Granite is a igneous rock formed by magma cooling within the earth’s crust. The magma is rich in silica, when it cools down without reaching earth’s surface forming crystallization. These crystals or coarse grain like structure which are even-visible from the naked eye. Have you always wondered why people install granite, even though it’s expensive? Here are the 6 reasons why to select a Granite Flooring in your dream home.

1. Highly Durable

As they have a very slow aging process, it will easily last you for long time 3 to 4 generation. If you and your future generations are planning to be in the same home for a long longtime this is a best option. Unless you get bored watching the same flooring or change/move your home whole together. It is one of hardest naturally occurring stone in the world.

2. Uniqueness and Natural Aesthetic appeal

Natural slab is cut out of quarry, they won’t be two pattern of granite which are same. When you put a granite in a your home it gives a one of kind flooring. It is the impurities which gives it unique patterns, colors and designs.

3. Easy to Maintain

They are stain resistant , scratch resistant, hence very low maintenance and easy to clean. Also it is fire resistant. It’s one of the best long-term investment you can have. Granite can easily withstand heat without effecting it.

4. Easy Installation Process

When a granite is a sealed properly, then it is easier to clean and maintain. They are stain resistant , scratch resistant, hence very low maintenance and easy to clean. Also they it is fire resistant.

5. Value Addition to your home

Granite flooring will boost the value to your home. There is greater chance of getting a sale done sooner when you have a good granite work done.

6. Hypoallergenic in Nature

Anyone at your home suffering from allergies, granite flooring is hypoallergenic in nature and will make all the difference. People with allergies, asthma, or any other breathing problems will have trouble with carpet flooring which holds hairs, dust and dirt. Granite flooring made non-porous by using sealants which do not hold any odors or pet dander.

Granite is best option for Kitchen Counter top. It has high durability, high resistance towards scratches, dust and heat and easy to maintain. Also used in high traffic area such Government & Commercial spaces, living room and house outdoor.

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