With Diwali just around the corner, I set out to find best gifts to give your loved ones on the occasion of Diwali.

Typically Diwali gifts are sweets, chocolates etc. we tried to do something different. We wanted to give you a list of items which your loved ones can use to decorate their homes, and remember you everytime they look at the gift 🙂

I have tried to make this list in such a way where you can pick items which people will love universally. Number 8 is my favorite.

LED Diyas

Diwali is the festival of lights, what better way of gifting your loved ones a set of lights – to replace the traditional Diyas. The best part is these won’t produce any smoke, or burn your hand. They’ll cost you less than Rs. 500!

Smart LED Color Tube-light/ Baton

Keeping with the theme of lights, gift them future of lights. Once installed, they can just use their phone to turn on/ off their lights. Best part is it works with Alexa/ Google assistant, so they can just tell their phones “Turn on the light” and these battens will light up.

Multi Port Charger

Everyone at home nowadays have a smartphone. The problem is most rooms/ halls have just one port to charge. This TP link multiport charger will slove that problem.

You can charge upto 5 devices at ones, and many people don’t even know it’s available.

This will make an excellent gift which your loved ones will thank you for every single day.

Simple Home Gym – Resistance Bands

Setting up a home gym needs a lot of investment and space. This gift will encourage your loved one to exercise more, at home. The best part is this “Gym” can be stored in a drawer!

So after having all the sweets in Diwali, let your loved one loose some weight by using these simple resistance bands.

Resistance bands provide a great workout, in fact world class athletes use these bands to boost their flexibility and strength.

Single Serve Smoothie Maker

Smoothies are the new rage in health and fitness, so encourage your loved ones to get fit with this single serve smoothie maker.

It’s small, doesn’t take too much space and best of all comes under Rs 1000

Automatic Air Freshener

Everyone loves a great fragrance, the problem is air fresheners are always very frustrating to use. You never realize if you sprayed too much and when the bottle will get over.

This automatic fragrance mist generator will on its own make sure your home is always fresh, and ready for any occasion.

Smell is one of humans most powerful senses, and I assure you your loved ones will remember you every-time they enjoy the fragrance.

Emoji Pillows

I don’t send a single message these days without emoji.

What’s more memorable than emoji pillows 🙂

These serve as great show pieces on any couch or sofa. Your loved one will be reminded of all the great times they’ve had with you.

Money Plant

In Diwali, we try our best to invite Laxmi to our homes. Well, what better chance of inviting Laxmi than gifting a money plant which not only boosts your chances of earning more money, but also takes care of your health?

This is an indoor plant, so don’t worry about sunlight, and you just need to water it once a week. A very thoughtful, gift, I personally recommend it.