If you are an Ironman fan, you surely would have dreamt of getting yourself an automated mansion like him. You are living in the age of technology. If not Jarvis, you can get the feel of state of the art AI with the new home automation system. While home automation is a universal term these days, many people are yet to know what home automation is all about. Home automation helps one control all the electronic appliances at home through a mobile device from any nook and corner of the world.

While talking about the various home automation devices, we mean all of them. With smart home appliances, it’s possible to control all devices like sprinklers, individual speakers, thermostats, security cameras — you name it, you can control everything! As has been noted, home automation makes living in a house seamless. One of the key benefits of home automation is that it provides a high level of security to the home dwellers. 

Home automation recent developments

Until recently, home automation or, in other words, smart home solutions were only for large commercial buildings or business centers. Even in that case, creative home ideas were limited to heating and cooling systems and lighting. It was only recently that building automation took on the finner controls like monitoring and scheduling functions and various security measures. 

The operations of home automation solutions are elementary. It functions like any other computer device, connected through the means of the Ethernet or Wifi. But with constant change and up-gradation, individual electrical points, switches, and IP tracking have been made a part of home automation. Indeed, home automation has taken big leaps, but better developments are yet to come. 

Benefits of home automation

Home automation has got nothing to do with the status symbol or nifty technologies that people think it has. On the contrary, home automation provides a lot of benefits. 

  • The flexibility of new devices:
    If you don’t know, then smart home automation tends to be amazingly flexible when you have to incorporate new devices in the grid. Indeed the appliances that you have in your house are modern today. But know for sure that advanced technology will come up, and you will have to consider an upgrade.

    In addition to changing outdated devices, you might want to integrate new tools into your home. Smart home devices make it easy to incorporate such methods seamlessly, making your life easier as a house owner. 
  • Center point management of all devices:
    Indeed, it’s very convenient to be able to control all the home appliances from one central point. This is a massive step towards home development and management. This is also very handy for the technologically challenged people. Though we live in an age of technology, not many of us are very confident about using the vast array of devices.

    If you happen to have a smart home, all you need to do is learn how to use an app on your phone or tablet. By using only one app, it is possible to control all the electrical devices at home. Life is made easy breezy. 
Manage your daily chores by Home Automation
  • Remote control functions:
    Though people don’t give enough credit to this operation, the power of being able to control all the home devices from a distance cannot be underestimated. Imagine how awesome it would be if you can order your house to cool down on a hot day just before you reach home. All you need to do is order your thermostat to adjust its temperature. 

    It is like having someone take care of the essentials while you take care of the other things. For instance, you can order your oven to start preheating while you are still in the store shopping for dinner. In addition to all these, you can always keep one eye on the house. 
  • Maximum security:
    Once you decide to incorporate home and security features into your home automation system, your security will level up. However, the security aspects of home development are still being researched. It is believed that this operation has a lot of scopes, and currently, we are only using a thin slice of the same.

Smart home appliances for your Smart Home

If you still have not considered home automation, this might be the right time to do so. There is no need to go all out right away. Start with small changes and size up as you go along.
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Below are 30 intelligent ideas that you can integrate:

Smart Lighting Ideas

Smart LED lights consume low energy and have high intensity with intelligent lighting technology. LED lights allow one to regulate a set of lights or its tone to transform the look of the house and the interior. 

Additionally, LED lights to connect well with other devices and offer smart lighting solutions starting at just INR 1,999. Controlling these lights is also quite easy as they can be accessed and ordered using a smart app on the phone. 

Smart Locks and Cameras

An intelligent lock helps one to keep a tab on who is coming in the house and who is leaving. Smart locks, available at INR 600, are often paired with surveillance cameras placed at the front door, which adds another feather to heighten the security of the house. 

Smart Water Sensor and Controller

Perhaps all of us have faced a water leakage problem in the house. It’s awful to walk into the house with water spillage all over. Smart home devices help you to control such nuisances as well. If you install a water sensor at your place, you will get a notification on your phone if there happens to be any water leakage in the house. 

Smoke Detectors

These are a must-have in every house, and every home on insurance is mandated to have one of these. Smart smoke detectors send a push notification to the phone when they spot a considerable amount of smoke in a room. 

Smart Fence and Garage Doors

Forget opening and shutting doors manually. Now you can check who is at the front door and decide whether or not to open the door at all. These appliances, too, can be controlled by your phone. 

Video Doorbell

While smart home appliances have a lot of benefits, they essentially make people quite lazy. For instance, previously, we had to get up to reach the door if there was a knock. Now, all we need to do is open the app and see who is at the front door. Place command and open the door. 

Voice Recognition and Assistance

If you happen to own an iPhone, then you know the benefits of voice recognition and the fun of interacting with Siri. While in-home, virtual home assistants like Amazon Alexa can be of help. You can switch between your kitchen and bathroom and get the work done. 

Food Inventory System

Say bye-bye to food wastage, as now it’s possible to trace and handle food with a smart food container. No more wasting food in a smart home. 

Grow-at-home Appliances

Organic food farming and kitchen garden have become a recent trend. With a smart growth container, it’s now possible to grow fresh vegetables at home. 

Smart televisions

Smart TVs are top-rated these days and are also being purchased by individuals who do not have a smart home. Available at INR 30,000, these TVs have all the IoT features that one can enjoy. 

Smart Speakers

These devices can do more than play music. The right smart speaker can help one control all the tools in the house. 

Smart Plugs

If you want to turn your existing devices into a more stylish version of themselves, it can be made possible with smart plugs. Available at very nominal rates of INR 999 to 3,999 these plugs can transform any device. All you need to do is connect the devices to the caps and control them from your phone app. 

Robot Vacuums

This is yet another smart technology that can be controlled through your smartphone. Though it may sound fancy, these devices are very affordable and are available only for INR 1,999. 

Smart Refrigerators

These can be a smart replacement to the fridges that you have in your home currently. Powered by multiple automated features, intelligent lockers can make your life in the kitchen quite smooth. If you are staying with smart home solutions recently, then you can get a hold of an intelligent refrigerator priced at INR 71,490.

Smart Ovens

Unlike the manual furnaces at your rational ovens,  intelligent ovens run on voice command and can be used to control timer. 

Smart Dishwashers

The best part about smart devices is that they can be connected to the other appliances in the home. For instance, intelligent dishwashers can be connected to other smart appliances to make the operations in the kitchen run smoothly. 

Smart Laundry

While talking about smart home appliances, we are targeting all devices in a house. These include laundry items too. Smart dryers and front loaders can also be installed in a smart home. The devices can be controlled through an app on your phone. Additionally, these appliances send notifications when they are loaded completely. These smart devices are priced at INR 40, 000 approximately. 

Smart Air Purifier

These are trendy intelligent automation products. Lively aromatherapy diffusers and air purifiers are taking over the internet. These devices can access and monitor the quality of air indoors. These appliances are available in a diverse price range, starting from INR 9,999. 

Smart Automated Ventilation System

Another classic home automation product is a GPS sensor installed in the ventilation system. The sensors understand a typical activities and identify any form of irregularity.

Smart Mattresses and Pillows

Though still under research, automated pillows and mattresses are soon to hit the market. These devices have auto meters installed within them. The cushions come with audio sensors and carbon dioxide monitors to enhance sleep cycles. 

Smart Toilets

Indeed, a lot of people are opting for intelligent toilets these days. intelligent smart devices offer touch-free flushing. The automated features that are installed in these appliances can turn your regular bathroom into something exclusive. 

Smart Vanities

If you have intelligent vanities installed in your home, you get to have activated lighting, fogless surface, towel hangers, and much more. 

Smart Private Windows

Installing bright windows is not difficult. The devices can be altered as per choice. With the use of voice command, it’s possible to change the window view from standard to opaque. 

Automated Locks

Yet another great addition to your smart homes, smart locks can amplify the security of your house. 

Smart Sensors

These special sensors are placed around your house, and send out signals once any activity is spotted. One can receive these signals on their smartphones. 

Smart Fans

While you might be upgrading all the devices in the house, why not upgrade your fans as well? It is now possible to control the fan in your home, without having to touch any button. These appliances can be controlled using the RF controller. 

Smart sprinklers

Unlike your current water sprinkler, an automated version of the same can be controlled using voice commands over an app. The best part of using these apps is that you need not run outside to turn off the sprinkler in case it rains. You can let the app take care of it. 

Smart Massage chair

For those suffering from backache and shoulder pain, this chair can be ideal for you. Powered by state of the art massage technology, this chair can provide you with deep tissue massage. 

Health Tracker

It’s now possible to control your digestive system by breathing. This innovative food tracker can analyze the level of hydrogen in your breath and can help you be at the top of your health affair.

Smart Swimming Pool

Now it’s possible to control the temperature of your pool with the help of the latest technology and apps. You can either install a deep pool in your place, or you can choose to remodel the existing one, but no matter what you want, smart pools can change the setting as per your mood and choice. 

Now with all these smart devices available in the market, adding a few to your home will be amazing. So, get bright with the different smart home devices.