It’s high time everybody accepts the fact that Corona isn’t leaving us anytime soon!! And so, isolating oneself is no more the permanent solution, to make a living, stepping out is important too.

Although, the government has constantly been doing their job to protect us by issuing guidelines like social distancing, the compulsion of wearing a mask, frequent usage of hand sanitiser. 

But what about you as an individual? Are you sure that you have everything at home that can ensure you and your family are in good health? Is your corona kit well equipped? 

Well, by corona kit, I mean all the medical equipment and supplies that are put in use to make sure that you are safe from the virus. Worried that you might have missed out on something? Take a quick look at the below list Corona Kit Essentials now!!

Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter:

As the difficulty in breathing is one of the most common symptoms of coronavirus, an oximeter at home will help you check whether or not the oxygen level is stable. The device is highly recommended for the early detection of ‘COVID Pneumonia’

Facial Steamer:

If there is someone coughing or sneezing in your office or surroundings, then do not miss out on inhaling steam as soon as you get back home. As per studies, steaming raises the temperature of the lungs, throat and mouth, so, if you are infected with the virus, it will immediately get inactivated due to the high temperature of steam. Practice using steaming at least once a day


Fever is another early sign of coronavirus infection, if you think you've been exposed to the virus, keeping track of your body temperature can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your home and outside

Hand Sanitiser:

Not only at the office or public places but also at home, avoiding physical interaction is the best to fight coronavirus. However, prefer using a hand sanitiser every time you get in contact with somebody.


Misplacing masks has become a national mistake and so, it is important to always have a backup ready. Having additional masks at home will always ensure you to be on the safer side.


Stable oxygen means stable health. And so, with a spirometer, you can regularly practise breathing exercise which eventually increases the amount of oxygen getting into your body

Disinfectant Spray:

The disinfecting spray helps protect your family by providing germ protection and can kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on hard surfaces like couches and gadgets.

UV Sanitization Box: 

From eyewear to books, gadgets to jewels, you never know the form via which corona can enter your house and so with this UV sanitization box placed at your home, you can disinfect the products easily 

Blood Pressure Monitor:

Home monitoring can help you keep tabs on your blood pressure, ensuring your medication is working, and alert you with potential health complications if any


Ever since the pandemic began, one of the most common pieces of advice that you might have come across is do not touch anything new, be it vegetables or delivery of other goods with bare hands and that does make sense because the probabilities are high for transmission of the virus. Therefore, ensure you always have a pair of gloves ready to avoid direct contact

Fog Spray Disinfection Machine: 

No more worrying about yourself and the safety of your loved ones in this Covid situation. With this sanitization machine, you can quickly sterilize and deodorizing places. Beautiful design, safe and convenient to use, multiple control methods are available. It requires Disinfectant liquid for sanitization. 


For quick and effective relief from respiratory illness, you can entrust yourself with this device. With the use of a nebulizer, patients can inhale their prescribed medication directly into the lungs, and allowing them to breathe easier.

Portable Oxygen Can:

Now carry oxygen not just at home but wherever you go. With this portable oxygen cylinder, you can immediately treat the shortage of breath as well as boost the immune system with this 100% natural oxygen can

Oxygen Concentrator:

Unlike oxygen cylinders, an oxygen concentrator will never run out of oxygen as long as it has air available and a supply of power. Thus, providing you with fresh oxygen in the long run

And with this, I would like to wrap up the list of must-have essentials in your corona kit. I hope, this article has been informative to you. To own any of the above-listed products, just click on the link attached and expected the product at your doorsteps within a short span of time.

Stay safe, stay healthy!!