Which is the one place where we spend the maximum time in a day? Our respective workplaces, right? Employees go to work every day with the belief that they are safe in that environment. That is why it becomes absolutely important for Employers or Managers to ensure that they provide a healthy working environment to their staff. The first basic thing that comes in the package of the safety is fireproofing the office. Most companies give their employees a fire training in the form of mock drills and keep them prepared for any accidents in cases of fire.

But that is not enough, You have to make sure that there is proper Fire Safety mechanism in your offices. It is not rocket science that will take years to understand. If done right and regularly, these tips can save your life.

So, here are the best ways to ensure fire safety in your Offices:

Do A Regular Check Of Your Electrical Equipment

In an office there are hundreds of electrical equipment that are running all day long, starting from computers to basic desk lamps. These electrical equipment are always subject to causing short circuits and that is the biggest risk to the fire safety in the office.

The solution? Make it a point to keep checking all the equipment on a regular basis to make sure that the employees are using it in a proper way. This regular checking will also help you determine if there are any faulty parts and if found, you should change it right away. Do everything that it takes to minimize the fire risk that electrical equipment pose.

How to ensure fire safety in your offices?

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The Fire Detection Systems In Offices Should Be Tested Regularly

Installing a fire warning system in the office is not where your job ends. You have to keep checking from time to time if these systems are working properly and if they can be trusted at all in times of emergency. Put the fire alarm through regular tests and make sure that it works flawlessly and can be heard by everyone in the office when it rings. Also, test the smoke alarms regularly. It is best if you can run these tests every month and be completely updated with the fire detection system.

The Fire Detection Systems In Offices Should Be Tested Regularly

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No matter how ‘Go Green’ your office is, there is always going to be  paper work  throughout the office. This keeps building up on people’s desks in the form of reports or files and the discarded ones keep lying around the trash cans. If and when there is a fire in the office, these papers burn a lot faster and act as catalyst spreading the fire rapidly in the office space.

Make sure that on a daily basis all the unnecessary papers which are extremely flammable should be disposed off properly, Also it will be wise to adopt a  policy of clean desk at the end of every working day. This process will involve every employee and will increase awareness about fire safety among them.

How to ensure fire safety in your offices?

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Make Sure Not To Overload The Circuits

The fire safety officer should make sure that none of the circuits are overloaded. But this is a very Utopian situation. First of all, fire safety officers cannot be at more than one place at one time. More importantly, employees are always improvising situations according to the need of the hour. They will plug in devices in available sockets, if they need to get a work done.

Overloaded circuits is a very common scenario in offices because there are so many devices that are working at the same time, like desktops, laptops, printing machines, copier machines and even lights and fans. As a company keeps on hiring employees, these sockets are seriously overloaded with power extension cables when plugged in so that more work is done in the same amount of time. This is where the danger lies, you see.

In such cases when the office space does not have enough sockets to plug in devices, the only advisable thing to do is to talk to the office space provider and expand the office space, or at least request them to fit more plug sockets in the office space so that all your work is done without putting too much pressure on the circuit. Electrical fires are very difficult to combat, so do your best to avoid them totally.

How to ensure fire safety in your offices?

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Replace the systems that gets heated too much while working

We all have faced the situation where when we work on a laptop or desktop for long hours they get heated a lot. However we continue working regardless of this fact, not realizing the huge danger it imposes upon the entire office. These appliances are in touch with flammable objects like paper, wires, electric sockets and what not. You never know what accident might happen someday due to that one system that heats up. It is therefore the Manager’s duty to take into account these complaints from employees seriously and replace the system with something that functions normally without heating up.

How to ensure fire safety in your offices?

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