People have numerous desires tied to their homes. They have aspirations of luxury and beauty which they wish to see in their homes, especially the women. I’m in awe at just how excited and how very concerned they are about every little aspect that goes into the making, of their expectations, their families’ desires and their children’s. I love it when my clients discuss their dream designs with me. Each one of them have their own taste and imagination. And this inspires me more and more to give them the best. Children have unimaginable demands of themes and shapes in particular and are bubbling out with excitement about their rooms. I always strive to capture the perfect balance between creativity and safety of the house, especially the ones with children.

How To Make Your Apartment More Kid Friendly?

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As an Interior Designer, I am sharing some very important points to keep in mind to make your apartments more kid friendly.

Important steps to take WHILE planning the design of your house

Focus on the electrical design of the house. Electrocution is a true risk. One should always plan the electrical layout keeping the safety and reach of the children in mind. Install the best sockets which are baby proof. We tend to place lamps and light-emitting objects around the rooms as beauty elements but the placements of their sockets or of the elements themselves if not positioned deftly can cause accidents involving children. I would suggest ensuring these are out of the reach of children and using wall lamps and high wall elements for décor.

How To Make Your Apartment More Kid Friendly?

Avoid sharp edges while designing the furniture of the house. Rectangular/square-shaped furniture is quite the favorite among designers but main concern here are the edges that are left sharp. Although it adds to the aesthetic beauty of a design but it can be very dangerous for kids who can seriously hurt themselves while playing around them.

To avoid such mishaps, you can basically go for round-shaped furniture in your kids room or have corner caps placed over the edges. Avoid glass furniture as much you can or place it high on the wall where they can’t reach them.

Carpeted floors and cushioning. Not everyone likes their floor carpeted but to make a house kid-proof, a carpeted floor and stairway is the necessity where your kid can crawl and goof around conveniently. If their toys fell, they wouldn’t break easily or cause unwanted injuries. This way, even your kid is happy.

How To Make Your Apartment More Kid Friendly?

Important steps to take AFTER your house is designed

21st century comes with a pack of their own flaws. While there is a lot to avail from technology, it can have adverse effects on the generation of kids being born today. Recently, a video of a two-year-old who had recently learnt how to walk went viral. She was seen crying hysterically because she could not swipe the screen on the TV. This little girl had only seen screens that could swipe in the two years of her existence.

We can’t think of eliminating technology but there is a need for parents to adapt to new parenting techniques. According to a study, parent’s preferences may not coincide with their kid’s preferences and that is where parents need to consciously find a common ground arrangement. When you think of childproofing your apartment, you need to incorporate the important safety aspects as well as apprise your child with the right balance of exposure.

How To Make Your Apartment More Kid Friendly?

There are some extremely creative ways to make your house kid friendly and it doesn’t require you to go overboard and change interiors to make your child feel comfortable in all rooms. Here is a list that may help you make décor decisions faster:

Encouraging reading (using physical books) by creating a library. Children constantly need to be engaged and use their time in things that they find intriguing.

The best way to occupy their mind is to give them a library of their own. This will promote reading at an early age and with use of a variety of colours they will start learning without the need to force them to study something. You could even consider making it more interesting by making a library cum tent house. Kids love adventures, and you could capitalize on this thought by making the idea of reading for them fun, which will eventually be ingrained in their mind at a very young age.

A sense of freedom in the atmosphere. Freedom is extremely important for a child and this could help boost a sense of independence at an early age and encourage the development of gross motor skills. You can create a special room for them which has all the accessories of their choice. You can further make it intriguing by adding things that can feed their curiosity but at the same time doesn’t require adult supervision. If you involve your kid in the decision making of the items within the room, the kid is more likely to adjust and play with the resources.

It is imperative for parents to involve the kids in the conversation of safety. For example: If you tell your kid to stay out of the kitchen, he/she is more likely to want to come in. You can have a small section or a kid counter exclusively set with some kitchen toys for them in a separate and safe corner where they can play, while you finish your chores. The surrounding environment plays an essential role in child psychology, and as a result, a sense of trust and responsibility starts to kick in. Once you have set a separate room/space, you could use it to hang their achievements or ask them to do so. This will also help them build confidence.

Bring them close to nature. We are aware of the benefits of outdoor gardening; however, they also have a positive effect in the house. You can assign responsibility to your children in raising the plant, by doing it with them. You can have two separate plants, one for yourself and the other for your kid. They will imitate your behavior in breeding the plants growth which you call – Dramatic role-play – It can also be encouraged in other activities wherein the kid starts imitating the adult behavior. This has scientifically been proven to boost social and verbal skills amongst kids.

Outdoor play areas. The atmosphere outdoors is equally important as it within closed doors. If you have the luxury of owning a house with a courtyard then you could further enhance the friendliness in the air by adding a tree house or a mini camp. A tree house is probably not the easiest trade to pull off. You could instead set up a mini-camp outside and indulge them in stargazing. Add a touch of adventure to the arena by creating a simple fort where you and your kid can play out your fantasies to perfection. It stimulates exercise and ensures that your kids can enjoy the nature at its best.

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To encourage compassion, sociability and other essential skills in our children, indeed there is no place better than home to do so! Happy Kids, Happy Homes!