Vaastu is an ancient Indian practice using direction to determine construction, making a room, layout of a city, home, office, bedroom and even direction which you sleep in.
According to this practice, there are certain things to follow while choosing a plot – for construction.

I give you all details you need to know before choosing a plot as per Vaastu.

Plot Direction

Plots with Road On One Side

Brings Wealth and Prosperity

Road on North Side facing – This is a very good scenario according to Vaastu.

Bring Fame Name
& Position in the Society

Road on East Side facing – This is a very good scenario especially in the perspective of building name in society.

Average, Good for Business

West side facing – this is really good scenario for plot. Especially if you’re buying for a business purpose.

Good for business – focused on women.

South faced road, the advantage with this is for businesses focused on women.

Plots with Road On Two Sides

Best for Overall Prosperity

North East facing plots are really good for overall prosperity.

Plot facing North West

This is a mediocre plot position

Plot Facing South West

This is a very average plot facing direction

Plot facing South East

This kind of plot is very good for females

Plot facing north and south road

Medium Site, preferably look for other portion.

Plot facing east and west

Plots facing this direction are a good option.

Plots with Road On Three Sides

Plots facing 3 sides of road are better if avoided, if there is no other option then make sure that you provide passage in the side which is not facing the road.

Plot Facing all 4 Sides

This is a the best case scenario in terms of Vaastu. All 4 sides road gives you a lot of flexibility, freedom and helps you in growth and prosperity.

Plot in a T Junction

Please avoid Plots in the T Junction, as they’re not suggest as per vaastu.

Plot at the Dead End

Dead end plots are to be avoided at all costs, they’re inauspicious.

Plot Shapes

Plot Shapes Which are Best According to Vaastu

Square and rectangle plots are the best. Avoid the rest. Vaastu states that number of other plot shapes can lead to various issues.


Plot Shapes Leading to Loss of Health, Wealth and Prosperity

Please avoid plots in this shape at all cost.

Circular Plot
Polygon Plot
Bow Shaped
Star Shaped
Clot Plot
Cart Shaped Plot
Oval Plot

Plot Extensions

Best Plot Extensions

According to Vaastu, a North East Extension is Good. East extensions is also good.

Worst Plot Extensions

Avoid South west, South east, and North west extensions at all costs.