Weddings are the most celebrated events of our life’s. The age old tradition of huge gatherings has been followed on this day. Hence, every detail in the decor becomes important. Ofcourse you want everybody talking about your wedding.

Here are 21 checks that every wedding must have. These are the ones that are sure to catch your guests attention.

1. Wedding card

A huge variety of card designs are available in the market today! But the laser cut glimmers have been everyone’s favourite.

2. Friends card

Ofcourse, whatsapp invitations are the trend today! But wouldn’t you want your friends drooling over creativity on your wedding cards?

3. Wedding ring box

That precious box which has your rings, why have it plain when you can add some personal touch to it <3

4. Entrance board

The first thing anybody is going to see…is that entrance board of your wedding hall. Remember, first impressions are the most lasting ones!

5. Events board

Make it easy for all your guests with some lighted event boards. They know when & where they need to be so that they aren’t missing any of those ceremonies.

6. Sign board

Signboards are the ones highlighting it to your guests of where they need to go to see you!

7. Photobooth

It’s mandatory to have a groupfie or a selfie at your friends wedding. Why not make that experience a beautiful one with dedicated photobooths. #hashtags & pictures coming soon!!

8. Decor Partitions

We usually have quite huge halls & gardens for our weddings. The guests are feeling a bit tired walking all around the space. Let’s give them somethimng interesting on their walk. A place to relax, click a photo & proceed 😀

9. Table decor

Often not considered, but tables are the most attractive spaces as your guests are seated watching your ceremony and taking a few quick snack bites. Make them beautiful with tiny decor items to give them a better experience.

10. Detailed decor

The details may not be evident, but are sure to catch somebody’s attention. Imagine seeing beautiful metal lotuses & motifs decorated all around the space, already giving the feels of a royal wedding.

11. Letter decor

All of us tend to get obssessed with the starting letters of our names. We usually have a logo made of it to be followed throughout the wedding in every element. Here’s one of those elements where charm is added to your initials.

12. Chair decor

Everywhere, the bride & groom are focused. You are ones who will have everything special. Why leave the chairs alone?

13. Tray decor

Anything served beautifully already tastes good. Presentation of snacks, beverages & food are the best with personalised trays. They are easy attention grabbers.

14. Wedding Props

Let the world be in awwwww when they see those carefully curated one liners on your wedding props.

15. Photoshoot props

Photoshoot has almost become mandatory to display the love between the couples. So much effort goes into every detail of that 5minute wedding video. Why not beautify them with easily available light weight props.

16. Cake topper

Cake cutting is to mark your special day with some sweet celebration. Give it a personal touch with customized cake toppers.

17. Photo banners

Gone are those days, when printed matter became your photo banners. Now is the trend to do something creative & unique, something which is never done before. Use these beautiful laser cut portraits at your wedding this season.

18. Customized brooches

Why all the attention only for you! Let it get easier for your guests & in laws to identify every member who is so close to your heart. Gift them these elegant brooches.

19. Stage decor

Stage is the most important part of any decor, it’s the place against which your going to have 1000’s of photos. Ofcourse it has to go in sync with your attire. So take a little time to personalise this unit to reflect your creativity.

20. Return gifts

Apart from all the experiences, your friends, family & guests will also take home beautifully packed gifts as a remembrance of your special day – your wedding.

21. Trousseau

While you leave your parents home forever, you will take with you a lot of love, memories & well wishes along with beautifully packed trousseau.

While there are endless things to weddings, these are a few which may matter more. You can put all the burden of your customized wishes on us, we will beautifully curate & deliver them to you!!