List of Signages You Need in your Office

Every office needs signages to make the customer experience even better and leverage the signage to their best use. Office signages can be of many types depending on the experience that particular office is trying to create. It goes without saying that you have to be very creative when you are designing the signages in your office. But it is not just the signages that matter, how you choose to display them also plays a great role.

Once a visitor gets passed the reception area, he or she should be able to go around the office without any help. This is why signages are so important in an office. Today we are going to discuss about the kinds of signages that you need to have in your office to enhance your customer experience.

  • Reception signs

The most important signage to have in your office is the reception sign. This sign mostly always contains the logo and the name of your business. It is always displayed in the most prominent and visible area of the lobby. This is the most important sign because this is what sets the tone for the rest of the office. That is why you have to be very creative while designing this reception sign. You can go for unique textures and materials, light it properly with either or front light or a backlight.

The tone of the reception sign should also go with the tone of the business that you have. For example, a law firm should have a professional sign that’s no-nonsense. An advertising agency should have a more casual sign.

  • Signages for direction

Signs for direction is very important in an office. There should be proper signs directing visitors about the  washrooms, emergency exits, conference rooms and other important locations in the office. These signs are known as wayfinding signs, since they help visitors find their way around the office.

These signs should meet the ADA guidelines about the placement of the sign, colour, size, font, textures etc. These guidelines however should not limit your creativity, and you should always look forward to the best ways to customise the wayfinding signs.

  • Door signs

Door signs help visitors and employees go around the office without any difficulty. all areas of the office should have signs on the doors, like, the kitchen, the cafeteria, washrooms etc. The placement and height of the signs is determined by the ADA guidelines, but you can get creative with the design.

Using the huge walls to make the office space more interesting is a great idea. You can get as creative as you want, with pictures, doodles, or even the company’s mission written on those walls. How you want the wall graphics to turn out is completely up to you, just make sure you do not leave them blank.


Without signages, your office space is going to be really boring and confusing. You do not want that, right? Invest a lot of time in choosing the right signs and also the designs and where they should be placed. It is the small things that make you office stand out.