Handle: the part by which a thing is held, carried, or controlled.

“Details -the soul of any design!”

Architects weren’t kidding at all, when they said – detail is the key to the best designs.

To express this view of every architect, here’s a photo gallery of a few door handles, that are designed to the minutest details. These are not just functional elements but express or narrate the design vocabulary of any house at the first sight!

Just like every other wall of your house that is designed with careful attention to blend in with the decor, your doors should also be treated with utmost importance. As the saying goes.. first impression is the lasting one! So why not feel & experience the design vibes right from the door handles.

Here are 20 beautiful examples of blending your design with the smallest elements of your home- the handles:

1. Mediterranean Copper touch

2. Contemporary Wood carving

3. Free flowing door ledge

4. Pinewood engraving + veneer

5. Elegant gold finish

6. Floral Metal art

7. Abstract number handle

8. Islamic embellishment

9. Embossed Mdf carving

10. Backlit Metal handle

11. Rustic Corten steel

12. Antique gold finish

13. Door merger

14. Carved metal

15. Elegant symbolic handle 

16. Contrast & fusion

17. Traditional ornamental handle

18. Mandala inspired

19. Geometric handle art

20. Patina Matt finish

Wardrobe / Cabinet handles

You could pick any material – wood, steel, brass, copper, acrylic; any manufacturing technology – cnc carving, laser cutting to customize these beauties for your homes!

Why compromise with the usual when you could customize?