Our homes are a reflection of our state of mind. So, how can me hack our living space to feel better? when on a budget?

Well here are 5 room hacks to help with your home interior design on a budget.

  • Make use of vertical space: shelves, racks, areas under tables/beds. Helps increase walking room and reduce the feeling of clutter.

Nothing hurts me more than when people don’t use their vertical space. You’ll be surprised with how much you can fit, and how much “extra” space you’ve uncovered just by focusing on using vertical space.

  • Mirror prices increase exponentially with the size of the individual mirror – Use bunch of smaller mirrors.

A bunch of smaller, cheaper mirrors arranged neatly can have the same mental effect as a much larger mirror and make a small room feel more spacious. When arranged uniquely, they can add an artistic flair to your room as well.

  • Add some plants. You can get some in the $30 or Rs. 2000 range that are a decent size, and then some succulents or cacti for even less.

They’ll not only help your interior design look, but will also boost your air quality. Further, green color in plants has been known to boost productivity and mental peace, so invest in some beautiful indoor plants.

  • Get Curtains

Curtains fill a lot of space on your wall. They’re also the best window treatment because you can darken the room or leave them totally open and pull back the sheers if you have a great view.

  • Less is more. Go minimalist. If nothing else, it works well if you’re on a budget…

Maybe you shouldn’t invest in anything and just call it minimalist. Minimalism is a concept which is catching up a lot these days, and I urge you to jump on this bandwagon 🙂