How to choose a material for your Jali partition or Jali panel?

Living room Jali Ideas

living room jali ideas

Jali Panels are amongst the most beautiful and illustrious decorative elements used in design and in modern architecture. Given its diversity and versatility in usage, whether it takes a geometrical form, or depicts impressionable calligraphy or beautifies elements through the use of ornaments, the Jali pattern is quite the rage in the market today with more people opting for the distinguished patterns of the concept over traditional designs for doors, windows and walls in general.
They go back to a time long before the Mughal period. One could see the influence of Jali even in the iconic wonder of the world, Taj Mahal and not just in India, Jali art was widely used around the world in ancient architecture history. It is a concept that will never die, given its innumerable uses and aesthetic value.

Modernizing Old Pattern Jali

modernizing old pattern jali

Old school traditions are back but with an interesting twist, people are innovating homes and bringing Jali panels into office spaces and even Pooja rooms. Jali designs are carefully crafted before coming into reality. One could choose to go for an existing design available at a vendor or use technological advancements to their advantage and through 3D images select a better combination of patterns.
Here are a few innovative ways to use Jali Panel:

Fire Place Design Ideas

stunning design ideas for fireplace wall

An interesting addition to a house is a décor panel for one’s fireplace. You don’t necessarily need fire to make it bright. Just chandelier lights or any decorative lights of the house would do the work and voila there’s a beautiful setting available for people to enjoy. Rose Gold and Copper are color patterns, which are highly being demanded by new age houses. Fake fireplaces as a part of decorative settings can now seem more intriguing.

Jali Wall Decor Ideas

Made of natural stone or metallic ensembles, Jali decor feature symmetric designs

These days living rooms are being made simpler yet scenic, according to a research people avoid having congested rooms and are consciously looking for freer spaces. A free space promotes flow of communication and connects with a larger audience. To take the load off the wallet, one could use a Jali decoration instead of a costly painting.  So, if you are in the market looking for decorative elements for your house, something that could satiate your inner designer are Jali panels. They give a house an unmistakable classiness that very elements can achieve.

Innovative Partitions

Collection of Jaali Partition Screen Designs design ideas

Pooja Room Ideas

Your sacred space at home deserves to look perfect. Explore our Pooja Room Design Ideas right here.

There are numerous ways in which one could incorporate a Jali in a restaurant and a worship corner. For instance, to highlight the worshipping space (ie Pooja Ala) then one could get a small division on either side of the pooja set up. This would demarcate a separate territory and make it exquisite at the same time.Jali’s do wonders in restaurants as they keep the space open for everyone, making for an inclusive image of a restaurant but at the same time creating the segregation of tables. The Jali pattern can be a part of the Islamic culture as well. One can take inspiration from the stunning detail found at the Sidi Saiyyed Mosque in Ahmadabad or the Tomb of Salim Chisti in Fatehpur Sikri.

Kitchen Décor
The time for boring is clearly out of trend and fashion these days. In modern kitchens, Jali play a huge role in being eye-candies. They can be used to backlight the stove area or used as handy chairs for kitchen counters. Jali’s can be used as interesting elements in even candles or as small showpieces in the house or on the ceiling as an emphasis.

Kitchen Decor Design Ideas

get innovative jali and partition ideas for your kitchen

Interestingly, as the demand of these jali concepts have heightened in the design world of interior and exterior architecture, the quality may suffer with similar looking designs that may lack to provide the same finesses as an authentic panel. One must be aware of the right quality, price and be able to choose unique patterns and art. Here’s how an approach that could be used while making a choice:

1) Have Clarity of Purpose
Any purchase would be useless if one doesn’t have clarity on the purpose of buying the Jali. As an informed buyer, one must know the answers to a few basic elements such as where exactly would the Jali be placed, what are the dimensions of the area of placement, basic idea of the furniture and color patterns of walls. Once there is a clear purpose one can move towards understanding the material best suited for their personal décor needs.
For example:  If someone needs a Jali panel for screens or something to be used as a division then lattice pattern Jali’s work extremely well. After comprehending the basics it would be time to move on to understanding the different types of materials used in making a Jali panel or a partition. Jali concepts look outstanding on staircases and windows if planned accordingly to the theme and requirements.

Choose your Design, Material type, Thickness and Size
different jali design ideas

2) Know the Materials Used
It is imperative for one to know the material that is usually used by vendors and have a basic framework ready.  The most common and reliable materials are MDF, mild steel, aluminum or acrylic. Now these are best used when you are using a lattice pattern, which is a most commonly used structure of grid and crisscross material. There are other options available as well and are quite commonly purchased for this work, ie, Veneer, Brass, Copper, Bakelite, PVC, ACP or Plywood amongst others. The choice of your material would heavily depend upon various other factors such as thickness, size, durability, pattern etc.
a) Mild Steel –It is different from stainless steel and is considered a better choice than stainless steel for its durability even though it rusts faster. However, a solution to delay the rusting process can be easily provided by the vendor. Alternative option is stainless steel, as it doesn’t rust.
b) Powder Coating –This is usually used to create a stronger finish than the ones provided by regular paints. Powder coating is also considered to environment friendly. To powder coat, companies use a heating device and unlike paints don’t require solvents. As a result of the heat, the skin that formulates is exceptionally hard.
MDF – Aka medium-density-fireboard is an engineered wood, which costs way lesser than any other form of word. It is made of an amalgamation of wood residuals that are converted into fiber, wax and resins. It is chocolate in color but can also be painted.
d) Acrylic – It is a safer glass and is harder than any glass. It is unbreakable as it is transparent plastic proving for a good choice in light weighted jail construction.
e) Aluminum –
It is perfect for light weighed construction of panels or window Jali work. It is a soft metal hence provides well for latticework and mostly preferred for manufacturing purposes.

3) Get the right quote and vendor
Once there is enough background knowledge it becomes difficult to be fooled by a vendor. Internet offers a pool of resources to get an idea of quotations and rating of different vendors. Usually the best way forward lies in comparing rates since almost all companies are equipped in offering Jali equipment’s well. The real difference maker is the quality and the pricing. After acquiring requisite knowledge of the design one could get a basic price frame and play around it. For instance, if mostly vendors are offering a particular design between (1000 to 2000) then after checking the feedback of other customers one could just negotiate a fair price or pay a higher amount only if the cost is for better standards and overheads.

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jali patterns

Jali Panels on exterior architecture
Jali panels have seen a rising popularity in the exterior architecture as well. They stand out with a prominence that is striking to say the least. They can be used in the elevation of buildings and houses for decorative purposes as well as structural purposes. They can be designed with a wide array of materials and techniques with unique concepts and themes. They are also installed as doors and windows which adds beauty to a greater extent in the ambience along with easy ventilation and functionality.

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exterior jali ideas

The latticed screen is visible throughout history on famed monuments such as the incredible Taj Mahal, Bibi ka Maqbara and Tomb of Akbar, among others. Jalis also serve the purpose keeping your space aerated by allowing easy ventilation through its openings, which is also one of the reasons why the design has become so common in today’s day.