With the world so vast,

Our minds so fast,

Endless ideas that cross,

Only one that goes across!!

–  The Crafter’s tale <3

Quite often that we come across amazing ideas & concepts, some that come alive & some that remain hidden in the sketchbooks. Just as most artists, she was the one who practiced! But practiced what? To learn to give shape to her ideas. Shape on paper, shape on canvas, shape on everything that she could possibly do. Her world of illusion & imagination had no boundaries, she went on & on.

And one day, she found Us! As happy as she was, were we. Both jumping in joy. Her sketches danced when they saw our machines. Her eyes tearing with joy that her lines would now get life.

Putting across a small narrative today of how Akaar lived upto their motive by “Giving shape to her ideas!”

A small initiative in helping her grow, in helping her imagine more & never give up.

1. The leaf

We remember! She came to us the first time, she said she was overwhelmed to find us. She bought in her hand, a tiny A4 size sheet rolled. All of us wondering what could it be? And then she showed us this:

She said, I managed to doodle it well, but failed to get those arcs with my blade. I saw her worried & disappointed with herself. I asked her, what are you planning to do after you cut this? Ofcourse, I asked out of curiousness. She said, she planned to attempt a 3d paper art with this. We said we could cut it for her with the help of our machine, she was happy, but not confident. She wanted to do her artwork the same day. It was a summer afternoon, I was trying my best to get her the doodle cut out ASAP. I happened to meet her again, that evening, her eyes peeping to know if I got the cut out, and that million dollar smile she had when she finally saw it 🙂

2. The Planter

The next in series was something we were all experimenting. She got us a hexagon paper model of a planter & said, she wanted the same, something more sturdy & with low maintenance. Her love for plants was endless, & she wanted to make her balcony greener with these replicas.

3. Gift boxes

Soon, she began exploring everything with us. She didn’t limit the knowledge to herself. She let many others like her know about the laser cutting technology to encourage them give shape to their ideas. She came up with packaging workshops to spread the art. The outcome is beautiful! Not just adults, she spread it among kids also. People from all walks took part & learnt.

4. Embroidered pendants

She was a versatile artist & crafter. She explored various crafts & gave them her own twist. She had a background story to everything she did. She came up with these beautiful pendants, that in no time became popular. While kids found it cute, the youths made it trending & the aged took it up to pass their time while creating something valuable.

She gave a beautiful meaning to her explorations.

5. Wall art

And finally a life size work of her’s adoring beautiful brick arch.

Out of those endless concepts & works of hers, she has made one thing clear, nothing is too small to be attempted, nothing is impossible.

A sneak peek into few of her concept based architectural works:

We loved giving shape to her ideas, and wish her Good luck!


Yes! Finally, art meets technology! Their duo is beautiful <3