Pegboard : a board having a regular pattern of small holes for pegs, used chiefly for games or the display of information.

We aren’t unfamiliar with this beautiful innovation of Pegboards used for generations now. But, wait!! Did we know about its innovative applications??

Apart from being used as informative boards, they can sort all your storage worries. You don’t even have to nail your walls! So cool, isn’t it?

Imagine setting up your hostel or a new room, all that comes to your mind is…. “No Space” ! But, Hey! there is space, those vertical blank walls? Yes, these pegboards can be pasted (not even nailed :D) & will not only solve your storage problem, but will also give an additional beauty & dimension to those ugly blank walls.

Here are 15 innovative Pegboard ideas that you could immediately execute:

1. Cosmetic Organizer


2. Crockery Organizer

3. Stationary Organizer

4. Plant Organizer

5. Decor Organizer

6. Travel Organizer

7. Art & Craft Organizer

8. Photo Organizer

9. Professional Organizer

10. Bedroom Organizer

11. Bathroom Organizer

12. Menu Organizer

13. Kids Organizer

14. Kitchen Organizer

15. Hardware Organizer

What are you waiting for! Just get set, & PEG!