With the rapid growth of technology and advancements in all aspects, it is equally important to add such improvements in your lives. As much as it increases the efficiency for you, it also brings the feeling of luxury and hustle free lifestyle. While on the one hand, you are always excited about the latest cars or mobile phones and other such technologies, Home Automation trends are another thing that’s been of massive benefit for a lot of people. 

In the fast-paced world, such trends are nowhere behind. In the growing era, automation is not restricted only to high profile organizations. One can easily get access to all such facilities for their homes and offices as well. In fact, in the plethora of options, the rate of competition is very high. This leads to rapid advances and facilities for such technologies.

Mentioned below are some of the coolest and most interesting automation facilities for your home that can be of great benefit for you. For those looking for home automation for 2020,  diving into the trends become crucial to narrow down to the installation you might not have figured out yet.

Multi – functional Smart Switches and Display

The most common errors that people make in their day to day life is leaving the switches of lights or any electrical appliances on. This eventually leads to heavy consumption of electricity, producing massive bills. Therefore, to avoid such unnecessary money-wasting habits, install the multifunctional smart switches and display. These give a more secure and personalized perspective to your home. Such automation is prevalent in countries like the USA. The best part is that they are easy to install and set up.

With the wide variety of smart switches and displays, you can look for the ones that suit your place the most. From package deals to single installation, these facilities are available in all aspects for the consumers. These are easy to find in the market. With a wide pool of skilled people, installation becomes no hustle at all. The smart switches and display can enable you to look and even command to function from their synced devices.

Such facilities of smart switches and displays are not very expensive. You can get these with a budget of $40 to $500, depending upon your needs and requirements.

Air Purifiers

There is no doubt how polluted the air is throughout the world. Although there are various technological advancements for rectifying the condition of the environment, people tend to fall sick due to the polluted air that they are breathing everyday, everywhere. Therefore, to begin from the basics, the introduction of air purifiers in the home and office comes into the picture. These devices are employed to filter the area surrounding the people. Where fewer plants and trees are present, the need to get along with an air purifier turns into vitality for survival.

Since people want to keep their homes as the safest place, the air must be purified within specified limits. Air purifiers are of great help. Since children are sensitive, they easily fall sick. Thus, an air purifier is required not only to eliminate the harmful components from the air in your house but also kill germs and avoid infection. Since germs are the root cause of disease and infections, the purifier ensures these are no longer living in your house.

Since air purifiers are available at a lot of places in the market, there’s a growing brand competition. Along with that, the average cost of installing an air purifier at home is about $1000 to $5000. Further, it depends on the needs and requirements of your home.

Voice Control Devices

Hands down, the era is all from Alexa to Google, doing voice controls. No doubt the technological advancements have grown throughout the different sectors providing the best of the services. Out of all, the most popular home automation is voice control devices. From a child to an elderly, these have benefitted the needs of people of all age groups. 

Call it a trend or necessity for some, but the voice control devices are immensely popular. As per the research and prediction of Deloitte, smart voice control devices will be installed by the most number of people throughout the world.

From playing favorite songs to dimming the lights, from reading news or cooking recipe, you can simply ask the device what you need, and it will provide you with the best of its service. Such devices are Bluetooth connected as well as wifi accessed devices. You only have to ask. The best part is that the devices are even able to distinguish between the different voices. This way, you can also set up safety measures in the settings. With the numerous features of the device, there are massive competitors in the market as well. Thus, choose the one that suits your home automation in the best way.

The average budget for setting up a voice control device at home will not cost you much, with the rage of $40 to $500 depending upon your requirements.

Sensor Lights

The best mornings are the ones when your body gets the blossom of the beautiful and natural sunlight. But, what if your home is situated at a place where this experience is the one you can not get. Well, to get access to such a facility without moving to a different location is here for you. The sensor lights are the right home automation you need. In fact, it is also one of the best ways to save electricity as well. Be it a weather change or your mood, the sensor lights can be modified as per your choices anytime you need. Make your home the ultimate party spot using these lights.

On the other hand, the sensor lights are also considered the helping hand for the people. Since leaving the switch of the lights on is one of the most common mistakes that people make, the sensor lights take care of them for you. In fact, you can also set timers and other such settings that suit your requirements. Some of the other interesting features include the facility of adjusting the sensor lights simply from your mobile phones via apps. These have been the easiest way to operate the lights of your homes. The sensor lights not only help you save a lot but also bring a touch a new look to your entire house.

The average cost of installing the sensor lights at your home will be around $150 to $300 approx.

Security Solutions

It is vital to provide the safety of your loved ones even when you are not around. After all, safety is something that no one can compromise with. Therefore, technological advancements have evolved thoroughly in different ways. From a security camera to smart solutions, everything is available to ensure the safety of your loved ones. In the trend as well, home automation has immense importance with security solutions. From digital cameras to fire sensors and whatnot. Installing them is secure, and one can simply access them through their mobile phones or any other device.

The best part is the notification of any threat can be sent to the devices registered to avoid any mishappenings. Along with that, you can also get the live footage of the house while you are away and take necessary actions. Security solutions have come up providing different facilities in different ways. Therefore, in the plethora of competitive brands and options, choose the one that suits your requirements in the best ways. After all, you surely do not want to take the safety of your loved ones for granted.

The average cost of installing and proper set of most security solutions range up from $15 to $60 approx depending upon your needs and requirements.

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