The moment we hear the term paint, our brain reciprocates to it with colors. But the fact is that painting is not just about colors, there’s a lengthy process that needs to be taken care of to ensure that the money you will be investing in the colors is all worth it. Starting from choosing the color of the walls to preparing the wall for getting painted to consulting about the best type of paint and the brand to go ahead with, there’s indeed a lot to do.

But I have to say that the paint journey would be enjoyable because nobody can dislike decorating their homes, right?!!

Which paint brand should I use? Which color will suit my kitchen? Should I go with oil paint? The questions would be endless the moment you start thinking about the wall colors. I feel you because a year ago I was in your spot, being all confused and annoyed with these many questions.

But since it was all about enhancing the beauty of my home, I was determined to not go wrong with anything and that made me do days of research. Lucky you, because you will not have to spend even half of the day to finalize on things. Wondering why? Because I will be sharing all the research info that helped me to make the right choice with the paint and now it will help you as well.

Best Paint Brands

Competition is everywhere, there are endless paint brands to choose from but it would be difficult for you to choose because each of the states that they are the BEST in the market. However, you cannot just go vague with the paint brand. I have compiled a list of India’s most trusted brands that would not betray you for years together. Check it out-

Asian Paints

I’m sure you must have come across this brand name, either on advertisements or must have been recommended by someone, this paint brand deserves all the popularity because they offer a broad spectrum of colors to choose from when it comes to household or office furnishings

Indigo Paints

If you’re a die-hard Dhoni fan then you must have a clue about Indigo paints. Being the most trusted paints of Mahindra Singh Dhoni, the company will impress you with its services and is also specialized in primers, coats, and emulsions

Berger Paints

Want an extremely subtle look? Then Berger Paints is just the right choice for you as the brand is recognized for its smooth and lavish textures which can enhance the elegance of your home décor

Kansai Nerolac Paints

Popular for providing homes with an ultra-luxury look, Nerolac Paints is another leading company known for its effective coating worldwide

Jotun Paints

What do you think of the paints used in Eiffel Tower and Burj Khalifa? I assume that the answer would be “Mindblowing” and I couldn’t agree more with it. To your surprise, you can also have the same prestigious and luxury roman finish and metallic finish for your home with Jotun paints. This paint is the one used in Eiffel Tower and Burj Khalifa

Snowcem Paints

Show some love to the environment by choosing Snowcem Paints, the paint is eco-friendly and also rich in textures offering a broad spectrum of colors.

Dulux Paints

The brand is known for offering an endless range of interior paints including the Dulux Velvet Touch which is a popular and premium washable paint for interior walls.

Things to consider when choosing paint

Now that you know which brand is the most suitable one for you, before you begin to work on choosing the paint colors, there are certain factors that you need to consider to ensure that the color you choose comes out extremely well on the walls.


Yes, the paint color indeed varies depending upon the amount of light falling on them!! I have experienced it, I originally picked a pale pink color for my room but things didn’t go well because I missed out on considering that my room was full of natural lighting and the pale pink looked a lot more than the brightest pink, and trust me, it was a huge blunder. So, before you step out to decide the paint color, always consider noting down about whether or not your room gets a ton of natural lighting.

Pro tip: Before finalizing on the color, get swatches on your wall and pay attention to how it changes in certain lighting throughout the day

Size of the room

Sooner or later, I realized people have a huge misconception about painting a small room to white only for creating an illusion of more space. But, is it needed? In my opinion, I would say no and so does the majority of interior designers. Choose dark colors for a small room to blend its edges and camouflage the fact that it is indeed small


Remember contrasts are your friend. Think about how well can the furnishing correlate with the wall colors of your room. Don’t tell me that you are still stuck with the matchy-matchy concept in this gen. Well, I know there’s nothing wrong with it but it is just so out of style. To highlight your furniture, pick a silent shade or complementary shade. You might, for example, choose a bright shade of orange in the background if you have a yellow light to allow the lamp greater control.


Color psychology is a real thing. Before you decide upon the colors, finalize the purpose of each area, that way you will go right with the wall colors. Here’s the color psychology rule-

  • Thumb, pale and cool colors create a sense of serenity which is ideal for study rooms
  • Warm colors, like red, can raise the energy level of the room which makes it great for fostering conversation and sociability
  • Bright colors, like yellow, are happy colors but at the same time it can be hard on the eyes which might emerge negative feelings

Painting- Types & Finishes


Primer is not a paint; it’s a base. It is something that is applied before doing anything else to the wall. If you do not consider primer and directly begin with painting the walls, then you are wasting the money spent on the colors because without primer as a base, the paint will not stick to the wall nor the color would come out well


Shifting to a new house? Congratulations!! You might witness the walls are all painted white, well, that’s nothing but the whitewash which is a must for a new house. These days, to give you freedom for choosing from painting the walls as per your likings, builders just opt for whitewash which can then easily be painted without efforts of sandpapering and scrubbing

Types of painting

Water-based painting (Latex Painting)

If you are running out of patience and want to get your house painted at the earliest then water-based painting is the default option for you to go ahead with. Water-based painting has become the most preferred type of painting to look forward to.

Pros of water-based paints

  • No pretreatment like scrubbing and sandpapering required
  • Easy to clean with water
  • Quick-drying
  • Elastic, flexible finish makes it resistant to cracking
  • Suitable for all kinds of surfaces
  • Doesn’t fade in sunlight
  • Available in many colors and sheens

Cons of water-based paints

  • Doesn’t usually have a smooth finish
  • Tends to peel off after a period
  • Oil-based paints
  • If you don’t want to invest in painting for decades, then oil-based painting is the perfect choice.

Oil Based Painting 

If you don’t want to invest in painting for decades, then oil-based painting is the perfect choice as they are durable and long-lasting when compared to the water-based paints

Pros of Oil-based paints

  • High Durability
  • Rich finish
  • Attractive gloss

Cons of oil-based paints

  • Leaves behind a foul smell for long
  • Takes time to dry
  • Cleaning up is difficult

Types of Paint Finishes


Best For: Low-traffic rooms with lots of light, like an office or a formal sitting room.

For a minimal amount of shine, a matte finish is a good option. But don’t think of using this paint in high traffic areas of your house because this type of paint is least durable and can be damaged if you use a cleaner. What’s best about matte finishing is that you will have to use just a few coats, and all the imperfections like nail holes will be covered.


Best For: Everyday spaces, like living rooms and bedrooms.

To brief you more simply, eggshell finishing is just a better version of the matte finish. They are more durable and lustrous in comparison with matte finishing. And because they are slightly better, eggshell is suitable for medium as well as low traffic areas in your house


Best For: Humid spaces like bathrooms or dark rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light, like basements.

This one is my personal favorite. Satin is a perfect blend of eggshell and matte finish; it is neither too glossy nor too matte. Satin is a lot more of a sheen, creating a smooth and velvety look that does nothing but enhance the beauty of the space. Durable, easy to clean, and budget-friendly are the major reasons of people going gaga over this texture

Semi-Gloss Paint

Best For: Great in high-moisture, high-traffic areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, or on crown moldings and trims to make them pop.

For minimal shine in your room, go for a semi-gloss finish. What’s special about this finish is that it stands out visually. Durable and eye-catching describes the nature of semi-gloss paints. Also, don’t miss out on the fact that semi-gloss finishing is reflective so, you need to use it accordingly

High Gloss

Best For: Accents that you want to stand out, like furniture, doors, or cabinets.

To make your room look sparkling, nothing could be better than high gloss because it is labeled as the shiniest paint finish. It is the most durable and easiest to clean of all paint sheens and is a good choice for areas that sticky fingers touch. Painting the whole room with this finish would be too distractive, I suggest using this finish only for a specific area of the only

Overview: Best finishes for different rooms

Here’s a quick recap for the best finish for each of the rooms

  • Semi-Gloss- Kitchen and Bathrooms
  • Satin- Dining Rooms, Hallways, Doors, Bedrooms
  • Matte- Ceilings
  • Eggshell- Decorative
  • High Gloss- Doors, Cabinets, Trims (Wood Surfaces)

Guide to choosing paint colors

The crucial stage begins now, each room suffices different purposes and so based on their purposes, you will have to pick the colors that go well with the purpose of each of your space

Living room

Most suitable colors: Aqua mint, French vanilla, Emerald green, White, Grey, Blue, Beige

Gaming, Binge-watching, and laughter describe the atmosphere of the living room in the best possible, am I right, or am I right?! The space is especially dedicated to spending quality time with friends and family, so, I would suggest you go ahead with earthy or neutral shades.

Dining room

Suitable colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, White

The concept of a dining room is pretty much simple. For a compact and cozy look, I would suggest you pick warmer tones of yellow and red, and if you wish to create an illusion for making the room look bigger, go for brighter tones like green and yellow. Adding some glam would be great, just a metallic wallpaper would do it   

Study room/Home office

Suitable colors: Red, Deep Grey, Green, Orange, Yellow

You need to pick a not so destructive color when it comes to the study room because this space of your house is dedicated to improving the focus and concentration level. Go for bright tones that can boost your confidence and increases alertness which would eventually help you increase your productivity

Kid’s room

Suitable colors: Pale Pink, Baby Blue, Soft Yellow, Light Green

This room should be full of soothing hues as they will have a calming effect on the kids. I know pink and blues are cliché but they are timeless choices, however, if you want to experiment with an unusual color, then go for a brighter shade to add some enthusiasm


Suitable colors: Blue, Green, Silver, Caramel

After a tiring day, you would crave for some relaxation the moment you step into your bedroom. From having a deep conversation with your partner to spending some quality me-time in the bedroom, you need to go for cool and earthy colors only. Avoid bright colors in the bedroom because they are too stimulating for a resting space


Suitable colors: Light Blue, Seafoam Green, Creamy White

You can convert your bathroom into a relaxing spa by making the right choice of colors. Use any cooler tones and also, avoid extremely dark colors if the bathroom is small because these colors will just make the room seem smaller.


Suitable colors: Peach, Grey, Yellow, Green, White

Warmer color stimulates the appetite, you need to go for colors that make your kitchen look brighter. When choosing colors for the kitchen, using the color of the cabinets as a guide is often the best approach.

Exteriors of the House

 It is equally difficult to choose a suitable color for the exterior of the house. It’s okay, you can take your time, you don’t have to rush.  Just remember that the outer appearance defines not just the personality of your house but yours as well.  It must also be selected, considering the overall atmosphere of the house. You might choose to keep the outdoors simple and classy if the main trend is minimalism. With tiles in various colors, you can select glass walls. Besides, pop colors with a mix of deep blue or cream are trending now, and looks like it would continue to fascinating people in the nearing future as well

Tips for choosing the right color

Stick to your favorite colors

It will be your color preference guide. For instance, open your closet, and recognize your preference and pick the color your mind chooses.

Keep the overall color theme in mind

 When deciding on shades for various areas of your house, take a color shade card with you. A proper flow from room to room should be created.

Space role and mood setting

 Before deciding on color, recognize all factors. If you want the space to be a powerful area, use warm tones, but choose cool colors such as blue and green, if you want to use the room for relaxing. Also, based on how the room is used you can select different sheen levels.

Trial and error method

 Use multiple color samples in different sections of the wall to choose the best color. You will see how different wall colors look like. 

Common mistakes to avoid when choosing the house paint colors

Making the decisions too quickly

Since painting the house is a huge decision, you need to differentiate between infatuation and liking. You might like a color today but you might hate the same color the very next day but it would be too late for you to change the decision because everything is painted. Therefore, to not let this happen with you, apply multiple swatches at the different corners of the wall and understand them for a few days

Not considering Bold colors

Going elegant is understandable but it doesn’t mean you only have to stick to shades of greys and whites. It’s good to experiment, consider using bold shades at least for the samples, this way you will get a whole new perspective of colors. Currently, a vibrant shade of blue and rich greens is showing up everywhere

Choosing too many colors

Imagine 4 colors in a room, be honest, wouldn’t that be a torture to the eyes? Well, experts agree with it!! While you shouldn’t be afraid to decorate with color, adding too many paint colors to the same room can be distracting. 

Trending Colour Combinations for Home Paint

Any pastel shadePink, mauve, and baby blue
PurpleGunmetal grey
Soft pinkTurquoise
Aquarium blueGrape
Navy blueWhite
Shades of greyMonochrome grey

Final Thoughts,

Do take suggestions from each of the family members when choosing the paint color and consider their opinions before finalizing the colors as each one of them have their shares in the home.

And it’s done. I know that was intense.  But I promise if you consider the information provided in this article, then you will never go wrong with the colors

We would be glad if you could share the pictures of your house on your social media profile to inspire others after the entire painting is done and yes, don’t forget to tag @homebanao. 

Thank you for your time. Have a great day ahead!!