Partition walls divide spaces according to their function but they need not always be a solid plain wall. A partition wall can be designed with innovation and in harmony with the spaces.

Here are 8 beautiful examples of different partition walls.

1. Wood grain wall


This steel wood grain detail partition wall creates a see through passage way to the interior and suits the wooden flooring, creating a harmonious outlook. Such Partition walls can be used for access to public and semi-private spaces.

2. Bamboo divider


Bamboo sticks create a subtle and serene atmosphere. This type of partition walls can be used divide a space without completely confining a space.

3. Sliding door partition wall


Sliding door partition walls are useful in places like studio apartments where there is no necessity for solid walls and such partitions can be used when in need of privacy.

4. Carved wood wall


Wood as a material is most commonly used in interiors. When used in an innovative manner to function as a partition wall it can be used to direct movement into different locations within a space.

5. Metal partitions


This type of partition is perfect for places that do not require much privacy. The function of such partition is to direct movement and divide spaces. It is best suited between kitchen and dining or dining and living.

6. Laser cut detail partition


Laser cut details look beautiful indoor and outdoor where there is ample amount of light when it creates a light and shadow pattern according to the details. It makes the space interesting and aesthetic.

7. Decorative glass partition


Glass partition walls are more corporate than comfy. Such partitions suit offices and public spaces. The details can be customized to suit the place and requirement.

8. Temporary partition walls


This is the best solution for places where you don’t need a permanent partition. They are easy to assemble when required and can be used to allot smaller sections within a large room. They can be used in commercial spaces and residences for a unique and creative space.