For me saving electricity has always been a cost decision more than an environmental decision. I have switched all my home lights to LED, for one main reason – the cost saving it offers. The fact that its better for the environment is just an added bonus.

I wanted to check what are other ways in which I can save money by lowering my electricity consumption without compromising my comfort.

I found 3 simple ways which you and me can save more electricity!

Energy Efficient Fans

Energy Efficient fans – 3 times less power consumed, more expensive upfront but only take about 25 watts per hour. Normal fans take 75-150 watts per hour. You’ll recover the extra cost in 1 year if you use a fan for more than 12 hours per day. 

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Here’s some fans which we recommend:

Use PIR Motion Sensors

Not only do PIR motion sensor make you feel like you’re in future, they also help save cost.

They work in a simple way where they’re able to determine using heat if someone is in the room or not, and accordingly able to turn lights on or off.

Put your Computer on Standby Mode!

Standby mode consumes power – small amount, but still does so make sure you 

Set computer to go into automatic standby – screensaver takes 65 watts per hour (for desktop), where as standby mode takes 6 watts per hour. If you do minor work like email, watching videos then use laptop – consumes only 20-40 watts per hour.

When you add up 1000s of hours a year, this energy consumption adds up. And by the end of the year your wallet will thank me.

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