No doubt, replacing fuses is a cakewalk, you don’t have to hire a professional to do the same but this is probably the only thing that you and I can do without the help of an electrician.

When to hire an electrician? 

Each one of us knows how hazardous it is to deal with electricity as it has the potential to put lives in danger. Confused about when should you exactly hire an electrician? Let me brief you-

  • Rewiring the entire house
  • Replacing or servicing control panels
  • Installing transformers for downlights
  • Changing plugs on electrical appliances
  • Installing additional lighting: You need a professional if you want a light fitting where there is no light fitting sign- if you want a chandelier, recessed lighting, or a mounted wall lighting, you will need to figure out where existing wiring is, and how to run it to where it’s needed.  This demands experience, preparation, instrumentation, and – mostly – work on the walls or ceilings.

Pro tip: Be clear about the work you want done to save your time and money

Qualities to look for when hiring electricians


Wiring for the half of the house is done and then the electrician vanishes, devastating, right? If you do not want to continue following up with the electrician for days and months, then you need to pay extra attention to the dependability factor of the electrician before hiring any. You need to look for an electrician who values time and will show up punctually and is promising to contribute.

Attitude and communication

A bad attitude symbolizes bad work and bad communication skills symbolizes bad teamwork. Would you enjoy a professional who exhibits bad behavior or ineffective quality of work? No, right?!! Well, nobody would!! So, take note if your potential electrician is held up, did they ring ahead to advise you to schedule it? Are they referring to you? You must rest assured that you understand each other so that no miscommunications are disturbing the workflow. A professional appearance and attitude are usually reflected in the quality of the service provided.

Problem Solving

The reason we hire electricians is to solve the complicated issues which we otherwise couldn’t do but what if the expert you have hired is also actually a beginner? Well, that would do no good to you!! You need to ensure that the electrician you opt for can solve both, basic and complex electricity issues. Before working on the problems, the electricians must understand overall electrical issues and then investigate the best possible to fix them

Time Management

Going wrong with the timing can disturb the entire workflow. You might have already experienced situations wherein you might have been promised for delivery of certain work within 2 days but it took 5 days. Didn’t that result in a delay of other works as well? I’m sure it did. Therefore, the skill of an electrician to estimate the time required and stick to the schedule is an essential ability.

Attention to detail

Working with electrical issues is one of the riskiest things as one minor mistake can take many lives together. A cautious and detailed approach to the work is important to stay safe on the job. Electricians will need a strong understanding of regulations and safety procedures and be mindful to work in a way that keeps them and others safe.

How to Find a Good Electricians

Now that you know what exactly you need to look for when hiring an electrician, it’s now time for you to begin the hunt. Consider the below-mentioned factors for finding a good electrician

Make a list

It’s best to fix all the issues at once rather than calling a professional again and again for every tiny issue as and when you witness it and I’m sure you agree with it. So, the very first thing that you need to do is to go on rounds in the home and simultaneously make a list of all the things that need to be done. Jot down all the jobs you want to get done by the electrician.

Knowing what all needs to be done, you can then decide upon the suitable electrician you need for the job at hand. With a list of jobs for the professional electrician, you can expect the best overall quote

Ask for opinions

Friends, Family, Neighbours, and Colleagues are the first ones to help you by providing the right suggestions. Since electrical issues are common, the possibilities are high of any or all of them would recommend a trusted electrician that have helped them in the past

Qualification and Certifications

You cannot go with a rookie especially when it comes to hiring an electrician since it’s a risky job. To ensure that you have entrusted your home in the right hands, go for an electrician who has received adequate training and experience to provide good services and high-quality results for all the electrical repairs and fixtures. They will have the capabilities to face challenges occasioned by electrical surges, short circuits, and non-maintenance. Choosing a Certified Electrician ensures that the electrician has at least 3 years of experience and must provide a 12-month quality guarantee.

Good Reputation

Every time you plan to visit a restaurant, what is the first thing that you do? Well, the very first thing that I do is to check their reviews because I wouldn’t wish to waste my time and money on something which isn’t worth it. Consciously or subconsciously, human brains tend to believe what we hear. 

And, so word of mouth has always been a popular way to evaluate a service provider as well which can now be done at our fingertips since the widespread availability of the internet, testimonials, and reviews. If people recommend to you an electrician, that means he has done an impressive job. However, to confirm it, do go online and check for their reviews.

Past work and references.

Ask the electrician for a list of former customers and ask them to see how they did, how long, and whether they had any trouble working with their electricians. Consider asking them for references for a few jobs they did five years earlier to see how they are holding up.

Guarantee & Warranty

If a professional is confident about his work then he wouldn’t hesitate to provide any sort of guarantee and warranty for their services. A good electrician should feel confident in their work and cover you if something goes wrong after the electrical work is completed.

Insurance and licenses

 You must ensure that the electrical workers employed in your home or office are licensed and adequately insured and are willing to show the details to you as well. Having at least liability insurance must be expected from the electrician to cover up the damages caused due to an on-going work incident. And if he has a team of electricians accompanying him to complete the job given then the electrician must also have Workman’s Compensation insurance for covering up the expenses of injuries and damages in case of any accidents. To be on the safer side, it would be wise of you to have a look at the insurance policies.

Also, do not go for a friend who says he is skilled enough to do the job because if anything goes wrong with them, you, or your house, the mental, financial and legal consequences are likely to be unbelievable. Let friendship and professionalism be a completely different thing

Obtain an initial quote

Never let an electrician begin his work before getting a quote and being agreed upon it too, it will only invite trouble sooner or later. Before finalizing the electrician, for best pricing consider getting quotes from 3 electricians at least for you to compare and go ahead with the best overall quote. Ensure the electrician gives a quote inclusive of all their expenses. Some of them tend to add some additional fees like travel fees. So, check to see if they add it to their fees, and compare the rates of different electricians to hire the best person for the job.

Preparation tips for you

If you want your work to be done faster, then you need to work on ways that can help the electrician in understanding the workflow at the earliest

  • Give a detailed description of your requirements to the electrician
  • Prepare a list of precise items that has to be serviced and hand them over the moment the electrician arrives. Because if you miss out on anything, then you will have to let it go as the electricians do not have any time for additional requests
  • Keep the electrical panel box handy.
  • At the expected work area, clear away all the furniture and fragile items to avoid inconvenience for the electricians to work
  • If you have questions about the project, ask them before they start.
  • Ask about potential issues after the work is complete.

Questions to ask an electrician

  1. How many years of experience do you have as an electrician?
  2. Will you tidy up the place after the completion of work?
  3. What does your price quote include?
  4. Do you provide a warranty for your services?
  5. Do you have a license?
  6. What types of insurances do you possess?

Common mistakes to avoid when hiring an electrician

Not calling for availability

It is a typical mistake not to inquire if an electrician is available in an emergency or on an urgent call while looking for or hiring a 24-hour electrician. Circuit, wiring, and equipment issues can occur in either case and may need rapid repair or inspection. In such cases, the electrician must be a call. Before you settle for a technician, always check their availability. 

Lack of tools

Ask the technician before recruiting if he’s going to have all the equipment he wants. Hiring an electrician who doesn’t have his collection of equipment and wants you to pay them may be a mistake. That’s why, before recruiting, still make this inquiry.

 Choose an electrician focused only on the price.

Who doesn’t wish to save money but taking a price-only decision might cost more than you thought. When it comes to finding an electrician, the old saying holds.

“You get what you’re paying for.” Therefore, hire an electrician based on the value that they provide instead of opting for the cheapest one. 

No assurance of credentials

Not ensuring if your electrician is allowed to perform repairs is a major mistake. Check every document you have issued and see if they are certified to do the job by reviewing their licenses, qualifications, and more. 

Last Words

At a certain point, most people need the services of a professional electrician to carry out work in their home or company premises. Electrical problems are frequent, and they must be dealt with immediately for both safety and functional purposes. But don’t necessarily employ the first professional you’ve ever come across. You should take the time to pick an electrician that delivers a good quality service at a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are you supposed to tip an electrician?

Generally, you don’t tip electricians, but that’s not to say they don’t appreciate it if you do. You can offer them something to drink or eat, like coffee and donuts. Most will appreciate it if you do

  1. What do electricians do daily?

Daily, Electricians repair or replace wiring, equipment, or fixtures, using hand tools or power tools. They use a variety of tools or equipment, such as power construction equipment, measuring devices, power tools, and testing equipment, such as oscilloscopes, ammeters, or test lamps.

  1. What can electricians fix?

An electrician is any skilled professional who designs, installs, maintains, and repairs the electrical systems and products used in residential homes, businesses, and factories. Electricians work inside or outside buildings to ensure lights, industrial equipment, and appliances operate safely and reliably.