With increasing competition in every field, the construction industry has seen a boom in the recent years. As the industry expands its infrastructure opportunities choosing the right architects, construction team & materials used for construction of your homes, becomes very important.

You will definitely want to pick the best and the most affordable architect to design your dream home. Someone who is going to make your imagination – a reality.

Here’s a list of architects with their areas of specialization in building different types of homes in & around Bangalore:

Natural Earthy homes:

We have all got super conscious about our choices today, right from the food we eat, the things we use and homes we build.  We have gone vegan, organic & sustainable now.

Likewise sustainable earthy homes can be a choice for those who do not want to inhale the toxic chemicals in the paints we use. Here’s a promising group with earth rooted style of architecture for you. They offer homes that are completely built with natural materials, right from the cob wall, to the mud plaster. Remember those ancient mud houses? Yes, that’s what we our talking about. Whether you plan to build a farmhouse, a home, or a cottage, this should suit you the best.

Check out Thannal – hand sculpted homes for an insight into natural building methods.

Picture courtesy: Thannal – hand sculpted Homes

Earthy yet modern homes:

If you think a completely earthy home with those mud plasters is not your choice, then we have a modern version of it for you. A home built of adobe walls, without compromising on the aesthetics. A home which focuses on the functional aspects while still giving utmost importance to your traditional practices. A home which is going to be built from its own earth with no toxic paints & plasters. An energy saving module that you will live in!! Imagine while all the others are going to be using fans & air conditioners, you still have a pleasant temperature inside your home.

Check out Biome Environmental SolutionsAndagere Architects for their simple yet beautiful architectural creations.

Picture courtesy:  Biome Environmental Solutions

Picture courtesy:  Andagere Architects

Versatile homes:

While there are endless material options available today, we have very few who can blend them together harmoniously. If you’re someone who has a wild imagination for your homes and are willing to experiment with various materials, then Mistry architects is for you.

Whether you want to use a combination of stone & metal or exposed concrete & glass or anything that isn’t too mainstream, then they are sure to bring life to your wild ideas.

Picture courtesy:  Mistry Architects

Artsy homes:

You are an art lover and would love that to reflect in your home? Then Jaisim Fountainhead & Kham designs is the perfect for you. Whether you want to biomimic nature into your house or have it nature inspired, whether you plan on using the unconventional building methods or typical contemporary style, they have it all for you. You could just express your art out to them & relax as you see your dream house take shape.

Picture courtesy:  Jaisim Fountainhead

Picture courtesy: Kham Designs

Contemporary homes:

Looking for a minimalistic contemporary look for your house, something that would stand out from its surroundings? Check out – Ochre architects. Although contemporary style has a few common & bold features but with them around you, you’re sure to have an end product never seen before.

Picture courtesy: Ochre architects

Parametric homes:

If you have always admired Zaha Hadid’s creations, then you’re sure to find an element or two of her’s in Cadence architects works. Be it interiors or exteriors, they are all influenced by smooth curves. Your line of vision is going to flow smoothly into all spaces of their architecture & interiors.

Picture courtesy: Cadence Architects

Bamboo homes:

Ever thought of Bamboo as a structural element? Manasaram architects will show you how an entire house could be built with just bamboo as the main material without compromising on the structural stability or aesthetics of the house.

Picture courtesy: Manasaram Architects

Sustainable housing communities:

Townships & housing communities are regaining popularity, while concrete jungles in the form of high rise apartments is a usual sight today, we have firms like Good Earth doing their best to build Sustainable Housing communities.

Picture courtesy: Good Earth


If you are looking for some natural, free flowing interiors with colourful organic plasters instead of paints, then don’t forget to check out Made in Earth.

Picture courtesy:  Made in Earth

We hope this article has helped you & guided you further to build your DREAM HOME!