It’s time to burst the bubble!!

No matter how many electronic gadgets you own for watching movies, be it the latest-gen iPad or an advanced laptop, you need to accept that nothing could be as convenient as a television, right?!! Long back, before Netflix and chill came into the picture, it was always about television and chill with your family and friends with a huge tub of popcorn enjoying the movies displayed, and switching between channels so as not to miss out on sports and movies at a time. 

When speaking about entertainment, television is indeed the king!! Thanks to the evolution of technology, we, along with televisions have come a long way. From the black and white bulky TV’s to the most advanced version, smart televisions, everything seems better. 

Television has been one of the most essential household parts and so you cannot go wrong with the choice when planning to buy a television. I understand it could be for you to pick the best of the best ones as the TV showrooms are filled with endless options which would end up much more confused than you were before you stepped out of your home. 

Don’t worry, I will ensure that you do not go wrong with the choice of buying the most suitable television. Also, budgeting can not be an issue as the brands now issue budget-friendly televisions with fair features and some really, really expensive ones which are worth the pay as they are equipped with the most advanced features. 

Hours and days of research are the key factors for picking up the best television, but here’s good news for you!! You will merely have to spend 8-10 mins here, reading this article as I have revealed my hours of research info which I had collected when I intended to buy a television. Trust me, the moment you finish reading this article, you will know which one you need to buy. 

Best Brands of Televisions to Buy 

So, are you ready? Let’s start with the best brands of televisions that you need to consider before buying

  • Samsung 

Aren’t you familiar with the Samsung electronics? Well, I’m sure you are, as Samsung has been the most popular brand offering great quality home appliances like refrigerators, television, microwave ovens, smartphones, and whatnot! Particularly speaking about television, you will witness various categories of TV offered like LED TV, HD TV, and Full HD ones. The by default features offered by Samsung Televisions are high resolutions, noise filtration, surge protection, USB connection, and lightning protection. Currently, LED televisions are the latest ones offering fabulous sound and picture quality. 

  • SONY

If you are prioritizing picture quality as the key pick, then you can blindly trust on SONY televisions as ever since its existence, SONY has always been curating TVs with mesmerizing picture quality. The OLED TV’s which have been lately introduced by the brand are now the promising ones assuring great picture quality. 

  • LG (Life’s Good)

Music is your go-to option to relax yourself? Then, LG offering a huge range of LED televisions is the right choice for you, as each of their televisions is accompanied by great speakers, hands down to it!! Other features that you can expect from LG televisions are heat and lightning protection, USB connectivity making it one of the most accepted brands in the world of television. 

  • Philips 

With stunning viewing experience along with vivid colors, now connect to the real world with Philips TV. There would scarcely be any Indian who to date hasn’t used a Philip product, be it a hair straightener or a mixer, those who have used this brand earlier must have surely witnessed the long-life span of the Philips product. 

  • VU

Looking for reliable yet affordable televisions that wouldn’t really burn a hole in your pocket? VU it is then!! It is a recent addition in the television industry offering comparatively good picture and sound quality to the other above-mentioned brands. 

  • Panasonic

Providing screen size larger than life along with energy-efficient features, Panasonic has won the hearts of people from yesteryears. The new-gen brands were successful in over-powering Panasonic, but Panasonic bounced back in a short time with the finest options in the market. 

  • Onida 

Onida has been a favorite to many since the 90s and its features have been constantly advanced with every new launch of a model winning the hearts of people. The television manages to offer decent image quality and overall impressive performance at affordable pricing. 

Best Television to Buy Under 15,000

Onida 32 Inches HD Ready Smart IPS LED TV 32HIF:

Display: HD Ready (1366*768)

Connectivity: 3 HDMI Ports & 1 USB Port

Sound Output: 16 Watts

Are you an Alexa fan? Great then!! This Onida product undoubtedly belongs to you as Alexa works effortlessly here making it compatible to use by giving voice commands. For binge-watching, this television is preloaded with apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube etc for you to enjoy streaming your movies and Tv shows anytime. The speakers guarantee a crisp sound. 

VU Ultra 32-inch Smart Tv:

Display: HD Ready (1366*768)

Connectivity: 2 HDMI Ports & 2 USB Ports

Sound Output: 20 watts

This VU TV is of solid build quality paired with decent looks. You will enjoy a bright and sharp display assuring you a great viewing experience. Moreover, it supports OTT platforms like Netflix and various other apps for you to binge-watch. Overall, this television is a great value for money. 

Best Televisions to Buy Under Rs.20,000

LG 32 Inch Smart TV 32LM563BPTC:

Display: HD Ready (1336*768)

Connectivity: 2 HDMI ports & 1 USB Port

Sound Output: 10 Watts

With this budget-friendly Tv, you can enjoy all the latest specifications as this TV model is one of the recent launches in the year 2020. Great picture quality assuredness and the dynamic color enhancer will play a crucial role. A user-friendly interface will help you understand the smart features offered like screen mirroring, mini-TV browser, Wi-Fi, Home Dashboard, and much more.

Samsung UA32T4340AKXXL HDR Smart LED TV 32 Inch:

Display: HD Ready (1336*768)

Connectivity: 2 HDMI Ports & 1 USB Port 

Sound Output: 20 Watts

Love watching movies? Then this one’s for you!! The PurColor technology offered in this TV along with the contrast enhancer feature will make the colors look brighter. Also, this beautifully designed television will definitely enhance the beauty of your living room for you to enjoy a theatre-like movie in your comfort zone. Dolby Digital Plus technology is responsible for sound enhancements gives you another strong reason to buy this beauty. 

LG HD Ready 32 Inch LED TV 32LK510BPTA:

Display: HD Ready (1366*768)

Connectivity: 2 HDMI Ports & 1 USB Port

Sound Output: 20 Watts

You do not have to worry about this one, from quality to experience everything is checked. One of the many reasons to buy this is the Live zoom feature that allows you to enlarge the live screen while you are watching. Also, to make the Tv last long, the all-round safety feature will keep the dust away from getting in as this TV comes with 0 ventilation holes. Plugin your Amazon Fire Stick to convert this Tv into a smart one. The in-built games make this television a kid-friendly one. 

Samsung 32 Inches Smart LED TV UA32T4500AKXXL:

Display: HD Ready (1366*768)

Connectivity: 2 HDMI Port & 1 USB Port 

Sound Output: 20 Watts

The clean view feature will only make your viewing experience better as it will be controlling the light and sound of the television while enhancing the screen color and contrast for a clear view 

Best Televisions to Buy Under Rs, 50,000

LG 43 inches Smart LED TV 43UM7780PTA:

Display: 4k Ultra HD (3840*2160)

Connectivity: 3 HDMI Ports and 2 USB Ports 

Sound: 35 Watts Output 

Elegantly designed, this model is equipped with all the new-gen specifications for you to simply go ahead with. The picture quality of this TV is stunning and the color accuracy of this smart TV also never fails to impress anybody. Moreover, you will be getting a Bluetooth enabled remote control as well. The in-built Alexa ensures providing you with a hassle-free user experience. 

Samsung 43 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV UA43TU8570UXXL:

Display: Ultra HD (3840*2160)

Connectivity: 3 HDMI Ports and 2 USB Ports 

Sound: 20 Watts Output 

With super impressive picture quality, you can now enjoy top-notch quality features by owning this product. Sound, Picture and Additional features provided by this Tv are something that you as a TV lover would have always desired for. Do expect a quality experience. 

Sony Bravia 43 inches Full HD LED Smart TV KLV-43W672G:

Display: Full HD (1920*1080)

Connectivity: 2 HDMI Ports and 2 USB Ports 

Sound: 20 Watts Output 

Sony Bravia is indeed the promising one ensuring that their product is worth your investment. It has been known for delivering awe-inspiring picture and sound quality. Also, the design of this Tv model will make you flattered. 

Best Premium Television to Buy

LG 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 55CXPTA:

Display: OLED, 4K Resolution

Connectivity: Wireless, Bluetooth, 2 USB, Ethernet, HDMI

Sound: 40 Watts Output

Not fond of typing with a remote but looking for a smart TV only? Then this one is the best pick for you as it connects to voice commands as LG TVs are the very first ones to bring together Google Assistant and Alexa connectivity. Also, this one automatically analyzes the visual environment and simply dims or brightens the screen depending. 

Samsung 65 inches Smart QLED TV QA65Q60TAKXXL: 

Display: 4K Ultra HD Resolution (3840*2160)

Connectivity: Wireless Bluetooth, 2 USB & 3 HDMI 

Sound: 20 Watts Output

Get the detailing of every visual you see, you will definitely enjoy the breathtaking depictions of color and the anti-glare technology for optimal visuals. With 8K resolutions, you will be drawn fully into an astonishing experience that can be felt as well as seen. 

Sony Bravia 65 inches 4K Ultra HD Certified Android LED TV 65X8000H:

Display: Ultra HD 4K Resolution

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Sound: 20 Watts Output

This Sony product will let you re-create an exciting theatre-like experience from the comfort of your very own living room. From vibrant colors to an acoustic multi-audio system, this television has it all along with Google Assistant built-in, Alexa, and Google Home compatible. 

Buyer’s Guide: Factors to Consider Before Buying

Now that you are aware of the brands and the models that can easily fit in your budget, let me continue giving you a piece of advice that states the factors that you first and foremost need to consider before you make a purchase. 

  • Screen Size

The bigger the screen, the better the experience!! I strongly recommend you to choose the size of the TV based on the number of people who are going to watch, this will give you the right idea of screen size. Also, besides the number of people watching, I would request you to consider the viewing distance as well, decide the size of television based on how far you prefer sitting to watch the TV. When confused, go for something that is between 55 to 65 inches 

  • Resolution

Resolutions refers to the number of pixels on the screen. Higher pixels offer higher details. For best picture quality, always prefer Ultra HD sets which are further equipped with HDR that plays a major role in offering better contrast with a wide range of colors. 

  • Connectivity

To connect external devices like hard drives, home theatre, gaming console, firestick look of televisions offering HDMI and USB ports. Also, having Bluetooth is an added advantage

  • Sound

Sound is as much a part of the enjoyment of viewing as the visuals; after all, if you can’t find out what the actors are doing, it’s no use watching a wonderful show. With televisions becoming thinner, there isn’t really much space for the speakers. Therefore, look for a Dolby digital or Digital theatre system for your television to enjoy theatre-like sound effects

  • Picture Quality

What looks good to your eyes might not be the same with your family and vice versa. The picture quality of a television depends on various factors like how many colors the screen can display, how bright the colors offered are, what’s the contrast ratio of the screen. Compromising with the picture quality will be the most regretful decision you will be making, therefore be cautious!!

OLED vs QLED vs LED: Which Type of TV Should You Buy?

  • OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)

If you have a huge budget, then settling down with an OLED Tv will never be a regretful decision. This type of television is considered to be the overall best one to pick as they can emit its light with response to electric current.

 They are thinner and have narrow edges when compared to the other TV screen technologies available. Enjoy wider viewing angles on OLED TVs. 

  • QLED (Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode)

QLED is a combination of LED and OLED TVs offering better colors at a slightly higher price than LED TVs. However, they are closer to LED screens in terms of technology and they cannot beat OLED TVs. 

QLED TVs are simply LED TVs, but with a quantum-dot filter that allows better colors to be provided between the LED backlight and the LCD plate. And hence, QLED TVs have stronger colors and brightness than LEDs and most OLED TVs.

  • LED (Light Emitting Diode)

LEDs are the most affordable ones to buy, known for delivering optimal brightness level without consuming much of the power, however, the sound and picture quality will not be as good as QLEDs. 

Final Thoughts,

I hope this article has helped you pick a television to best suit your needs. Choosing a TV entirely depends upon your personal choice and the indoor environment you have. 

For more queries, feel free to get in touch!! I will be happy to help

Thank you for your time and have a good day!! 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How many hours can an LED TV last?

Technically, for anything between 60,000 and 100,000 hours, an LED TV will last. Therefore if you’re watching your TV 24 hours a day, it can last anywhere from six to ten years.

  1. Can smart TV run without an internet connection?

A smart TV needs an internet connection to perform its smart functions. However, it can still work as a regular TV if you connect it to the home cable network. It does not require any internet connectivity for connecting to the DTH network. Under such circumstances, it cannot scan the apps for online content.

  1. What is the concept of a smart TV?

The smart TV is one that can access the internet using Wi-Fi. Smart TV can run various in-built apps. The regular TVs cannot do so. However, you can use external appliances like Amazon Fire TV Stick to connect the TV to the home Wi-Fi and convert a standard LCD/LED TV into a smart TV. However, the TV should have an HDMI port to enable the connection.