Furniture these days serve more than just the roles they have been designated. For example, arm chairs become storytellers during monsoons and winters. Similarly, center and coffee tables are known to be conversation starters and help you make memories of a lifetime. This one piece of furniture is almost integral to a living room. Be it a modern design or a traditional one, a center table and coffee table are utilitarian and serve more than one purpose. As these tables are placed right at the center or right beside the arm chair, they become the focal point of the room. This is the reason why they must be chosen with utmost care.

Below, are beautiful examples of Center & Coffee tables. Various materials have been fused together to enhance the look of these tables.

Concentric patterns on the corner of the table give it a subtle look and is further enhanced with a planter unit on top.

Intricate mandala pattern adores the center of this steel table, and further drops down to become a false support.

A beautiful fusion of lattice work & marble gives this pentagonal piece a royal look.

A delicate laser cut pattern that acts as a center support system to this stainless steel table.

We have been used to adoring our floors with Italian marble. This time lets try it on a center table with a laser cut steel base.

A combination of merging wood with laser cut wooden pattern gives this piece a minimalist feel.

A beautiful example of living room decor with laser cut technology. From a patterened side table to the center table everything looks so artistic.

Have you ever looked at a furniture upside down?
Such a beautiful version of convertible furniture, whether you use the lasercut pattern as the top or enhance it at the bottom on floor, it still serves the purpose.

A balanced work of art & technology. Perfect example of a functional artistic table that serves the purpose & also cheers ones soul.

Melting metal added to a piece of wood to give such a satisfactory outcome in your living area.

Geometric jali pattern becomes the base to wooden table top to give it a royal & rich appearance.

I thought only plants could grow in planters! Such an artistic piece of furniture where a table top is planted into a beautiful lasercut titanium base.

Abstract jali work that become the legs of a beautiful coffee table.

Random scribbling by a kid that transformed into table top enhancers.

Design the fusion! Concepts are your’s! Akaar is here to help you convert them into reality. We will execute and give life to those beautiful concepts.