Let me start by giving you a piece of advice!!

Do not always be tempted in cutting down expenses by not hiring the required professionals since you have already invested quite a lot in your dream house. Trust me, one greedy decision of yours will put your entire investment at stake.

When talking about professionals involved in the construction of your beautiful house, which one do you think is the most important one to not let go no matter what?

Well, the question is quite tricky, right? All the professionals play different roles concerning their fields. So you give up?? If so, then I would like to give you an answer to this, it’s the General Contractor, the person who will be your eyes and ears at the site location in your absence and so don’t even have a second thought when it comes to hiring a general contractor.

However, you cannot afford to go vague when it comes to taking them on board as they will be your go-to person. It’s just not worth recruiting a contractor, who won’t deliver with limited hassle what you want. You want someone with whom you can trust and connect easily 

So, here I am presenting to you the guidelines that you must follow when hiring a general contractor

Make plans, get bids

Get references from friends, family, and through online, then sit down and patiently shortlist the contractors whose track records look clean and follow responsible work ethics. Look at construction materials, work methods, schedules, and other considerations that could differ by contractor. Be mindful about figures that are too high or too poor.


No doubt, newcomers in any specific industry must be given a chance but the truth is no

matter how unique their ideas are they will not have the sense of responsibility which a professional with years of experience has. And, since it is your dream house being built where you have pulled in all your hard-earned money, ensure that the contractor you choose has experience, they will have all the skills and facilities that would be required to build your home


Reputation is the most valuable asset to look for, if your potential contractor has an honest and reliable reputation, you can then be at an ease, you will put your home in safe hands. An honest contractor will never deceive you in any form, be it in terms of the quality of the work and great customer service. Also, do check for online reviews!!

Communication Skills

As the contractor will be the one supervising the entire workflow in terms of your dream house construction in your absence as well as presence, as you can’t be available 24/7 at the site location, it is important for you, as a client to look for a contractor who can clarify all your questions and would keep you updated throughout the process.

Workout on the payment plan

Your contractor might have a set plan for the payment schedule or it can be negotiable as well. Either way, it is your right and responsibility to learn about payment scheduling and if required, work on it as well before signing the contract to avoid conflicts in the future. Do not pay for the whole project till it’s over. In the majority of the construction plans, they will be handling a one-third payment. This means that your initial payment is one-third of the total amount. For any invoice you make, keep the receipt.

Don’t forget that you have a cancellation time where, once you return from the project, you would not have to face any fines.

Check the past work

Before entrusting your home to the contractor, it would be wise of you to have a look at their past works and consider how it turned out to be. If you like what you see, then you can choose that contractor.

For instance, if any of your friends recently renovated their home and a contractor was suggested to you by them. You may call them for the outcome to be revealed. Through this, you’re going to get details first-hand.

Do not rush in making decisions

Not considering all the aspects earlier and signing the documents in excitement will bring nothing but only regrets to you. Waiting to see the outcome of your dream house at a lightning speed is pretty normal, but you need to get hold of your emotions. Note, that you should take the time, check the costs, read the contract and be confident that you want to work with this person before you sign.

Time Management

Would you want your house delivered to you in a year which was supposed to be delivered in a time frame of 8 months? No, right?!! Time is important. Make it clear, you don’t negotiate the wait, don’t like excuses, and don’t encourage delay. Ensure you get a start and completion date from the contractor.

Good understanding

Choose a contractor who gives preference to customer service. Make sure they listen, consider the expectations, and deliver on the promises they have made. Check also to see if the consultant hires a third party to assess its customer service.

Documents to look for before starting to work with the contractor


For a contractor, a license is a must. The advantage of hiring a licensed contractor is that it is easier for you to get in contact with them whether you have concerns with the final product or something goes wrong.


You must ensure proper insurance for the contractor. You should look at two kinds of insurance:

  • General liability insurance – Frequently it is referred to as liability insurance, which covers the property that could be destroyed while working on your property by your contractor.
  • Workers’ compensation– This insurance covers you against responsibility if the worker is hurt while at work.


You wouldn’t be deceived by your contractor and so you need to create a contract outlining every phase of the project: the schedule of payments; evidence of the risk insurance and compensation paid of the worker; the start date and expected completion date; particular materials and goods that are to be used; and a policy to receive lien releases from all subcontractors and vendors Have everything in writing. Have everything in writing and duly signed!!

Questions to ask when hiring the contractor

  • How will the project be supervised?
  • Can you provide a list of references?
  • What kind of a written warranty do you have?
  • How many building permits have you obtained in my area over the last 2-3 years?
  • How do you prefer communicating with your clients?
  • How much experience do you have in handling this particular type of project?

Red Flags to look out for when hiring the contractor

Ask too much money upfront

First and foremost, the contractor should not ask for an excessive amount of money. Yes, of course, I agree that they will be needing funds to start the project, but it raises a red flag to claim over 15 percent. Your contractor should have ample credit to cover the outstanding expense at the outset. If he/she could not, the reason may be that a previous career was ruined and the reputation has been revoked.  You don’t want such a person as a contractor.

Poor communication skills

You’re not a construction specialist. So as a landlord, you have a right to see what’s going on here. It is your contractor’s task to efficiently convey this information to you. Missing a call is one thing, but failing to answer a call promptly is another. If contact is complicated, difficult to understand, or conducted in a bad temper, the contractor is not doing an important part of his work.

Refuses to commit

The job required and time taken to do so should be explained to your contractor. You

both should be able to enter into a contract and quote to be signed and adhered to. They can’t believe in their capacities and projections if they are hesitant or fail to agree to this information. In other words: maybe they don’t know what to do at all.

They overpromise

Do your homework and get an understanding of the duration of a project and the expense before you sign a deal with anyone. Remain aware of contractors that provide a slightly cheaper price and quick distribution. It certainly does if it seems too amazing to be real.

Disagrees to provide references

A contractor can be excluded very easily without readily available references. A lack of

references suggest that the contractor may not have adequate or worse —the results have been substandard.

Benefits of hiring the contractor

General Contractor acts like a one-man army

A general contractor provides what you need for building a house. You will just have to say what you need and they will do everything possible to organize, schedule, and prepare for your project to be done quickly. All details shall be passed through the general contractor rather than dealing with several individuals. General contractors will be your point of contact and will be responsible for dealing with the subcontractors.

General Contractor will help you save money

Choosing the best, general contractor means saving big on multiple expensive services. Any general contractor worth your money should have a wide network of vendors that offer discounted supplies.

General Contractor offers insurance coverage

You can rest assured, trusting that your project is home by insurance, when you employ a general contractor. You would not be responsible for any injury or losses that arise on the building site under the general liability insurance policy. 

General Contractor provides faster delivery

You will mostly spend time researching and preparing yourself, buying the right materials, and playing a trial-and-error game if you want to build your own house all by yourself. This will take a lot longer to finish the plan. When you use a contractor in your construction, they will know when subcontractors will arrive and work, making the entire process simpler.

Final Thoughts

Always trust your instincts, they know it better!! Don’t overlook how you interact with the constructor. Are they open to your questions and thus will they answer you thoroughly? Do they have questions to know your lifestyle and desires and are listening to you?

For a minimum of six months, you will work together with the contractor of your new home and you want to make sure that you are aware of who you accept to work with. The joy of starting to work on your new home could cause you to hurry through the process, but take your time, it will be worth it!!