The first step to running a successful retail store is to get noticed. And the best way to draw attention is by installing an attractive signboard that shall also help in generating sales.  The major functions of a retail sign are to draw foot traffic and establish a communication medium with your customers. You should also be careful in designing and placing signs because a simple incorrect step may create confusion or overwhelm buyers.

Retail store signs should be useful and clear, informative and attention-grabbing. Your color code should be attractive and visible, the message crisp, and the quality premium. Signs can serve multiple purposes — from educating buyers to guiding them and giving general product information.

Therefore, before proceeding forward, read this article about 7 best practices that you must consider when installing compelling retail signs.

Now, let us browse through this article to learn about the 5 different types of signages that you can consider for your retail business.

Outdoor Signs


As you must already know, a business’s secret to success depends mainly on two skills — advertising and marketing. When properly implemented, they can enormously help in boosting sales, promoting your company image, and spreading awareness about your brand name. Apart from radio ads, commercials, and handing out flyers, another important component of advertising is your outdoor sign. A creatively designed exterior signage will build an image of your company in the minds of people and they will instantly recognize you from any place.

Exterior or outdoor signs play the most crucial role in brick and mortar stores — that is to draw customers towards the entrance. They help you establish the first line of contact between you and a potential buyer. Your outdoor sign — apart from introducing your business — must tempt visitors to actually enter your store and want something.

Do keep in mind that your outdoor sign should be seen from far away, there should not be any blockage along the line of sight, and the letters should be big enough to read from a distance. One recommendation is to use contrasting colors so that they don’t blend together. You must instantly recognize McDonald’s golden arches or Starbuck’s green mermaid logo wherever you are. This is an example of good signage practices. Therefore, taking the necessary steps to devise an iconic logo will help in creating the maximum brand awareness.


Your outdoor sign can come in the form of a sidewalk, entrance, or window sign. Place it in an area which witnesses maximum traffic and ensures the most visibility. Brand it in a way that puts across your message clearly and also conveys the experience that a customer can expect within the building.

Informational Signs


Informational signs can come in several forms — departmental, wayfinding, directional, or organizational. They aid in guiding customers through your establishment. Therefore, they should be easy to understand at a single glance. Our recommendation would be to go for big, bold, and visible fonts. Informational signs also reflect the orderly arrangement of your store apart from benefiting buyers.

Wayfinding or directional signs are really necessary when your retail complex is large. They will ensure that your clients do not get lost and get frustrated with your business. Usually, wayfinding signs are a type of indoor signs. However, if a location has several entrances to different complexes, they can also be placed as an outdoor sign — to guide customers directly to your store.

Persuasive Signs


The major function of persuasive signs is to tempt customers via a compelling message and eye-grabbing graphics. You can use this signage to advertise or promote certain products. Such displays can aid in selling items that previously went unnoticed.or are new, seasonal, and featured merchandise. A certain amount of creativity on your part can go a long way in generating a higher perceived value for otherwise ordinary products, creating brand awareness, and increasing sales.

Promotional Signs


You can place a promotional signage inside or outside your store when you are running seasonal or festive deals and offers. You can also go a step further and utilize such signages to highlight normally priced products. For example, if the price of three products is INR 20 each, just place a sign that says ‘Get 3 xxx for INR 60’. It creates an impression that your buyer is getting a good deal and he/she will be drawn to purchase the item.

Point of Purchase Signs


A point of purchase or POP sign acts as your key sales pitch. It is placed in a manner so as to draw customers’ attention to specific products or specific sales on certain sections of your store. They will guide buyers towards those areas in your establishment which house best sellers or sale items. You can create a POP board so that it informs a customer about your targeted product and compels him or her to buy it with a tempting offer. POP signs are mainly used to fuel impulse buying by placing them in high traffic spaces within the store.

Use striking colors, pictures, and fonts on your POP signage so as to draw customers from across a distance to your targeted area. Educate him or her with pointers about how that product will benefit the customer. He or she should be convinced that the item will add value to his or her lifestyle. Another way is to use your POP sign to strike the emotional chords of your client. If a person can relate to a product, he or she will generally end up buying it on an impulse.


Now that you know the various types of retail store sings at your disposal, you can go for those signages with actually cater to all your requirements. Choose the type that meets your budget and is versatile enough to meet your objectives.  

We understand that settling on an option will require a certain amount of research and it is not an easy task. However, remember that the major aim of your sign is to attract customers and generate current and repeat sales. As the competition in the current market is strong, you shall need to use your own intuition and innovation in order to reach your goals. Advertising is crucial to reach your target customer base and signs play an important role here. Therefore, be aggressive enough but also wise and patient so as to stay a step ahead of your competitors.