Buying a property has always been a major decision as you will be investing your life-time savings for securing your future.

Being house to MNC’s, entrepreneurs, and millennials, Bangalore is indeed an expensive city and so, to buy a property here, you will have to invest lakhs and crores of rupees, so you cannot go vague with your decision. Taking a hasty decision when it comes to buying a property in Bangalore city would do no good to your personal/professional life. There are certain things that you must know and look out for before signing the property documents.

You know you want to build your dream house in Bangalore, but not sure how to begin with? To be honest, the process is quite complicated, but not to worry, in this article I will be helping you to walk through the entire building process with ease. Let’s dive in.

Decide on your budget


Knowing your budget is of utmost importance, without having a firm budget in mind it is nearly impossible for you to decide on how large your home can be built, what would be the location and design features. To make your budgeting process simpler, include the following things

  •    Cost of the land
  •   Local fees and taxes
  •   Engineering and the designing fee
  •  Landscaping cost
  •  Interiors and furnishing
  •  Contingent budget

Now that you have an estimated budget that you are willing to spend upon building your dream house, check out the below-listed areas that are reviewed to be the best ones for building residential properties 


 Koramangala connects well with most of the major locations of the city, like Electronic City, Hosur Road, Intermediate Ring Road, Airport Road, etc. This is one cosmopolitan area and has many shopping complexes and restaurants.


You find everything from silent outskirts to thriving commercial areas and luxurious residential neighborhoods.


One of the oldest residential areas of Bangalore known for its social and cultural heritage.

Richmond Town

Live an easy to travel life here, as you can easily find buses, cabs, and autos from here to any corner of the city.


Well connected to Whitefield, Outer Ring Road, Electronic City, Marathahalli, Koramangala, and many more. Sarjapur is considered to be one of the safest residential localities in Bangalore.


 One of the largest and the most beautiful residential areas in Bangalore. This area homes many BDA parks, departmental stores, educational institutions, shopping complexes, and other amenities needed for a comfortable lifestyle.

As per your requirements, building your house in any of the above-listed areas will help you lead a convenient lifestyle.

The moment you are done with choosing the most suited locality for yourself, the next step is to choose the site location

Site selection and finalization

Buying land to build your house is the very first step that you will have to take. Bangalore, being a vast city, not every location is suitable for building a residential property. Listed below are certain things that you must consider before you settle down for a property.


Based on your preferences, you will have to zero down on the most convenient location for you and your family. The basic qualifying criteria for shortlisting a residential location include- hospitals, shopping bazaar, schools/college, and transportation facilities like metro and cabs.

Soil condition

To save much of your money, you will have to pay extra attention to the soil condition of the property that you intend to finalize as the construction cost is majorly impacted by the soil condition of the property. The softer the soil is, the deeper and stronger the foundation will have to be.

To ensure that you have made the right decision, I recommend you get a soil test done before you start the construction work.

Loam soil is the best type of soil for construction purposes as it does not move, expand or shrink and so building a house would be a lot easier.

Vastu Factor

If you are not a believer in Vastu then this one is optional. However, I would still want you to consider this factor as it has the potential to affect the resale/rental ability in the future as these days, the majority of the people strongly believe in Vastu and wouldn’t like to move to a property that has not been built under the Vastu guidelines.

Legal Documents Required for Purchase of Property

After considering every aspect for site selection, done finalizing? But wait, do not sign the papers yet!! It’s now time to take a look at the legal procedure. A defect or absence of even a single document could invite trouble for you in the future. 

Thus, it is extremely significant to confirm all the below mentioned documents are in place before purchasing property in Bangalore.

  • Sales deed- This is considered to be an ownership document and can be obtained from the registrar’s office after the completion of the construction of your house, 
  • Layout approval- Receiving an approval document from the builder is crucial, this document states that the property is legal and sanctioned by the BDA/BBMP.
  • Occupancy certificate- This certificate states that the property is convenient to stay for a homebuyer. It ensures that basic needs like electricity, water, drainage etc are all in place.
  • Allotment letter- The document comes in the picture after the advance payment has been made, it will cover the key clauses, payment breakdown etc.
  • Certificate of commencement- To begin any type of construction, this document is a must
  • Land use certificate- Residential houses cannot be built on commercial/agricultural spaces etc, therefore, to ensure your land is safe, demand this certificate from the developer for a riskless purchase of land.
  • No objection certificate- Before making any payment, ask the developer to provide you this certificate as it states establishments like safety, water, etc.

Legal procedure might be hectic and time-consuming, but do not skip doing this. Being impatient when it comes to legality can cost your entire hard-earned savings.

Once you are done with all the legalities, it’s time for you to build your team. A team with the following members that would be working hard for months and years together to help you provide your dream house.

Reasons why you need to make your home a smart one

More than a luxury, smart homes have turned to become a necessity in recent past years. Though making a smart home could cost a bit more than building a regular style home, it’s worth your money. Not convinced of having a smart home? Let me share with you the real-time benefits provided by the smart home

  • Efficient- Rushed out of your house in a hurry? Forgot to turn off the lights? You can now control the lights with a one-touch button or mobile phone application. Now with smart devices, you can operate geysers to cookers to light controls, basically with smart devices in your home, you can operate them with just a single click from anywhere. 
  • Secure- You are often home alone? Well, a smart alarm is then the most essential device to get your hands on. Besides helping you protect your home, they offer a lot more additional security features like connected lights, cameras, and doorbells as well which eventually makes your home safer.
  • Comfortable- You can stay in your bed the entire day without worrying about your household chores. With smart devices, you can easily perform all the household operations via various applications. 

I believe these reasons must have surely convinced you to have home into smart ones. 

Must to Have Smart Home Devices

  •  Smart Bulbs

Smart light bulbs like Philips Hue light must be the very first smart product to buy as they are extremely easy to use for light customization. You can preset these bulbs to turn on when you arrive home, dim towards the end of the night, and turn off at your specified time. 

  • Get yourself a smart speaker

Getting smart speakers is similar to getting yourself a companion who will be accompanying you for 24/7. Speakers like Amazon Alexa or Google Nest Mini are combined with AI digital assistants which work on your voice commands. They can play music for you, offer news and sports scores, tell you about the weather, and also, they will help you manage your other connected devices. 

  • Central Router

Want a complete centralized home? Devices like Samsung SmartThings Hub will help you connect all of your smart devices like Alexa/Google Assistant for easy home automation. 

  • Smart Doorbell

With a smart doorbell installed, you will no longer have to walk through your house from one corner to another to see who is on the door. Smart doorbells like the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus lets you see who is knocking at the door with full HD resolution picture quality. 

So, let’s begin with the formation of the team

Select your architect

Architects do a lot more than drawing up the plans. They will be directing your vision, listen to your ideas and needs, and based on the land, budget, and timeframe, they will be helping you to sort out things which are possible and which aren’t. Eventually, architects will be giving you a clear picture of your dream house by providing you with the blueprints.

Qualities to look for when hiring an architect

Amazing drawing/sketching skills- Be it by hand or digital form on the computers, excellent drawing skills must matter the most to you. Do ask to see samples of their previous works.

Problem solver- Identifying the issues and quickly resolving the same instantly is the major ability that you need to look for in an architect

Promising- It is important that they are reliable, professional, and can deliver what you require within your designated time scale.

Things to discuss with the architect
  1. How do they charge- Usually, architects charge a percentage of the final project
  2. Do they offer a 3D rendering service? If you could get a 3D rendering, then it would be easier for you to visualize your plans.
  3.  Be transparent about your budget and timeframe.
  4.  Feel free to share your perceptions. Discuss with them the idea of your home, the number of floors and rooms you wish for etc.

Civil Engineers

Civil engineers will be bound to look into the structure of your house and review the same to ensure that your house is being built within the local building restrictions. You can expect civil engineers to visit your site location at regular intervals of time for inspecting the durability and the stability of the house.

Qualities to look for when hiring a civil engineer

  • Technical skills- A good Civil Engineer should have a level of Mathematics and Physics that allows for the identification and solving of engineering problems
  • Project Management skills- it is important that a Civil Engineer can step up to the task and manage a diverse team of professionals
  • Critical Thinking- They need to be able to assess the pros and cons of all possible solutions, and they need to be decisive to choose the best one.
Things to discuss with your civil engineer
  1. Finalize on meeting on regular intervals for timely updates
  2. Number of people working in his team
  3. Talk about the response time to phone calls

Electrical Engineers

Home without electricity? Haha, not even in dreams!! During the construction process, electricians will often be seen at the site location of your house. Wires and boxes will be in preparation during the initial stage of the construction and once the drywall is done, they will be covering the boxes with the plates. Lastly, going even slightly wrong with the electricians can cost you lives as building a house involves arrangement and distribution of wires in the entire area of the house along with the other electrical items and so being cautious is important.

Qualities to look for when hiring an electrical engineer

  • Time Management- An electrician’s ability to predict the time needed and stick to that timeline is a must-have skill.
  • Alert- Electricians will need a strong understanding of regulations and safety procedures and be mindful to work in a way that keeps them and others safe.
  • Punctual- It’s important to look for electricians who will show up on time and contribute
Things to discuss with electrical engineer
  1. Discuss the safety measures that will be taken on-site location
  2. Are you allowed to see the work in progress 
  3. Discuss all of your electronic requirements 
  4. What are the guarantees and warranties offered? 

Master Plumber

For you to have a good water and sewage system in your house, the plumbers will be responsible to deal with the water lines, drain lines, sinks, faucets, and even the gas lines for your cooking equipment. You can see the plumbers working in every area where there will be a need for water and drainage

Qualities to look for when hiring a plumber

  • Safety first- Good plumbers always prioritize safety. Plumbing problems will always be handled with good plumbers that use safe practices. They will strictly follow safety procedures.
  • Punctuality- Worth-hiring plumbers are punctual. Their being on time is associated with their work attitude and affects the quality of customer service and your business.
  • Certification- Plumbers must be licensed and certified. They are required to meet certain requirements and pass some tests before they can get hold of a license.
Things to discuss with your plumber
  1. Cross-check about warranty and guarantee provided
  2. Will they be doing the cleanup
  3. Are they available 24/7, just in case of emergency
  4. Discuss the sub-contractors 

Hire a General Contractor

By hiring a general contractor, you can reduce most of your stress. A trustworthy and easy to communicate general contractor will ensure that everything and everyone is going to the plans finalized, they will be there monitoring the entire construction process, watching the laborers and other workers on the site, and supervising the work.

Qualities to look for when hiring a general contractor

  • Flexibility- Hire a general contractor that’s able and willing to take on every aspect of your project within the time frame for which they may end up working for extra hours, weekends.
  • Listening skills- Since it’s your home that is being built, tell the general contractor exactly what you want and why. Their job is to do as you wish.
  • Integrity- A general contractor with integrity will never overcharge a customer and will always do exactly what they say they will

Things to discuss with your general contractor

  1. Since they will be monitoring your entire dream house construction, ask them to share more than one contact details for you to reach them
  2. Discuss with them about their main suppliers (Hardware and electrical dealers)
  3. What would the approximate start and end time for the construct be
  4. Is your presence required during any specific time? 

Painters and Drywallers

To add colors to your house, painters are those professionals known for handling the interior and exterior of your house with perfection. With a variety of finishes and color shades available, you will just have to name it, the painters will get it done right. Whereas drywallers are the professionals responsible for hiding the electric wires, insulation, and studs by putting up the drywall.

Qualities to look for when hiring a painter

  • Trustworthy- Whomever you choose to paint your home needs, to be honest. After all, they will be spending time in your home and possibly around your family
  • Dependable- A good home painter sticks to a schedule and lets you know if there need to be any changes
  • Skilled- A competent painter knows their abilities and won’t take on a job that they don’t have the equipment or know-how to complete efficiently
Things to discuss with your painters
  1. Ask them about the quality of the paint that will be used for painting your house
  2. How many painters will be one the job
  3. How long will it take to complete the job
  4. How will be the cleanup process be post completion of painting
Things to discuss with the drywallers
  1. Talk about the warranty duration and what all does it cover
  2. Discuss about the permits required if any
  3. Ask them to share references 

Masons and Roofers

Masons follow the specifications provided by the civil engineers. They work on the walls, flooring, basically, everything that involves cement and concretes. When talking about roofers, they include working with the trusses, insulation, and the final roofing with your desired material for the roofing.

Qualities to look for when hiring a mason

  • Communication- The ease and tone of communication should be considered for easy discussion
  • Management- Quality of site management portrays their attitude towards the work
  • Problem-solving- Considerate about what problems might occur and come up with a solution
Things to discuss with the masons
  1. Ask them whether or not you are supposed to do some basic preparations in terms of clearing out furniture
  2. Will they be doing the cleanup
  3. To ensure that their work lasts, ask them to provide you with a guaranty and warranty
  4. Talk to them about the quality of the product that will be used for your house.
Things to discuss with the roofers
  1. How will you protect your workers’ safety while on my property?
  2. What steps will you take to avoid damaging my home or property during installation?
  3. Talk about the guaranty offered
  4. Instruct them about the quality of work that you expect


Carpenters are hired for working with the wood. They will be taking care of the doors, windows, cabinets, and other woodworks of your house. Based on your requirements, they can easily customize the design of your cabinets and the other storage spaces.

Qualities to look for when hiring a carpenter

  • Physical strength- Proper physical fitness is required since all the work that they do need arm and body strength.
  • Strong mathematics- They need to understand the dimensions and measurements from all angles, for making the specified final product.
  • Attentive- This is because many a time they might have to carve designs to your request
Things to discuss with the carpenter
  1. Discuss with them about your storage requirements
  2. Ask them to share and suggest references.
  3. Tell me to sketch the designs as per your requirements
  4. Discuss the services included in their quote

Interior Designers

Interior Designers come into the picture when the house is finished. Depending on your style, they will be working on the interiors of your house. From picking the right elements to placing them, interiors work towards making the interiors of your house look beautiful beyond imagination.

Qualities to look for when hiring an interior designer

  • Creative- Interior designers must be able to offer unique ideas suiting your taste
  • Love for decoration- If you see that your prospective interior decorator has a passion for interior design, then he or she is an excellent option.
  • Winning attitude- Hire someone who has a winning attitude towards challenges in designing.
Things to discuss with your interior designers

For designers to come up with a unique plan suiting your taste, you need to discuss your likes and dislikes. Discuss with your designer about the following things

  1. Your favorite and not so favorite area of the house
  2. Your favorite and not so favorite color
  3. By what time frame are you expecting your home
  4. Be open about your budget
  5. Talk more about your personality, this will help the designer grab your preference easily

Flooring Installer

Floor installers commence their work about the initial wirings and primer coat to the interior walls. Besides paying attention to the interiors of your home and choosing the colors, there’s another major element that can change the entire look of your house. And yes, it is the flooring. 

With a wide range of flooring options available, you will ensure picking the best ones which complement your interiors beautifully and let the flooring installers take over, you can rest assured.

Qualities to look for when hiring a flooring installer

  • Good knowledge- A professional must know before strong knowledge about the flooring installation process beforehand
  • Good Reputation- A professional flooring installer will always produce photographs of their past projects and will not hesitate to provide referees whenever needed.
  • Reasonable- You need to hire a person who promptly responds to your phone calls, provides free flooring cost estimates in time.
Things you should discuss with your flooring installer
  1. Talk about what could go wrong during the flooring process
  2. Ask them about the uncertain situations that might cause the price to increase
  3. Ask your contractor how long the job would take
  4. Ask your contractor how they will contain dust and clean up


The interior of your house is being taken care of but what about the exteriors? Have a good spacious area outside but not skilled enough for home gardening? Well, it is time for the landscapers to show their excellent skills to make the garden area or the yard look magnificent.

Qualities to look for when hiring a landscaper

  • Qualifications- A true landscape architect is trained and certified, with a Bachelor’s Degree in landscaping
  • Reputation- A good landscaper will usually have a good reputation in the area they serve. Do read customer reviews
  • Experience- The higher number of experiences they have, the better the skills.
Things to discuss with your landscaper
  1.  Exchange ideas for your property
  2. Talk about budgeting
  3. How long would the installation process take?
  4. Ask them for the guarantee of the quality of the work.
  5. Take notes on maintenance that you must take care of after the work is completed.

Note: It is your responsibility to ensure that each of the professionals working for the construction of your house are licensed. 

Below mentioned are some of the most promising Bangalore based construction companies on which you can rely for the making of your dream house. 

Klass Designers and Contractors

+91 99860 02140
Svbuilders and constructions+91 99019 49890
Spaze Aspirations Pvt Ltd+91 70224 58425
AR Constructions
+91 98459 61885

Common mistakes to avoid when building a home

  1. Not making timely decisions- Taking time to choose the color for your room is justified but taking over a week is not. Delay in one work and complicate the entire workflow of the workers.
  2. Act as a general contractor- To cut down expenses, you might think of skipping to hire a general contractor. But can you be sure that you will be 24/7 available at the construction site? No right?! Then do not take a chance, let a professional monitor the work.
  3. Compromising location for price- Cheap pricing is indeed tempting but always remember that homes in a prime location are instantly valued higher.

Home Construction Loan

Assuming that you might fall short of funds to build your dream house? Well, it’s true that dreams are expensive but since, building a house is a one-time investment, I do not wish for you to compromise with your needs and wants especially when you have below listed top lenders offering home construction loans at a minimum interest rate.

List of BanksInterest Rates
SBI 6.95%
ICICI Bank7.10%
Bank of Baroda6.85%

Checklist for Applying Home Construction Loan 

  • KYC Documents – ID & Address Proof – Pan Card, Passport, Voter ID, Aadhar card (Any One) and Residence Proof – Any Utility Bill, Ration Card, Copy of Passbook (Any One)
  • Property Documents 
  • Income Documents 
  1. Salaried Individual – Bank Statement, Income Details on company letterhead, Salary Slips
  2. Self Employed Professional – Qualification certificate, Income tax return copy
  3. Self Employed Non-Professional – VAT or Service tax return copy, bank statement for 6 months
  • List of requisite plans – In addition to the identity proof and plot documents, a local municipal authority approved a detailed layout plan of the proposed building on site must also be submitted. Along with this, a certified architect or engineer must submit an estimated cost of construction.

Based on all the above-mentioned documents, if the bank is sure that the project is safe to lend money for, your loan will be sanctioned.

Home Insurance

Don’t you agree that there’s no place like home?!! Well, it is said so because the warmth provided by your very own house is replaceable. Also, you have invested loads of money for the very same comfort. What if one day your home disappears due to the floor or any other natural calamity? Wouldn’t that be the most devastating due to your life?

All I can say is we do not have control over natural disasters, thus, saving your home wouldn’t be possible but you can take certain actions to protect the losses caused due to the calamities.

Home insurance policies are being offered by insurance companies for covering your home against risks from natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, riots, fire, etc.,

For you to understand better, let me explain to you why a home insurance policy is a must for the homeowners

It protects from natural disasters.

Having no control over natural disasters, it can be the worst nightmare for you as a homeowner. Your insurance company will be taking up the expense of repairing the damage caused due to natural calamities

It provides you with a sense of relief

Doesn’t it feel good when you know that no matter what happens to your house, depending on the insurance policy, you might not have to spend even a single penny for the reconstruction of your house? This thought will always give you peace of mind.

It provides replacement for your loss

Depending on the home insurance policy you opt for, you will have complete right to claim for replacement of the insured goods that have been damaged instead of just claiming a small amount for the damage.

Below are some of the best home insurance plans in India

Insurer NamePlan NameSum Assured (Building+ Content)Basic Premium
HDFC ErgoHome ShieldRs.40 lakhs+ Rs.10 lakhsRs. 7,920
The New India AssuranceGriha SuvidhaRs.40 lakhs+ Rs.10 lakhsRs.8,375
Royal SundaramGruh SurakshaRs.40 lakhs+ Rs.10 lakhsRs.8,072
SBI GeneralLong Term Home InsuranceRs.40 lakhsRs.8,284 (5 years)
Oriental GeneralHouse Holder InsuranceRs.40 lakhs+ Rs.10 lakhsRs.2,600

What are the claims covered under the home insurance policy? 

Every insurance company has a certain set of policies to cover. However, some of the most common covered perils include

  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Explosions
  • Damage from civil disturbances
  • Damage caused by snow or ice on the roof
  • Damage caused by motor vehicles or aircraft
  • Theft of personal property

How does filing a homeowner’s insurance claim work?

  • Shoot videos- Take pictures of the damages done to your home by taking video and pictures and share them with your insurance company
  • Report your claim as soon as possible- Immediately contact your insurance company after you discover the damage. Discuss whether or not the damage will be claimed under the policy
  • Fill out the claim forms promptly- Your insurance company will be sending you the necessary claim forms, fill out the same and make a note of deadlines if any
  • Document everything- Besides pictures and videos of the damage caused, save the receipts for costs you incurred like materials purchased for temporary repairs as a result of the loss.
  • Be present for the adjuster- Once you are done filing for the claim, an adjuster from the company will be assigned. He will be making arrangements with you to inspect the damages and complete a repair estimate for the damages that are covered under your policy.
  • Receive a settlement- Post inspection, the adjuster will then issue payments for the damages that are covered under your policy.

To sum up

You now have the complete guide that would help you build your dream house legally and effortlessly. So, what are you waiting for?!! It’s time to turn on your action mode and start working towards making your dream come true.