Having a positive environment to live in is a basic necessity & emergency in the current scenario. With increasing pollution levels, depleting green covers and shortage of floor space, it becomes important for every individual to start planting vertically within their homes for a better quality life.

You may wonder, how would a small plant help tackle huge issues, but this is something which needs to be done, experienced & felt. The peace you get in the end is worth all the efforts put in.

Today, we have various succulents available, that require very little maintainance, help in purifying the air around us, keep mosquitoes away, hence filling energy & positivity in our spaces giving us a healthier environment.

Here are few beautiful examples of planting vertically in your homes & offices, thus adding value to your spaces.

Nature inspired partition wall between living & dining area that gives provision for you to store indoor plants with very little maintainance required.

Indoor planter boxes that act as partition and planters at the same time.

Rustic simple steel moulds that adore the plain wooden walls with yellows & greens.

Simple acrylic boxes that enhance the aesthetic appearance of the space double up into indoor planter boxes.

Triangular tessellations join to form a hanging planter & lighting element at the same time. The beauty of this ceiling element is enhanced by those free falling creeper plants.

Landscaping around this water body has been given an artistic touch with the high flowery planter box which divides the space ensuring privacy to the pool lounge behind.

Triangular frame work that acts as a wall art and a stand for potted plants at the same time.

Pyramoidal planter pouches that enhances the grey wall & creatively bring out the concept of gravity.

Ever thought you could get such a beautiful version of a laser cut screen which would become the support system to the climbers?