A garden is not a static object, it is a moving spectacle, a series of scenographic images that change with the season, the point of view, the time of day, the mood. It is an assemblage of plants of different scale and texture, a composition of green on green, an ever changing play of light and shade, a succession of hidden surprises and sudden vistas, a landscape of memories and ideas.
Having one such element in the urban set up is a necessity for a quality life in today’s world.

Here are a few beautiful examples of using the greens artistically in various spaces of your homes:

1. Wall Planters

The urban set up of life has got us to a confused state- we want to plant but we say we have no space to plant. Your problem seems solved. Yes, with very little floor space in hand we are still left with those walls. What stops you from decoarting those blank walls with these green elements. Here’s how you could do it. Install any simple steel laser cut screen / panel with tiny planter compartments on them. This will ensure that your wall is free of dirt/ moisure, yet decoarted. You could also go in for automated water system for these wall planters.

2. Leafy Seaters

What better than having such a beautiful space within your home garden to sit in with some chai, gossips and books. This definitely is my favourite hang out & personal space. The beautiful jali work with those greens & reds around make it a perfect picturesque.

3. Green Facades

What about those terrace walls that have been untouched for decades now! Let’s start off and paint some greens & browns on it. Clad a beautiful corten steel panel with glass backing and make an artwork of greens on & around it.

4. Green Compound walls

Compound walls had been ignored for long, but now we know, a beautiful entrance is the most welcoming, be it the facade or the compound wall. So why not carry this to the next level by cladding it with beautiful patterns and greens.

5. Green Backdrops


Whether its an exterior wall or an interior wall, we have usually seen it as a barrier and a protective layer. Lets get a little innovative with these walls by putting interesting laser cut backdrops & plants. They act as decor & functional elements at the same time. In on case it becomes emphasis for the dining area and enhances the dining experience. In another case it becomes the support for the climbers to give a pictureque pool experience.

6. Lawn Pavilions


Imagine a home which epitomises your style and sophistication, combined with the personalised lawn Pavilions. These open & semi-open pavilions look less bulky when combined with wood and laser cut steel panels to give the space a rustic feel.