Remember, that meeting with your designer, when you as a couple went to discuss the idea of how your bedroom would look? Hahaha, yes, that never ending list of things that your wife kept talking about throughout the meeting, that mirror, the headboard, the wardrobe & soooo many other things. And how she convinced you so sweetly for all of them!

Here, listing out 5 of those important things, that she emphasised on so much, that you had no option but to agree 😀

1. Honey! One full length mirror please!!

We all know that looking good is also an art! And ofcourse women have mastered the art. She decides to look at her beautiful self in that long mirror, hence our bedroom must have one full length mirror. Can’t do without it honey!

2. Dressing & Cosmetic unit

Oh! And what about the dressing unit? Where will I keep my collection of 100 lipsticks, 200 nail paints? Honey, can we also accomodate a cosmetic organiser in our dressing unit!

3. A lot of wardrobe space

Uhhhh! And the moment she started counting the list of things which she needs to accomodate in the wardrobe…you had a heart break. You couldn’t tell a word, we know it wasn’t a 50-50 division anymore. You had to compromise & adjust with just 5% of the entire wardrobe space.

4. The Decor

That fight over floral & geometric patterns, the colours for the beds & walls! Sigh! You never thought it would so hard to agree on a single pattern or colour with your SO!!

5. Finally, A master bathroom

You felt like there were holes in your pocket the minute you heard “master bathroom”. You just started counting the extra days you would overtime for that in house manicure, pedicure unit, & the jacuzzi.

But, in the end it was always your lady love dominating the design of your room and you couldn’t be more happier seeing her so happy! “All’s well that ends well!”