To start with, Home Automation might not be very equivalent terms, rather quite similar to the connotation of ‘chalk-n-cheese’. But, since we are thriving in the age of globalization and technological revolution, the days nearing might introduce us to concepts like ‘Home Automation Hacking’.

That was undoubtedly a new thing. So, what is home automation basically? In broad and simpler terms, a much more safe and secure way to protect your abode, by seeking help from electrical equipment. A very broad and common example here would be smart security cameras, which have mainly gained prominence in the recent past for Home Automation Security.

Smart Lighting Controls for Home Automation

Of course, we can only think of benefits while discussing Automation in Home Security. Imagine, having a quick view and the access to control all the devices at your place, irrespective of wherever you have been, in any part of the world. So, Home Automation Security includes keeping a tab on all of the alarm systems, all of the doors, windows, locks, smoke detectors, surveillance cameras and also the other sensors which are linked to the systems and might be included in the list above.

And, there might be another detrimental side to this story. Yes, we need not worry about our home security with automation, even though we are quite far from our houses. But does that save chances of Home Automation hacking?

Smart home devices are always quite vulnerable to hacking. Also, as per the anticipation by Analysts, devices regulated by the “Internet of Things” are almost to double in number in the near future. That would roughly amount to 20.4 billion devices in usage by 2020. (Source:

In addition to the above, we also get to encounter several reports which suggest that locks, alarms and baby monitors are the devices that are quite susceptible to hacking. A recent study by computer scientists at The College of William & Mary suggests that even smart home devices like smart plugs or lightbulbs, which might appear simple, would be a welcome point for the hackers. (Source:

Nowadays Home Surveillance Cameras are must for Home Security

So, what’s the remedy? Well, save yourself from home automation hacking by following these nifty tips below:

  • Stick to a secured Wi-Fi network:
    Only get a router from a reputable brand and replace the network’s name and default password as soon as possible. Also, opt for a network that automatically doesn’t give the location or personal details. 
  • Unplug devices that won’t be in use for a long time:
    While leaving home for a prolonged period, unplug every appliance that wouldn’t be in use for a long time. This, in turn, would save the energy bill, while making them inaccessible to hackers. 
  • Devices to Factory Reset mode before abandoning them:
    While planning to get away with your smart electronics, remove every single data from it. If not, the next person to use the device gets access to all that information or communicate with other devices on the network.

Now that saves the day. So, home automation won’t be a threat any more if the above points are adhered to. Start believing in the advantages of technology and gift yourself a heckle free life.

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