are done connecting all the electronic equipment is a must. The cords should be kept under the desks tightly hidden or folded along the wall. Twist ties or Velcro straps are important for bundling the excess cables or linking together all the different wires. Not only can the office look clean and fresh, but it also will be a healthy workplace. You will conveniently move around the workplace, adding a perk.

Add file holders to the wall to establish a document processing area

You can look up to this area for-

  • A folder for meetings

In a folder with labels on what must be done, but all things to be discussed in meetings. For starters, labels of the reports to be sent or materials to be provided may be given. This is helpful in the planning of meetings and saves you time and stress 

  • A folder for waiting for responses

Store your documents and reports in a different folder awaiting a response. You can search and follow up on outstanding products.

  • A folder for infrequent files

Files that you will not be requiring daily but you need to have a check on it once in a while, such files can be kept separately for you to get your hands easily on it

Create a to-do list

The moment you settle down on your chair, the first thing you need to do is to come up with a to-do list for the day, it will not only help you understand your entire work schedule all at once but would help you figure out what is and what is not required on the desk for the day based on the list and you can then organize your workstation with required files and stationery

Wise Words

In a nice atmosphere I like to start my workday. I feel confident because I can quickly locate the stuff, I need to get the day’s work underway. In reality, there are many advantages of being organized at work. For instance, it can allow you to feel more controlled and concentrated, as well as to recognize areas that may need your attention.

Furthermore, it also removes distractions, saves you a great deal of effort, allows you to be very active, and eventually places you for success and prosperity.

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