How to attract customers and improve their retail experience? This is a common question asked by retailers — both start-ups and the bigger names in the industry.

Apart from the implementation of regular strategies such as marketing campaigns, communications, and customer service, another factor that plays a crucial role in attracting visitors is the IN STORE experience. In fact, a major chunk of your foot traffic depends on how you present yourself. 

So what can you do to Improve your In store Experience and Brand Visibility? 

Here are 7 simple yet inexpensive steps you can take to help improve your customer’s retail experience: 

1. Create an attractive brand signage


You must have already come across big black block letters, engraved over a plain concrete slab, in the entrance of most retail stores. Although this goes a long way in displaying your brand name, you can consider standing out from the crowd by using a bit of twist in the design of your sign board. A compelling sign may come in the form of glow sign boards, elegant name plates with your logo, or maybe a digital signage.

Here’s an example for digital signage – Something which adds a creative flare to your exterior.

2. Make a Fun Window display area

You can utilise your window space to tell the story of your brand. Invite passerbys to want to peek into your store and experience your story for real. Try to tempt your customer and pique his curiosity. You might try to tug at the emotional strings through these artworks. Check out the fall window display below:


Not only are the mannequins lively, the entire idea uses minimal props and hence is budget-friendly. It even promotes both straight and same sex weddings. If you wish to change the theme of seasons, just replace the leaves with snow flakes. Bingo! You have a winter wedding theme. Wonderful for Valentine Day, what say?

3. Display the best products at the front


When you have a huge inventory in stock, why not consider displaying the best products right at the front of your store?  Nothing grabs a customer’s attention more than keeping a brand new shiny item at plain view. If you deal in apparels, place the trendiest attires at plain visibility — better still if draped around a killer-looking mannequin.  

Now how do you ensure maximum visibility? Using glass wood combination doors is a huge help here. Try once and let us know!

4. Get creative with your check-out counter


Your check-out counter is the point where your customer becomes a paying buyer. He/she has already decided that he/she is going to spend a certain amount at your store. Therefore, you can utilise this area to increase your sales further, enhance customer loyalty, and ensure repeat buying.

Stock up this part with merchandise that people usually buy on an impulse. Such items can include low-priced, attractive, fast-moving, and gifting products. These can even comprise tiny knick-knacks that individuals often forget to buy but are necessary.

You can also consider designing the way toward the counter in an innovative manner. Pack the shelves near the aisle with small, inexpensive essentials. Another trick is to train your employees to start conversations with customers. This may include suggestions about getting the buyer other related items or informing him/her about an offer/gift if he/she adds a bit more to his/her purchase. Always take care that this point of sales area is never cluttered or overcrowded. Customers should be able to make their transactions in a no-stress situation.

5. Utilise your walls to promote your products and services


Get creative and transform your building so that it becomes instantly recognizable and easily shows what you sell. Engrave the names of the best products in MDF letters with compelling pictures. Every image should scream and showcase a customer’s interests.  

Further More, Using walls to display your products Vertically puts your products in the range of customer’s field of vision, allowing more engagement – Resulting in more sales. 

6. Install shelves to organise your products


You can utilise the area in your store to the maximum by displaying items at various levels. It not only is visually appealing to your customers but also aids you in showing off a neat arrangement. Install shelves at different levels. Place coloured drapes which hang down from the ceiling to the floor. This tempts the customer to gaze up and gives him an illusion of greater space.

7. Create a purchase path

You can get creative with your flooring. You must already know that distinct floorings help customers to distinguish between separate areas. It is very common to see an island area in retail stores around their point of sale environments. In fact, creating such demarcations need not be too expensive. You can simply and smartly place a rug for the job. Just focus  on creating a purchase path while focusing on two major goals – increased exposure to store inventory and increased flow of store traffic.

Ikea is especially Creative with using way finding signages to control customer flow and maximise visibility. 

These are just a few ways to attract customers to your store for getting more traffic and increasing sales — without creating a hole in your bank balance. They are not only cheap but are also effective. If you can think of any more innovative ideas, feel free to let us know 🙂