Arthistry is a fine carving art studio established in the year 2006 that brings together a collection of exclusive creations that constitute the true essence of art.

With a body of work encompassing a wide variety of art pieces, today, we take immense pride in unveiling one of the finest sculptures of the country, the Balaji sculpture. This gold-like wooden statue of Lord Balaji, is a detailed depiction of Lord Vishnu which is extremely beautiful to behold and reminds us of his grace. 

The main idol is carved out of a single wooden log without any joints and is 10 feet tall. The most mesmerizing feature of the idol is the Garland around the Lord Balaji idol which is individually turned, hand-carved & assembled exactly in the way an original flower garland is made. The Tilak and the earrings steals the limelight adding life to the idol.

A team of 18 skilled sculptors took over two years to carve this masterpiece. Yes, 2 years is indeed a long time but we aim to provide the best to our clients and the outcome of this idol was worth the extensive time. Considering each of the requirements mentioned by the client, our team started work on the sculpture by finalizing the material, the design of the structure underwent multiple iterations before the final execution. 

The right material adds life to the art. Knowing the importance of choosing the right material, we did not rush with the same. Our experts took days of sample testing before settling for Mahogany wood, one of the most expensive woods for every right reason, it is highly durable, water-resistant, and easy to work with. We couldn’t picture anything better but Mahogany!!

The making process of the idol was fairly nuanced- firstly, the structure began with the wood setting, followed by a rough life-size sketch, rough outer work, initial carving, detailed carving, fine-tuning, rough & smooth paper emery of different grits of sandpaper, and lastly, multiple stages of polishing work. Overall, this representation of Balaji sculpture stands out for its majestic, exuberant, and luxurious decoration.

Using Mahogany, this piece is a great sample of our artists’ technical skill and mastery. The detailing speaks it all. 

Most importantly, as artists, we realize our duty to protect the environment, so we use only the tree woods that are cut during road widening, construction of bridges, or any other unavoidable conditions and not cut just for our requirement.

We are determined to deliver the exact piece that our clients have imagined. And this majestic creation has been the outcome of our team of experts carrying years of experience in the field. With their open to learning attitude, we have been successful in delivering every demand of an art piece as a masterpiece, delivering joy and satisfaction to the clients.