BDA (Bangalore Development Authority) has been aggressively offering plots for sale through e-auction. These are residential sites in well developed localities of Bangalore.

It is a well-known fact that in India , property transactions involve a considerable amount of black money , that is the difference between the registered value and agreed market value. These auctions are great news for people who want to avoid such transactions involving black money.

Advantages of buying a BDA Plot/site through auction:

  1. The bidding process is completely online (it is like stock market trading)
  2. The process is transparent. You can view the bid prices quoted by the other bidders on the screen
  3. Most of the properties offered are corner plots
  4. BDA layouts are comparatively well developed with good infrastructure
  5. BDA Layouts have  drinking water supply facility
  6. You can easily fund the property deal through home loan
  7. You are the first owner of the property
  8. No issue of black money. The entire property deal amount should be paid through Demand Drafts (DDs) or money transfers.
  9. No Agent or mediator involved in the process. The entire decision making process is in your hands
  10. Anyone in India (citizen of India) can invest in these properties
  11. Different plot measurements are available ( from 400 square feet to 4000 sq ft and above)
  12. You may win the auction at less than the current prevailing market price
  13. Auction notification has location and site map details. Hence it is easy to locate the property

Difference between BDA Allotment and Auction:

BDA has so far formed about 62 layouts in Bangalore. Bangalore BDA maintains a seniority list of applicants who has applied for sites in BDA layouts. After forming a layout, BDA generally allots the plots based on certain criteria and lottery system. The e-auction process is different to this. Any citizen of India can apply for auction. There is no lottery system. The highest price bidder of a particular plot will win the auction.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Applicant should be a Citizen of India
  • NRIs & Partnership firms also can participate in the auction
  • Applicant has to pay Rs 4 Lakh per site as Earnest Money Deposit (Deposit amount is refundable )
  • Successful bidder has to remit 25% of auction amount in 3 days

Key points on E-auction process (how to create login id and participate in e-auction):

  1. Visit this link ( BDA’s e-auction website)
  2. Click on User icon
  3. Click on “New user : Register”
  4. Fill your personal and bank details
  5. Pay Auction Fees & Earnest Money Deposit of Rs4 Lakh (per site) online or through DD.
  6. If you do not win the auction then Rs 4 Lakh will be refunded to your bank account
  7. The successful bidder has to remit 25% of auction amount to BDA in 72 hours
  8. Generally BDA will give you around 45 to 60 days to remit the remaining 75% amount
  9. There will be Delta time of 5 minutes on the final day. The auction can go on till the time there is no new bid quoted before the end of the delta time (as shown below).

From Bidding till Registration- The entire process – Important Stages:

The entire process from bidding to Registration will get over in 2 to 4 months. The below process flow gives you clear idea about this.

Click on the below image to view BDA’s latest e-Auction Notification details : BDA e-Auction November 2019 – December 2019 (last date for BDA e-auction is 03-12-2019).

Since 7 years BDA has been consistently issuing the e-auction notifications every quarter and some bidders have won at the base price itself and some have won at crazy prices.