One of the most fundamental responsibilities, when you are looking for ideas to renovate your old apartment or decorate a new one, is to find the perfect set of railing design and exemplars for different rooms with an unconventional mood and feel. Choosing the best stair rail design is not a very hard task, keeping in mind the stability, durability and the aesthetic sense of the design you can create a masterpiece staircase for your house. 

However, if you are an architect or an interior designer you must know how to set- it up with the theme of the whole house as it is very crucial that all the railing-designs of your house compliments the style of your floor and ceiling.

The most important thing about choosing the perfect one for a room is to follow the latest trend and do the research work beforehand to know what kind of a design, you do not want. Here is a listing of 15 unique ideas of railing designs which can impress you like no other and can inspire your house to new levels of brilliance. 

Laser Cut

A laser cut design is the easiest way to keep up with the latest trends and modern styles and this design with the leaves pattern here in white gives an ultra-modern feel. Moreover, the best thing about a laser-cut railing design is they can be cut down in different patterns and shapes which gives an edgy execution to your decor. 

Spiral and Glass

A spiral stair case is one of the classic styles of design which never go wrong. This design combination of glass and laser cut rail gives out an outstanding look and a mysterious feel to this staircase. The banister looks the most unprecedented and eye catchy to everybody visiting your house for decades. 

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Iron Zig-Zag

For the young couples settling down together and trying to look for the funky decor ideas for them, a zig-zag iron railing pattern can be the best pick as it is quirky and gives a modern-funky feel to your house. This style doesn’t get old which is the most essential part about selecting this design-pattern for your new house. The iron zig-zag design is a sophisticated style, one that is usually found in formal and lavish settings. 

Circled Handrailing

A unique Handrail design is best suited for the indoor stairs as it is very attractive and new in the market. If you are looking for new ideas for your projects in designing the most innovative house, you can put in the handrailing design in the indoor staircase, which you can literally place inside the room as this style enhances the overall look of any room. Palaces and royal properties are accustomed to circled hand-railings.

Glass Railing

A glass railing is the most sophisticated styles of all time as well as the classiest of all as it gives a very innovative and artistic aura and feel to your house and the best part of about using glass railing is that you can set them up with any theme/concept and they will blend so beautifully. you must know the right shape for it according to your house and the shape of the windows. Coupled with the warm lighting, glass railings are all the panache one could ask for

Wooden Design

If you want a vintage look for your house, wooden railing designs can then be the best pick as a wooden framework gives an old-school and stylish feel to everything. Although if you are going for wooden railings, you can also plan for wooden flooring and handicrafts according to the decided theme. Wooden railings are fitting of mansions and traditional looking houses that have a vintage air about them.


This pattern of the railing design is made of steel and a steel handrail is a very durable and reliable decision as stainless steel is rustproof and lasts longer than any usual kind of steel. It gives an additional aesthetic viewpoint to your new house and it is also a kind of cheap option. 

Animal Cutting

A horse cut railing design or even a tortoise cut, every animal laser cutting railing design pattern is uniquely awesome as it goes very good with your child’s room and the balcony attached to it. If you choose something like this for your house, you can also put them in the middle of the house but use an animal cutting design always in the inside of your house. Bring out the animalistic side in you through such a pattern in your railing. 

Balustrades Aluminium 

As you might have seen that Resorts, Suites, Arenas, Offices, malls, and more have an aluminium railing to accommodate security for their people. The demands of a person about these dexterity kinds can be met by an Excellent balustrade system that will intensify the aesthetic allure just as much as the level of security. This style is superior and absolutely employs the control of aluminium to give unusual and worthwhile innovations.


The Rustic style of railing design patterns are the most fitted in a staircase railing, rough-hewn heartwood shafts combine into the other compositional details of every kind of homes styles in a rustic manner. The idea draws the inherent attraction of the outside as well as the inside and creates a significant optical impression. It creates an intriguing illusion for the viewer. 

High-technology Metal Framing

Waterjet-cut whetstone is the up-to-date interpretation of the whimsical decoration of earlier planning. Encouraged by an Extravagant precedent, this charm called the high technology metal framework was constructed by digitizing intertwined tree arms for the modern style’s representation of the simple pattern. 


This Craftsman-style railing design consolidates two-toned timber tapestries with geometric patterns. The wood chromas commemorate the panelling on the exteriors completely around the way to enter, including the patterns reverberate the design on the stained-glass work. It gives a very aesthetic yet vintage feel to your home. 


The LEGOs are one of the best choices if you are looking for a playful and artistic feel to your new apartment. This whimsical and creative plan depends on using more than 20-25 thousand of Lego pieces. The number of blocks rises as the stairs stoop, enhancing the appearance. Planned openings accompanying the entrance supplement a geometric shot. But just do not let your children ruin it.

Rope Patterns

This style of a railing design with rope patterns gives the feel of an exciting shingle residence staircase which is ricocheted by huge ropes, strung completely within specific newel stake. This set up is an exceptional honour to the ambiance and decor. These are not just beautiful but are very safe to use because of the firmness of each rope. 

Geometric Golden

The golden shade and hue of this kind of the brass textured railing can be teamed up great with a staircase which captures extra light and helps to brighten up the area beautifully.  Powerful patterns with geometric figures and shapes echo the organization on the roof, carrying the description unitedly for a look which will make it stand out amid the other styles.

Design and style of a railing set up in your house is just not really a feature which takes care of your safety but also a beautifying element. The newels, railing works, and balustrades of a staircase can create a substantial intention declaration and induce a judgment of vogue to the area. Whatever your decoration—contemporaneous, popular, or futuristic.  And the above 15 styles of railing patterns are suggested to help ease out your efforts on choosing the best one for you as picking up one from the above list is going to be difficult for you.