From hopping one store to another store, picking up things for home decor is one of the most daunting jobs and I’m sure you can relate to it when hundreds and thousands of options are available, and that ends up only creating confusion over what is right for you. But I have to say that out of everything, be it the wall color, lighting fixtures and so on, choosing the most suitable one is quite challenging. But you have got nothing to worry about because I have got your back.

To make the perfect furniture choice, all that you have to do is attentively go through this article and by the end of it, you will be ready to just pick the best ones.

Parameters for choosing the right furniture


From thousands to lakhs, the price range of furniture has no maximum limit. Your budget is as important as every other factor herein. You get what you pay for. For you to buy quality furniture that will last longer, you must save more to get the right furnishing.

Therefore, ensure that you have a reasonable budget after knowing the estimated prices of each set of furniture.


After a tiring day, it’s obvious that each one of us would crave for a cup of coffee sitting along with the family and sharing the experiences of the day, right?? In this entire scenario, what is the element that can either make or break your quality time? Giving up, already?!! Ok, this one was tricky so, let me not create any suspense, the answer to the question is “Sitting”, yes, sitting eventually relates to comfort.

Therefore, if there’s something you should insist on the type of furniture you’re buying, comfort should be at the top of the priority list. You need the right furniture to relax.


Every other day you will come across different styles in sofas, couches, recliners, and more, you just need to go ahead with the style that you feel suits the decor of your home.

Not sure about what exactly you’re looking for? Are you looking for a modern or classic style? It may be that you like the feel of tradition for your furniture. That’s one of the parameters you need to know when you make your furniture choices.

Hunt online for the spaces that connect to you and see what designs, looks, and finishes make your mind shudder.


From plastic to wood, furniture is made available in numerous materials but it will be your call based on the home decor and the durability you wish for, and of course, the budget.

 I can only advise you to go with the most durable one which is the wooden furniture because investing in furniture every 2-3 years doesn’t really make sense

Space & Size Available

The size matters in everything including the furniture. You have to consider the size of the place for which you are going to purchase the furniture. You cannot afford to go wrong with the size of the furniture because it has the potential to disturb the entire flow of the home decor

If you’re buying furniture for your kitchen, then you’re likely to get smaller pieces of furniture. For instance, you can go to a table that provides additional room, such as circular, collapse, or wall-mounted. 

Coming to the bedroom furniture, take notes of the total space and size of your bedroom. Buy a bed that will not only fit into your apartment but will also allow space for other pieces of furniture to fill the remaining space. That’s why you need to design the other furniture parts for your apartment.

You will design furniture for your living room. If you have a big living space, imagine buying bigger pieces of furniture that will fill your living room and make it look better. Also, it’ll make the living room look less cramped.

Knowing the size is important, so get the measuring tape out: measure, take notes, and then measure again. Knowing what you need will help stop you from having pieces that don’t fit for your room.


As I said earlier, you get what you pay for, you should know that not all furniture will be the same thing. Some are high-end, and others are low-quality.

You ought to be cautious of the decision you make. Insist on quality, since this will guarantee that you will not be out on the market anytime soon. Strong quality furniture ensures durability.


Imagine yellow furniture pieces in a space full of yellow walls. Looks tacky, right?! If you don’t want this blunder to turn into reality, start focusing on the coloring part right away. The color of your furniture must be balanced with the decor of your whole house. The walls, floors, and curtains should match the furniture you like.


Always remember the reason why you choose a set of furniture. This will help you make the best choice. Each set of furniture has its use. Therefore, identify your requirements before buying to make the most of it

Best Furniture Brands


Ikea provides a sophisticated and stylish collection of furniture at more than ten stores around the country. Ikea is an elegant and class-renowned brand. The brand’s quality brought massive success and captured people’s hearts around the country within a short period. The best words to characterize this brand are Classy, Beauty, Glamor, and Style.

Style Spa

Style spa guarantees your home is as trendy as you wish. Abide by their tagline. It makes it a unique marvel in your dream home. He adheres to the tagline under which a spa lifestyle offers an unprecedented selection of furnishings.


Evok is a natural mix of creativity and conventional furniture at affordable prices. Evok is known for giving customers a wide selection of ways of picking out and styling their houses. The brand store has over 20000+ world-class contemporary products in Home Furniture, Soft Furnishings, Home Decor & Accessories, Wall Fashion, Modular Kitchens & Modular Wardrobes.


Damro is most renowned for selling high-quality couches at competitive rates. You will be attracted towards its beautiful range of furniture made available. Also, another reason to shop with this brand is that the brand sticks to its USP of providing the best quality with the best price and incredible customer service.

Interio’s Godrej

It’s one of the oldest friends in the furniture sector. Godrej needs no introduction. Known for the best quality furnishings, Godrej Interior retains a sense of creative touch with its classy furnishings. The oldest brand of the people is still the most trusted brand of furniture

Must Haves Furniture Guide



Bed is the way to the haven to unwind and relax after a busy day. And size is the most important factor since it can decide your ultimate comfort and freedom while you sleep. Going very large, however, is not recommended as it may take up precious space for other bedroom pieces and restrict your versatility.

Bedroom dresser

A dresser for the ladies of the family is a must-have. It is a great spot to help you put on makeup and store them safely afterward.  Also, in the drawers of your dresser, you can arrange different items and toiletries to quickly get them if necessary.

Bedside Table

The worst thing of the day could be to get up for a glass of water when you are comfortably tucked in your day. I’m sure you couldn’t agree more and I could say this with full confidence from my personal experience!! But trust me, a bedside table is the best and only option to stop encountering this situation every other day. Place your nightly essentials like your glasses, water, and medication, to name a few. Overall, it makes it easier to get stuff at an arm’s reach

Chair or Couch

I know that a couch or a chair might seem odd for your bedroom, but it’s the perfect way to add color to your bedroom. It’s a smart excuse to rest and finish work before you change into pajamas. You will also have a spot to sit down with your friends and family as you pick out clothing or make-up. Moreover, it can even be your pet’s second bed!! 


A wardrobe is a must-have for storing your clothing and giving your bedroom an uncluttered appearance.  If you need to store your sheets, pillows, jewelry, or spare blankets, wardrobes come handy in offering extra space to store these things eventually giving your bedroom an organized look  


Dining Table

A nuclear family usually skips buying a dining table, finding it as an unnecessary investment and if you are one of those then let me give you a strong reason why investing in a dining table is a must!! Meals ate around the table are emotionally more calming, helping to put partners and families closer together. You’re much more likely to cook food while you’re sitting around a table than if you’re going to take-out or making ready-made meals because a dining table is great for your health. If you have a good corner, create a dining nook that takes up a minimum of room and enjoy a maximum of seating space.


Don’t feel restless if you full short of cabinets and pantries in the kitchen, it does happen with everybody so, instead of having a clumsy kitchen and dealing with the restlessness every day, look for a hutch, pie safe or any other storage item, this will definitely add space in your kitchen. For a tiny kitchen, go for a kitchen island as it is a multi-purpose item offering a combination of food preparation space, dining space, and storage space, all in one.

Wine rack or cabinet

If you don’t drink alcohol doesn’t mean buying a wine rack is unsuitable. This little item stores any bottle of a certain size range, and that includes bottled water, sodas, and olive, and other oils. Let me tell you, bottles are real space thieves in cupboards and a wine rack gets them out of the way and neatly stored.

Living Room


A sofa is the center of attraction for a living room. And so, don’t just go buy any sofa—buy the right sofa for your place! If you have ample room, a plush, leather sectional brings comfort and style to your living room. Tight on space? Try a loveseat with a pull-out bed for guests. As for color, neutral leather sofa or solid microfiber couch are timeless options that can be jazzed up with throw pillows.

Coffee Table

You may think that coffee tables don’t really matter much, but it is quite the opposite. Besides, keeping the coffee in the morning, it is great to have important things in touch. Moreover, it ties together all the other items and gives your living room a comfortable feel.


Do you know what replaced bean bags and set a completely new trend? Well, it is the ottoman. It is a smart way to hide things in the living room while serving as a footstool, snack tray, end table, the list goes on. Also, it comes with excellent design options that could define your living room style.

Shelving Unit

Shelving units can be your go-to option!! Put your favorite items in your living room such as books, souvenirs, medals which otherwise would not be appropriate if they had been put somewhere else in the house. Shelving units come with lots of options.  You may choose a bookshelf, tower shelf, or even wall-mounted shelf, depending on your needs.

Home Office

Desk Chair

Back pain and neck issues are pretty much evident when using couches instead of comfortable desk chairs!! After months of WFH, you might have realized that a dining chair just isn’t cutting it as a desk chair for eight long hour workdays. A comfy office chair is a must, key things to consider might be whether you want one that swivels or one with casters. Maybe you prefer a chair without armrests. It’s all about whatever gives you the most comfort.

Filing Cabinet

If you don’t want to kill your work mode, then filing cabinets will help you work with utmost passion. With plenty of notes, papers, and files placed over the workstation, do you know how it impacts your mind? It does nothing good but only confuses you, having a filing cabinet can give tons of space to dump in your stationery, files, books


This is the major one to pay attention to. From the coloring to the size and material of the desk, the kind of desks you use should give adequate support during their workdays. If you have the right desk, you will want to work better and harder without getting tired.


Metal Stool

You need to think from a broader perspective here because this one is not just dedicated to yourself but to all of your family members and so, a minimal metal stool would serve all the needs. A place to display trinkets, a booster for kids to reach the sink, a place to sit while you’re applying makeup, or organizing a vanity drawer.

Rolling Carts

Whether you use it to hold toiletries, towels, reading materials, or bath products, a rolling cart makes storage portable and reachable wherever you are. You will love having rolling carts in the bathroom because of their convenience

A bathtub Headrest

Obsessed with spa? Then a bathtub headrest is the one that can turn your bathroom into a spa. No piece of furniture so contributes to a spa-like feel in the tub like an adjustable bathtub headrest. While supporting your neck and head, it lets you lean back and relax in a long and comfortable soak.

Wall Shelves

If you desire to add more of what defines your personality then a wall shelve will help you do that for you. From house matching containers filled with beauty supplies or small vases holding bathroom-friendly plants, everything suits well here.

Angular Table

For a charismatic look and feel, a bunch of candles are absolutely the perfect choice but do you have sufficient, safe space to place? Whether or not, I would suggest you have a sleep looking, flexible, and movable side table around that can hold the lit candles while you enjoying bathing

Do’s and Don’ts of buying furniture

Do personally evaluate

Don’t be afraid to try out different furniture by hopping on them, as a buyer, it is your right to examine the furniture in every possible way. If it’s a sofa, plonk down on it and see if the cushions seem welcoming enough to melt away a stressful day. If you’re buying a cabinet for the dining room, open the doors and have a peek inside.

Do Research

I know research takes a lot of time and with his hectic life, taking out time for analyzing the furniture is indeed a task but what if I tell you that it will save up on your expenses, I guess I have grabbed your attention now!! If you are tight on budget then with good research, you will definitely end up the best one with reasonable pricing because pricing fluctuates for online as well as offline purchases. Also, furniture is meant to last long and so take your time to figure out the style, design, color, and material that will complement your taste and home décor.

Do ask as many questions as you want

Firstly, remember no question is too big or too small to ask. So, you don’t really have to worry about thinking the salesperson will be annoyed by it. The furniture store assistant is hired just to suggest and clear all your doubts and queries. So, ask as many as questions and based on the answers, make a choice. Remember, at the end of the day you are the one paying up the bill.

Don’t neglect measurements

In a space of 2 seater sofa, you end up buying a 3 seater one and this happened, just because you missed out on measuring the space, wouldn’t that be a complete waste of your hard-earned money!! Pick furniture that falls just short of the numbers you’ve noted down, that way it is sure to fit in the room available.

Don’t forgo function of style

You loved a furniture piece but you do not have any reason to buy that and let you go for it doesn’t make sense, it’s a complete waste of your hard-earned money. And when you finally find your “perfect” furniture piece, ensure it is a perfect blend of practical and appealing.

Don’t buy something just because it’s a great deal

Yes, I know that the word “sale” can flatter anybody’s heart but just because the price tag seems “yes” doesn’t mean the design will also. So, make sure you scrutinize all bits of that furniture before bringing it home. Does the design go with your decor theme and does the color scheme seamlessly blend in with yours? Buy only if that furniture is sure to bring harmony to your living space.

Final Thoughts,

I believe this article was worthy of your time. But hold on, I forgot to mention the most important suggestion which is- Do not go vague with choosing the furniture, remember, the right style of furniture will add warmth to your house bringing comfort to you and your family members. Each room calls for furniture that reflects your style and vibes of the house.  

Thank you for your time. Happy Shopping!!